Practical way to the New Civilization: The Messiah - everyone, and at everyone - own Golgotha!    
 The Messiah - everyone, and at everyone - own Golgotha!7 comments
12 Aug 2006 @ 07:18, by Sergey Chujko

If to speak about the New Civilization as about human community which differs from existing mankind as space "shuttle" from a collapsing cart it is necessary to tell and about the main means which will allow to make such impressing jump of the past in the future. And such means is moving to the center of public attention of process of self-accomplishment (self-knowledge, self-development and self-realization) each person as carrier of Unique Supreme Mission

The Messiah - everyone, and at everyone - the Golgotha!

And it is valid so! Despite of all our technological development, we and have not left a condition of dense wildness be relative ourselves and concerning our children. We do not understand ourselves, we do not understand mankind, we do not understand that everyone come on our Earth - the Messiah and what exactly we, parents, doom children to Golgotha senseless vegetative existence of a pursuit of a piece of bread, of a wheel of the machine, of a cockpit of a yacht. With own hand destroying their own "Me" to please slavish "we".

The unique sense of the New Civilization consists that it considers the person not as means and as the purpose of the existence. More precisely, not the person, and performance the of Supreme Mission by him which carrier he is, his full self-accomplishment (self-knowledge, self-development and self-realization), understood not as the slogan, and as practical technology.

That it became slightly more clear, about what particularly there is a speech, shall try to present the certain generalized technological process of self-realization of the Messiah, namely each of us. We shall start with the beginning. More precisely, from a bride-bed on which the new life is conceived. Even more precisely - much earlier when the Union of Two and the Infinity only is pawned, giving the Life to the Future Messiah. And it is pawned not on Love (and the Love is the system consent in mutual applicability), and by so-called calculation the Union of Two turns to a cemetery of the Great Opportunity, Great Applicability. Therefore such marriages also are steady for there is nothing more stably, than a cemetery. As well as artificial "eternal", never spoiling food stuffs which too are made not of Love to the person, and of love to his money.

The way from the Union of Two Hearts to origin of the New Life is extremely important and full of deep sense, but we and pass it quite resembling, being engaged, basically, searches of money and the decision of practical various problems. On which background Conception far from being always is meaningful the major in a life of Family of Sacrament and the greatest in a life of Mankind of Event! Then - nine months of Creation « from Infinity », and - occurrence of the Messiah! The care of the child, night without dream, scandals, search of desired money, and other, called as though a life - and on a background of it occurs destruction of all actually human and Divine in not taken place Messiah who will kill in turn all human and Divine in the family, in the community, in people.

How it will be in the New Civilization? Quite naturally, with understanding of Essence and High Sense of the Event, instead of with sliding on a surface of the phenomena. Each child as the Messiah it will be not simple to be expected. All society, all mankind will prepare for his arrival. And first of all - his parents, his intimates. To prepare at the moment of creation of Family, at the moment of Conception, at the moment of development of a fruit, at the moment of the Birth, at the moment of the Beginning of Self-Accomplishment. Any kindergartens, any schools, any institutes, these main enemies of all human in the Person! Any works for mother outside of a house - for this reason the major task of Power of the Sunlight is transformation of the basic part of the existing workplaces connected to service of our wild market, to millions MetaСenters in-home, focused on service of Internet - economics " from the Consumer " and allowing to remove break of a parent and family essence between the house and work, between an earning and an expenditure of money, between another's business in which parents are engaged all life, and the Business in which they practically are not engaged. Creation of such family MetaCenters for each member of family, including the smallest, the MetaCenters providing the global market of direct interaction of the consumer and the manufacturer, also is prime Power Affair. As such MetaCenter as « a social egg » newborn also will replace to him as a kindergarten, school and university, and a court yard, both the bad company, and a lot of defects cultivated in it. The Messiah will begin performance of the Supreme Mission so quickly as soon as it is possible. Also He will start it without putting off of the life on then, on « after study », on « after achievement of the certain standard of well-being », on « the ambassador I do not know that ». Learning the world through a prism of the His Affair, in a support on the own FondoBank, on the own FondoClub, on the own, in the long term, FondoSchool.

Also there is no other way for a survival and developments of mankind, except for how to change becoming so native paradigm of own self-destruction for a paradigm of own self-accomplishment. Other way, which is possible exclusively through creation of the best conditions for self-accomplishment (I shall remind: self-knowledge, self-development and self-realization) each earthman, each Messiah directed to the Earth with completely specific goal - to keep Paradise on the Earth and to promote becoming of Uniform SuperMankind as GodMankind. Which, naturally, has also Mission - Revival, Animation and Spiritualization of the Universe

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13 Aug 2006 @ 20:07 by gabacho : You Need An Editor!
Sorry, but I can't stand to plow through this mangled text to find out what you might have to say. You need to colaborate with a native English speaker to rescue your incomprensible text from the trash bin. The best choice would be someone you can talk with face to face. That way you can (hopefully) explain what you're trying to say, so s/he can edit your text to bring this out. Even your title is vague and uninformative. Sorry, but no sale.

14 Aug 2006 @ 17:04 by freo7 : Agree from Experience... and SO it is
"self-accomplishment (self-knowledge, self-development and self-realization) each person as carrier of Unique Supreme Mission" ((absolutely agree with this statement from my own 63 year experience this life-time!)) and "The unique sense of the New Civilization consists that in considering the person not as means and as the purpose of the existence."  

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