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 Add to the Vision
5 Apr 2009 @ 05:46, by Tony Grindel

I don't know if any of this works. There are other sites like this, and for all the effort one would think something good would come. I see little change or progress. So today I drafted a new scheme, it follows. The only change will follow a deep change.

Every person alive, or that ever lived with few exceptions, has lived in some misery,
sometimes enormous. We accept it. This state exist nowhere else in the universe. If
we see our environment as logical, then we must be causing our own misery. To
continue to think itʼs due to the bad guys or other people will continue our downward
slide. Look closer to the core of our existence: the reason that each of us is alive, is by
a sexual encounter. If any species could realize the gravity of their presence, itʼs us,
and to be able to control that presence choosing behavior that would reflect the
benevolence found in every aspect of nature, is also a realization.
Finding a special person whom one admires for a number of qualities, building on such
relations until a spark appears that draws the two together and through a commitment of
devotion, become one, and only at that point letting the sexual pleasures build and
strengthen the bond, and yield that Godly task of creating life; an extension of the love
that propagates millions of cubed light years. By merely existing, is evidence of this
attitude and nature always chooses it, only man is free to decide how. We can accept
that man finds it easy to choose happiness and comfort at every opportunity. This
should give us more happiness and comfort. The result is actually a world of fear and
worry. Worry that we may lose all that we have earned and deserve, and fear that
someone will actually take it from us and our families. Thatʼs what we get for looking
out for ourselves.
Einstein pointed this out: seeking such happiness and comfort is not different than
behavior of cattle; seeking the values of goodness, truth and beauty will in the end
provide rich happiness and endless comfort. Knowing that we choose it so selflessly,
makes it even more rewarding. Choosing to have sex for sex as a right to be practiced
at will, is not a reflection of benevolence. To truly care more for others, requires
monogamy. From our countless experiences, anything less produces heartbreak, pain,
regret, embarrassment, abortion, unwanted pregnancy, less than nurtured infants,
unappreciated youth, abusive situations, sexually transmitted disease, etc. Monogamy
produces none of that and results in the attitude mentioned, benevolent. Observing the
behavior that moves species forward in their evolution, and as one that chooses
behavior, humans now control their evolutionary course, by that free choice. Continue
the way of man and stay in a world of fear and worry, or jump into the next one by freely
and willingly deciding it.
Everyone today would not have the remorse of a life less than perfectly lived, had
monogamy been accepted earlier. If you eat your dessert before the rest of the meal, at
dessert time thereʼs nothing to enjoy. Social behavior will bring us heaven on earth.
Immortality, space travel, constant ecstasy are all obtainable things, but not in the way
that we look at them now. Like all nature, we evolve. Let your conscience be your
guide, and rejoice.
Power comes from knowledge, all knowledge comes from experience, experience
shows us that love begets love and any degree of non loving creates evil, sin, bad luck,
all unnatural. Keep the spirit of love strong in every thought, word, and act.

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