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2 Aug 2006 @ 07:30, by Sergey Chujko

The major condition of the correct approach to creation of the New Civilization is the exact and clear formulation of its basic contents. I offer the starting Formula of the New Civilization for discussion as I understand it

The civilization is the human society which has achieved a necessary level of spirituality, humanity and ecological culture
The criterion of spirituality of a society, its humanity and friendliness to the nature is determining at decision-making on, whether it is possible to characterize a concrete society as civilized whether or not. Thus the level of development of technologies of production of goods is necessary, but not a sufficient condition for qualification of a society as civilized

In a civilized society its each member should be engaged in extremely business, to carry out the calling, to carry out the Supreme Mission
The major attribute of civilization of a society is its universal aiming at creation of the best conditions for self-accomplishment (self-knowledge, self-development and self-realization) each member of a society. Thus not the person should be arranged under a society, and the society should change in view of features of self-realization of each member of a society.

In a civilized society its each member should have all necessary freedom and all necessary opportunities for own self-realization
Economic basis of freedom of self-realization of a member of a society is the "feeding" property which the social capital, tools of the property of the consumer on means of production should form its professional status, a resource share and tax MetaShare. All public institutes should be engaged in extremely creation of appropriate conditions for self-realization of a member of a society. As during the self-realization the person naturally towers from animal egoism through investment altruism to innovative self-sacrifice, ennobling thus the society and raising a level of its efficiency due to own professionalism and competence, on the one hand, and the nonsusceptibility to indulge in vices, on the other hand

In a civilized society in the center of attention and perfection there are the public attitudes[link] influencing efficiency of self-realization of his[link] members
The organizational technologies that allowing members of a society most effectively to cooperate among themselves during self-accomplishment, and are the major tool of public perfection. Perfection which should be a subject of exclusive attention of a society, its institutes and its members instead of neglect, as it exists in modern to us societies

Becoming of a civilized society is carried out by civilized image, through the statement within the framework of an existing society of the basic цивилизационных institutes
The optimum form of such statement is association of members of the society interested in creation of the New Civilization corresponding to working rules of law, asserting its institutes during a natural competition. A condition of the statement of institutes of the New Civilization is their current public competitiveness and also economic, social and spiritual efficiency for their founders

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