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 The Axioms of Psycanics
1 Mar 2007 @ 17:50, by T. M. Powell

The nature of the universe is ONE, a single Intelligent Energy. The universe is a single Supreme Being, a single Great Spirit that is both CREATOR and CREATED.

You are part of that Great Spirit. Fundamentally, deep within you, you are ONE with everybody on the planet, and with all creation.

You have come out of the ONE into the Many. You have materialized yourSelf. You did this first by "individualizing" your Being, creating for yourSelf the illusion of being separated and isolated from the ALL. Secondly, you suppressed your Being in Knowledge, Power, and Love to reduce your consciousness to that of a human level spirit and so to be able to descend into the physical universe and into a human body.

The purpose of your descension is two-fold:

  1. To experience, explore, manipulate, play in, and enjoy the material dimension. (The physical universe is like a sand box or an amusement park for spirits.)
  2. To have the challenge and adventure of climbing back out of materiality to become the ONE INFINITE SPIRIT again (the same reason people climb Mount Everest).

Thus, your primary Game in life is to "ascend" back to Being the ONE again. This ascension is an expansion of your Consciousness, of your Being, of your Space, Identity, and Love to Re-Integrate with the ALL THAT IS. This experience has been called many things: Illumination, Nirvana, the Third Awakening, the Birth of the Spirit, Entering the Kingdom of Heaven, Salvation, to name a few.

Your journey back to the ONE unfolds according to the chart of the 10 Stages of Human Consciousness. By understanding the Ten Stages, you can estimate where you are in the process of the Return to the ONE.

You do not need to do anything to get back. You are at this moment in the very center of the INFINITE ONE from which you come. There is no place else to go, and you are already where you want to go anyway—you have only to realize that. You have only to realize Who You Are, and that is done by going within, not without. ("The Kingdom of Heaven is within," as ONE Great Teacher expressed it.) Furthermore, your target is INFINITELY huge, so there is no way you can miss IT. On top of all that, you are an immortal Being and have all eternity to get "there." So there is nothing you have to do to be saved. You have never been lost: the ONE has always known where you are, what you are experiencing, and will always eventually bring you back into yourSELF. How can IT lose part of ITSELF?

The only question is the quality of your journey; how pleasant or painful is your sojourn in this physical reality. Life will push, pull, and kick you as needed, to get you to move along your Path. The Symptoms of Awakening Spirituality are some of the ways your Being does this.

