Practical way to the New Civilization: Upbringing - a crime, care - the Feat!    
 Upbringing - a crime, care - the Feat!3 comments
13 Aug 2006 @ 10:30, by Sergey Chujko

The new Civilization created within the framework of Power of the Sunlight, is, as a matter of fact, the big allocated university, MetaUniversity of Gold Section. But this university therefore carries loud definition "Meta", that it completely breaks off with tradition of existing education, education " from Plato ", educations absurd and destroying in the person all human. As Charles Popper has completely precisely told: "... Plato has invented our high schools and universities, and, unfortunately, it is valid so. That fact, that this monstrous system could not destroy completely mankind, serves as the best reason for the benefit of an optimistic view on mankind and in the best way proves, that people firmly are adhered to true and decency, that they are independent, tenacious and healthy»

During millennia the mankind considered newborns as raw material for manufacture of people necessary, at a sight possessing authority and money, for strengthening their domination, protection of their riches and expansion of their possession. In view of the same requirements families for which the gratification to the mightiness of this world was frequently a unique guarantee of a survival tried also. This line has achieved the deification in Ancient Sparta where too followed the will from Russian poet Vladimir Vysotskij literally: « If sickly, at once in a coffin! ». And the basic thesis of this outstanding element of social management was total monotony. Monotony in all - in curls, in clothes, in linguistics, in nonsense, in wildness. And a hymn of this educational feat became “ Brick on the Wall ” from Pink Floyd. And result - loss of billions missed creative opportunities, each of which could change destiny of mankind, decorate its life, approach its original prosperity!

But if in old time similar education was in many respects business compelled, and to encouragement, no less than today, the most evident were appointed mainly and close to heart of elites of advantage, military, theatrical and propaganda today the epoch of similar irrepressible squandering left itself. Including because in the near future the person should compete not only with itself similar or the elementary, that in itself it is not simple, but also the world of machines created by it. Hence, survival of mankind is possible only in the event that it will cease to destroy so consistently by means of existing educational system the most significant potentialities.

For this reason the Power of the Sunlight considers in quality and Mission, both Means, and Tasks dismantle of all artificial systems of leveling of the person thrust by a society and its reductions a slavish condition. As - education is a crime! And all public institutes, since family, should be reoriented on care, care to self-accomplishment (to self-knowledge, self-development and self-realization) each person, from the kid up to the pensioner. For only in this case we can speak about becoming actually human society, instead of community of biped human animals in which all of us are lucky enough in process of forces and means to prosper.

This transition from education to Care will be last nail in a coffin of educational paradigm of Plato. Actually, that there can be more absurd, rather than an assembly in one place of two-three tens small or adult persons, with the problems, the needs, the dangers, with the segmented finishing up to them substitutes ostensibly knowledge which consider important the uncle and the aunts who are living in the remote past and not representing to realities of a life of trainees. Strictly by a principle of a kindergarten: at 12-00 all - on a pot and who will not make the put affair, that to all of us - the enemy. The present education system represents itself an eclectic set of nonsense (the allocated training, the postponed life, the method of comprehension divided into subjects in the form divided into educational lessons on the basis of the complete world divided into educational classes, having dug between comprehended in school and experienced in a life, violent motivation to irrelevant training, study at those who gives lessons, instead of creates knowledge, etc.), which unique justification - our inertia of a habit. Finally issued the direction - to death of mankind. For it today generates everybody - thieves, criminals, the terrorists, deprived gift of creativity and independent thinking of the inhabitants, going for any hack-work of puppeteers from number of in what hands and authority, and money, only not Heroes, Heroes of Spirit, Heroes of Heart, Heroes of Global Vision and the Global Feat in the name of rescue and prosperities of mankind.

Supported by Power of the Sunlight the educational-business concept recognizes that we should provide to each ward of Power all conditions for his own self-realization, his becoming as unique, unique and unique High Person. To provide in every possible way and purposefully, understanding what exactly this person can appear the original Savior Destinies of the World, in his small hands or not so small palms can appear, provide, protecting him from depersonalizing influences and creating all possible conditions for blossoming his High Creative person. And it is not words. It is the educational-business technology of the Allocated MetaUniversity of Gold Section which is based on the following main principles:

- Submission of all educational-business activity training him to a MonoTheme, representing itself quintessence of Mission, his calling, his Spark Divine;

- The priority of a business making MonoTheme in relation to its educational component what will allow to take off basically a problem of actualization of education (« the Horse can be brought on a watering place, but it is impossible to force to get drunk it », « What for the answer if there is no question? ») and to provide simply fantastic growth of efficiency of educational-business preparation;

A dissertational principle of comprehension of the world, providing both preservation of integrity of attitude, and cardinal growth of professionalism and the competence of the trainee repeatedly overlapping all formal requirements existing today;

- To study at Teachers, creators of Knowledge, instead of at those who tells about another's knowledge and who frequently a little that understands in subjects taught by them and, accordingly, it is not capable to give appropriate knowledge to those who really requires them;

- To create conditions for inclusion of each trainee in the global educational-business communities, capable to give torn to knowledge and to full self-accomplishment to Soul and Spirit the appropriate environment of their outstripping becoming as the best in the world of professionals of the affair. As everyone should become the First in the World. But everyone - in the Business for the Blessing and the, and mankind’s

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