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30 Sep 2006 @ 16:56, by Lynne Robinson

Have you ever thought of someone you haven´t seen for some time and then almost immediately seen them or heard from them? Not many of you will say no to that question.
Usually the comment is "What a coincidence, I was just thinking of you". Wrong, what you had just experienced was simply Telepathy.

We are all radio transmitters and receivers, most of the time we are unaware of how much we are transmitting just by thinking or emoting,nor are we at all concious of how many of our so called thoughts really have their origen in our own minds.If we could just learn to distinguish the sound of our own thoughts from those of others we would probably be quite shocked as to how many of "our" thoughts actually came from elsewhere.
Governments and media are well aware of this and abuse us with subliminal signals, so it behoves us to start to pay attention to where those insidiuos ideas come from.
Primitive man and animals all work on telepathy, they have not forgotten their abilities,if I need my cats, all I have to do is to send out a telepathic call and they come (that is when they feel like it) but I know they have picked up the shout.
There is a fun game that you can play to test your sending abilities and the receiving abilities of your friends.
Sitting in company you can pick on of your friends and send out the message "Offer (your name) a drink/cigarette/or whatever" keep up the pressure and you will be surprised how soon your friend or someone else will oblige. Do not send "I´d like a drink/cigarette" as the person will think he or she wants one!The more you practise the better you will become.
As you become more proficient you will begin to pick up on the thoughts of others and learn to differenciate your own thoughts from those of others.Always be aware that the ability to pick up the thoughts of others does not give you carte blanche to do so , you must at all times respect their privacy.
The main aim is to be aware of what is yours and what not, learning to thereby avoid unwanted persuasion from external sources.
Emotional telepathy comes under the name of Empathy and is just as strong a force. How many times have you entered a room where the atmosphere was tense enough to cut with a knife?If you look around you can easily pick up the source of the heavy vibes. If someone is upset it often leaves you feeling down too doesn´t it? Thats because their distress is affecting your emotional centre.Nurses and doctors have to learn not to get emotionally involved with their patients. How much more difficult it is for family members not to get affected by the emotional demands of loved ones either spoken or unspoken.
You will find yourself much more centered once you can cut out extraneous feelings and broadcasts.
On the positive side once you become aware of and learn to use your broadcasting abilities you will be able to communicate better with animals and those of your family and friends who are, as it were "on your wavelength"
Probably most of you reading this are already aware of all this, in which case pardon me for boring you. For those of you who have never given the subject any thought, you may find it interesting to do so. In any case whatever you choose to do ignore it or try it, have fun.

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30 Sep 2006 @ 19:58 by triggs : A Telepathic message for you
Sending you (****) and (*****). Your friend Tom
P.S. wonderful article keep sharing!!Message received and understood, many blessings and (*****) to you too,Lynne  

30 Sep 2006 @ 20:31 by bushman : Remote viewing
Deffinetly is something that works, this I know. I totaly do think we are everywhere in every time. Like, brain cells, they all store the same info, but some of the cells group up as to the importance of the info, maybe each one of us is just a manifestation of one of gods brain cells. And is true, there are no coincidence, it's synchronicity, like when god reaches for an apple, many cells work together, not knowing the total why of it all. I think telepathy has more to do with being awake and focused on paying attention. :}
**********************It´s nice to meet a kindred spirit I do agree that being awake and focused is vitally important, thank you, Lynne  

2 Oct 2006 @ 19:01 by rishi : excellent clarifying post
it is a good analogy comparing us to radio transceivers.

I've noticed that the average modern human likes to deny that there is such a thing as person to person psychic effects, even though it is their daily experience.

The question becomes, "What can be accomplished when two or more people embrace such knowledge, and make use of it in tandem"?
Most people are terrified of being "different" and anything not understood by them ,is frightening, hence the refusal to accept anything "strange" once understood people do tend to be more open to new ideas that they can to what can be achieved, well the stars are the limit.  

4 Oct 2006 @ 22:53 by craiglang : Some interesting links
{|Princeton Engineering Anomalies Laboratory} - a lab at Princeton University headed by Dr. Robert Jahn, that does alot of parapsychology research. They are trying to work out the physics behind nonlocal consciousness and psychic phenomena.

{|The Center for Consciousness Studies} at the University of Arizona, headed by Dr. Stuart Hameroff - who was in What the Bleep. They do alot of research into the physics of consciousness. Hameroff is a proponent of the Microtubule theory, that consciousness is a quantum phenomenon, and is by nature nonlocal.