  1. The underlying and ultimate nature of all that exists is a single "thing," a single Being that can best be described as an infinite field of intelligent energy. This Supreme Being is the ONE and ONLY thing that exists. (Let us call it "IT" for short.)
    We do not see IT directly, but it shows up around us as LIFE, as that which, from "behind the scenes" so to speak, creates and animates the universe. The principal characteristics of this LIFE FORCE BEING are Consciousness, Intelligence, Wisdom, Creativity, Will, Power, Creator, Value, Space, Love, and Joy, which we abbreviate to "ESSENCE".
  2. IT is both CREATOR and CREATED. IT creates all that exists out of ITSELF, for there is nothing else from which to create anything. Therefore:
  3. Everything that exists is ONE, one ENERGY, ONE BEING. Ergo, we humans are ONE with all creation and especially with each other. (Our treatment of each other—"Man's inhumanity to Man"—and the poor living conditions of the majority on this planet reflect our ignorance of ONEness and of Love.)
  4. The purpose of IT and all ITs creation is Experience. The concept of Experience includes perception, feeling, living, enjoying, and knowing. The creation is IT dividing ITSELF into infinity of forms in order to explore and know ITSELF in all ITs infinite possibilities of BE→FEEL→THINK→DO→HAVE. The creation is IT playing with ITSELF, creating Games and Drama to experience ITSELF, to know and enjoy ITSELF.
  5. You, the individual human, are one of those forms of expression and being of IT. You are an individualized "particle" of the ONE, living in the illusion of being alone in the universe. You are made of exactly the same LIFE ESSENCE ENERGY as the CREATOR; you are a "chip off the old block." (You are made in ITs "image and likeness, a son" as some religions put it). While the nature of the LIFE ESSENCE ENERGY is complex and detailed elsewhere in psycanic science, we can abbreviate it as Aware Will, Conscious Cause, or as Wisdom, Power, Value, Love and Joy. This LIFE ENERGY is the ESSENCE, the fundamental nature, of Spirit. You are a spirit (a "soul," in religious terms). You are, in your essence, ESSENCE. Psycanics calls the Life-Energy ESSENCE Entity, the spirit that you are, a "psycan." "Psycanics" is the study of the origin, nature, and abilities of psycans. You might say that psycanics is the "mechanics of the psyche," or the "electronics of spirit."
  6. To be a human being, to play in Matter, you "individualize;" you reduce and isolate your Consciousness from that of being the ONE INFINITE BEING that is your Essence. As individualized Spirit, you then "descend" into the physical universe and into a physical body in order to experience, manipulate and play in the physical universe. You might say that the physical universe is the "sand box" or playground of spirits.
  7. While you have many Games in life and love the Drama; your primary Game, the Supreme Game is to "ascend" your Consciousness, to expand your Being, to Re-Integrate once again with the ONE—and to do so while still in a body. This is the Spiritual Awakening, the Illuminated State that is a central teaching of the Great Masters of Humanity (Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tse, etc.).
  8. Therefore: The ultimate motivation of all human behavior and effort is to Return to the ONE in full consciousness and experience of Being the ONE. Psycanics proves this law of the ultimate motivation for any and all behavior; there are NO exceptions. No matter what a human being does, s/he is doing so in an effort to return to the ONE. However, few people know how to do so, which brings us to one of the purposes of Psycanics: to be a Path of Joy in Returning to the ONE.
  9. Because of the Laws of Polarity, the Supreme Game, the "Descension into Materiality" followed by the "Ascension back into Spirit-uality," is an essential and necessary dynamic of existence.
  10. Psycanics denies that the Consciousness of Man is a product of the physical evolution of forms, of the random, coincidental combinations of electro-chemicals, as much of psychology today believes (including Quantum Psychology). Psycanics affirms the evolution of forms, of bodies, but asserts that these are intelligently evolved by the IT, the CREATOR, and then imbued with the appropriate quality and quantity of ITSELF (Life and Consciousness). The purpose is always Experience: to experience each form and its experience, and to experience the rest of creation, the universe, through the perceptions and experience of that form.
  11. The Latin for Truth is "veritas." Truth is the verifiable correspondence between a reality and a statement about that reality. Thus, Truth can only be evidenced data such that all rational persons must agree that it is so. Truth is, and must always be, ONE and the same for all people everywhere—or it is not truth. When there are differing and contradictory statements about a reality (as is the case with the world's religions), then there is no verification and the Truth is not known. We have only opinions and beliefs.

We can logically assume that all the Great Masters of Humanity taught Truth; that they were all looking at and trying to explain the same thing (the ONE, humanity's relationship to the ONE, and the Supreme Game of Return to the ONE). Therefore, all the Great Masters of Humanity taught exactly the same thing (or they did not teach Truth). Not only must this be philosophically true, it is also true as a practical matter. An examination of all the Great Teachings by anyone who has experienced the Truth personally does indeed show that all the Great Masters taught exactly the same thing. It is a sad statement on the lack of understanding and distortions of religions that they are so diametrically opposed today, when their founders were all in agreement.

Psycanics comes as a scientific confirmation and re-statement in modern terms of the original Teachings of the Great Masters. Psycanics can be experienced and employed in many ways:

  1. It can enrich your present religion by giving you a much deeper understanding of it.
  2. It can stand on its own as a scientific and eminently practical philosophy of life.
  3. It is a powerful psychology of the human being, complete with an exact personal change and development technology (self-therapy procedures).
  4. It is a complete, stand alone, needs-nothing-else, "spiritualogy", that explains Who You Are, your relationship with your Self and with the Supreme Being; and, above all, how to Return to the ONE.
  5. It can serve agnostics and atheists as a scientific, verifiable explanation of how life works that empowers the individual to take control of their life and create it as they would have it. It does not require any belief in a Supreme Being to be a powerful system of knowledge and technology that, quite simply, works to understand and control one's life.

Psycanics is a Science of Being and Life that details the entire process of your descension into matter and of how to ascend again. It is the Laws of Being, of Spirit; and of Wisdom, Power, Love, and Joy. Not only does it guide and propel you back to the ONE, it also supports you in cleaning up your human life as you go (eliminate negative emotions, better relationship, increase your Power of Manifestation, etc.)

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