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 Are We Alone?2 comments
21 Oct 2006 @ 12:20, by Lynne Robinson

Scientists and Astronomers are busy searching for more life in this Universe, by that they mean human type life and planets able to sustain such life,why I ask myself are they so blind that they do not realise that we are surrounded by life on all planets and indeed on our own planet. The problem it seems is that they are not aware or prefer not to understand, that we are not an isolated vibrational frequency.

It all comes down to a matter of vibrational frequency. This Universe (and all others) are an infinite ascending descending scale of energy vibrating at different speeds, some of this energy takes forms, some remains formless and is what science is now calling dark matter and dark energy which cannot be observed by it´s emitted radiation but can be guessed at by gravitational effects on stars and galaxies.This dark side of things equates to approx.96% of all matter!
To bring things down to a much more mundain level, it helps if you can visualise these differing frequencies, and indeed we can.
If you plug a guitar into an oscillascope and pluck the top string you get a shortwave form, pluck the bottom string and you get a much longer waveform although it is the same note, but, two octaves lower.
Now think of your waking consciousness and imagine it at a fairly longwave frequency, when you sleep and your "astral" body separates from the physical body you are vibating at a faster rate although still "attached" to your physical form. When you leave this dimension you will be at a still faster frequency.
Now we have all heard about ghosts, extraterrestials,and all manner of other inexplicable phenomena but I maintain that these Beings and Happenings can readily be explained if we stop thinking about this dimension as being an isolated fact.
Imagine what it is like to be a fish in an aquarium, the rocks and weed are in set places, you are accostomed to their placement when "good Grief" there is an "Act of God". The owner of the aquarium decides to rearrange everything...You find yourself in a strange, round colourful world (a Bucket)and when you finally find yourself back home after this abduction everything is slightly, not as it was,totally inexplicable.See what I mean?
Have you ever had something disappear and then reappear where you have looked dozens of times? I know I have, just like the goldfish, explicable if you understand the multiple dimension theory,well you can relate to some entity playing silly b***ers with you, but not perhaps the why.
So once understood it is easy to begin to realise that we are surrounded by other dimensions, all of which support life BUT not necessarily on our frequency, all planets in our solar system are occupied, but on different vibrational frequencies and not all humanoid, after all we are not the only manifestation of form on this planet are we? there is the MOST AWE INSPIRING wealth of life forms surrounding us even here.
Enjoy the bio-diversity of life here, but do not forget that we are surrounded by life ON ALL FREQUENCIES.
Not only the FORM taking universal energy is self aware, so is the so called FORMLESS or "dark energy"
You can be lonely, but never alone, we are all part of the Universal mind.Namaste.

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26 Oct 2006 @ 14:58 by triggs : Great Article!
It is incredible indeed. This makes me think of the Seth books. It was professed by Seth that we are multi dimensional beings existing at different dimensions simultaneously as probable selves and with out time everything happening at once. That it is our inability to process this information that makes us think along terms of linear time.
Seth says that we flicker on and off in a vibration that at this dimension we are not aware and so we are gone as often as we are here and that death is just another freqencie marker indicating a point on a larger scale were we are gone if you will but still vibrating.
Great Article Lynne. Peace. Tom
Thank you tom for taking the time to read my blog and for the comments, Seth (whoever he is) sees things as I do, time is certainly not linear, more an infinate present and we can change frequency as we please.Love and Light, Lynne  

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