The {|Society for Scientific Exploration} publishes the Journal of Scientific Exploration, with papers on parapsychology, etc...

{|Dr. Dean Radin} has done quite a bit of research into the physics of nonlocal consciousness, and has recently written a book called "Entangled Minds" about the physics of parapsychology.

I hope you find these useful.
The topic of parapsychology, ESP, consciousness studies, etc. absolutely fascinates me...

Thanx for a great post
Thanks Craig for the links, I will enjoy looking at them when time allows

5 Oct 2006 @ 10:32 by triggs : Telepathy and the minds eye
Just wanted to communicate an experience that I had.
Once upon a time I was flat broke in desperate need of money for rent, food and so on. I decided to just meditate in the stillness of the old farm house that I lived in.

It wasnt long before I got a minds eye picture which happens to me occasionally and for me it is much different than seeing something by imagination. When this happens I get a very clear and detailed picture that sustains it self in my mind allowing me to see into the details of the picture.

What I saw was a cherry blossum on a tree a very close up picture, beautiful. I looked beyond the blossum to see a cyclone fence and beyond that to see a big open green pasture.

A couple of days later much to my relief I landed a job remodeling a house and it wasn't very far at all from were I lived and in fact standing in the back yard of this house I made the observation that I could see my house from this backyard and in order to see my house I had to look beyond a blossuming cherry tree in front of the cyclone fence that seperated this house from a huge open pasture on which the otherside was my house.

Its interesting that at the time of meditation I had no clue what this picture meant.
If we all paid more attention to what we see in our" minds eye" instead of putting it down to "imagination" we would get along much better in life, thanks for sharing this experience with me.  

7 Oct 2006 @ 21:26 by jobrown : Great article, Lynnelena!
while at the same time, it should surprize the ---- out of everyone that this subject matter STILL needs to be taken up and discussed!... It isn't like Telepathy ever is "NOT There" , so to speak.... any less than Air, or overall Life energy!...yet, there are a lot of people who have difficulties in picking up on those too!!!!... and need some "Special Aid" ( Oxygen tanks...) or just steal it (psychically) from others, like all the so called BIGSHOTS /Gov people and "royals" et Co, do /have done throughout the Ages, of course all done COVERTLY!...

Soooo, when are we (All of Humankind) gonna re-learn/re-member this???

I've been a Telepathic Sponge from the day I was born! And I am working on be/coming ever more INTENTIONAL in my telepathy! For a long periods at a time, I've had to shut it all out (consciously doing so, so I know that part of the Process! : ) ))) Just like Tom; I was being overwhelmed with all the negativity/very low vibes from the thieves!

I just remebered that Elisabeth Haijk's book "Initiation" has a lot about Telepathy and how the Ancient Egyptians utilized it, consciously in their daily life -at least the Priests!
Good book that, blueboy. Very nasty not being able to turn off, I´m sooo glad I learned to switch off well,most of the time, sometimes the sheer weight of negative shouting becomes too much. Thanks for your comment, much appreciated  

15 Oct 2006 @ 02:16 by moonshine @ : HELLO
Unwanted telepahy,how do you block messages coming from a person you know? I am wondering why do I hear her? and whether unfulfill desires and love are somewhat associated with the messages we exchange. how does it stop if the other party does not want to hear it
If you think of yourself as a radio receiver then the answer is simple, change channels! Think about something else. Of COURSE unfulfilled desires and emotions form links that we transmit and which tie us to the person and open channels of telepathic communication that are sometimes very hard to break.Stopping is a matter of self discipline, control your thoughs if it´s you sending. Refuse to pick up the broadcast if you are receiving by thinking of something else, just tune out...with practice this becomes easier, good luck  

21 Dec 2008 @ 17:30 by Anita Thornton @ : I don't understand Telepathy
I have always been somewhat intuitive,But I also pick up strong energies or feelings at certain times.Once I even heard a name spoken out loud. usually If I am in a relationship with someone I get certain STRONG feelings about them at times and I don't know why or what is happening.Please can someone explain??  

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26 Oct 2009 @ 02:47 by ~Eros~ @ : wow!
THANKS.... you helped me a bundle... and your right... (wondered why my thoughts were all so random...)  

11 Feb 2012 @ 13:36 by Karthik @ : Help me to stop Telepethy
I and my Ex-Girl friend have the ability to make other feel through telepathy.
Now she got married. she is disturbing me very much through it. I am unable to concentrate on anything because of its disturbance. Would you please help me to get rid of this?

thanks & regards,

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