Practical way to the New Civilization: Not solved the general problems, we shall not solve also individual problems    
 Not solved the general problems, we shall not solve also individual problems0 comments
2 Aug 2006 @ 03:52, by Sergey Chujko

We continue discussion of very interesting project which I name NevadaGold. The main idea which I would like to emphasize here, consists that without creation of an infrastructure of the New Civilization we shall not move further conversations on it. Even having at the order such effective tools, as tools of the property of the consumer on means of production which efficiency in times, at times on the order, exceeds efficiency of tools of the traditional market

The investor, probably, everywhere is identical. He wants to invest his money and to receive from them the income which he counts for himself favorable. Thus the investor should be confident that business in which he invests, can provide this income, that people which organize it, understand something in most this business and that money will not be gone - because of unforeseen circumstances, poor-quality management, banal larceny. In this case each of them should prove, that extraction of gold in America - favorable business (on what always there is a question: if it so is favorable, why nobody is engaged in it?), that Bryan - the good expert in sphere of extraction of gold, also that with money anything unforeseen do not happen, and also the infringement of his interests as investor does not threaten him.

How the system offered by me which is based on the property of the consumer on means of production and on system of guarantees answers these questions?
1. All questions connected to risks, market conditions, quality of professionals and a level of management, are examined by Bank which makes of the decision on support of this project and on delivery of guarantees to the investors connected to return by it enclosed them of money and reception in the property (management) of a proportional part of production made by the enterprise under condition of payment of a proportional part of industrial expenses. This approach completely removes risk of infringement of the rights of the investor on the part of management (I speak in general, at all not meaning a concrete situation under the project considered by us, and the question is not real qualities of real people, and about a peace of mind for the investor). As to estimate amount of production in the natural expression, belonging to the investor, much easier, rather than to understand account books, and to understand a degree of advantage of business very easily, if to know, in the kg of gold how many has actually costed for me and how many it costs in the market. Thus, application of tools of the property of the consumer on means of production raises definiteness of a condition of the investor and a degree of his trust to the project
2. It is necessary to create internal for NCN the market of sale and purchase of investment MetaShares. Not that the investor sold the shares and that he knew: if suddenly he will have need for money or he will decide to leave from the project, at him is where to address. This market should be the market on trust as it is under construction on investments with a minimum level of risk.
3. At last, the main thing for our project. The person should understand, that the money resources enclosed by him not only will make to him profit, but also become the contribution to creation of the New Civilization, and connection of these investments with the New Civilization should him be clear and obvious..

At performance of these conditions we can create essentially new investment market which possesses very high reliability ({it provides Bank which, in turn, is protected by tools of the property of the consumer on means of production), high profitableness (at competent use of mechanisms of a consumer society and other noncommercial organizations, decrease in taxes, marketing costs, etc.), and the main thing - brings the contribution to creation of the New Civilization and improvement of a life on the Planet. Moreover, in this case it is possible to create special investment fund which would accumulate corresponding investments of investors and would direct them to the projects supported NCN. In a basis of efficiency of this fund that fact would lay, that any project executed with use of tools of the property of the consumer on means of production, has the much greater potential of reception of the profit and considerably smaller risks, than the projects which are carried out under the traditional circuit

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