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28 Jul 2006 @ 08:33, by Sergey Chujko

During our dialogue there was a natural question: whether the Absolut-Version of the New Civilization is aimed at support of processes of nationalization of the property of transnational corporations in the countries of the third world? Whether the transnational political party which is aimed at global nationalization is created in these purposes under a kind of movement to the New Civilization? Certainly, no, as our interest - in support of process of consumer capitalization of the means of production, certainly favourable both to the proprietor, and the manufacturer, and the consumer. And the reason here simple. Any nationalization rejects a society back. It is connected by that the capitalist property is more effective, than a state ownership. But the property of the consumer on means of production repeatedly, at times on the order, is more effective than the capitalist property

Certainly, no. Any nationalization, any revolutions, any violence. Not because it is bad in itself though it is very bad. That is why, that in it simply there is no necessity. Also the theme of nationalization in my letter has been mentioned, only to show that can be, if not the New Civilization will be created which will be capable to solve all questions at essentially other level.

I understand, this question whence has undertaken. The matter is that till our time public transformations were carried out or revolutionary way, or during natural evolution. We today represent essentially new concept of social development which can be defined as converting, transformational. And the New Civilization also reckons from its realization of the history.

What is the essence of revolution will consist? It represents herself explosion of destructive energy of hatred which destroys all around of itself, and only then starts to think what to do further. And if with destruction in mankind always all was in the order, with creation - continuous problems. Therefore the question on revolution, even in the form concerning peace nationalization, does not cost simply by virtue of an inefficiency of this tool of public updating.

In what the essence of transformation will consist? That natural process of mankind all over again is extremely precisely counted, and then, in view of all complexes of tendencies of development of mankind the program of actions is developed, directed, speaking market language, on mastering by the most perspective positions. In this case there is no need in violence which is a basis of revolution, in payoff which became a basis of evolution, all occurs due to energy of global development, our task will be, that the mankind has not fallen down in a precipice on abrupt turn into which we now enter. Especially in conditions when those who sits at a rudder, at all do not see danger. In what it results, we are shown with accident which has taken place with Armenian air liner A-320 under Sochi.

And all history shows, that any violence is unproductive. About this has well told, if I am not mistaken, Bismarck: Bayonets in every respect is a good thing, only on them it is very inconvenient to sit. And in a history of mankind when blood flew like water on all continents, those who did not take up arms at all, is possible to tell have achieved the best results. I have the Jewish Diaspora in a kind. Their leaders two millennia ago, very precisely having estimated a situation and having made the forecast for the future, have made ingenious decisions which have allowed Jewish people to achieve those results which they have achieved:
1. To refuse force struggle for preservation of the territory as places for the state by virtue of that this strategy is obviously doomed for a failure (as we see, to a word, present leaders of Jewish people in the middle of the last century have started to operate with opposite way and in what it has resulted, all of us see).
2. To select the form of the Diaspora supposing the adaptation to the concrete country with preservation of own originality, the culture and the unity.
3. The account of a national belonging of a message not on paternity, as in all other world, and on motherhood that has allowed to absorb the best genetic and cultural material
4. A strategic orientation on mastering by key positions not in force spheres that would seem natural to Diaspora, and in intellectual - trade, business, art, etc.
5. Transformation of money as a matter of fact in a national cult while the basic religions with restraint enough concerned to money-making

Any understanding person even if he is not the Jew and not so loves them, should admire with those who during those bloody senseless times has found such graceful decision and has proved to all world, that intelligence in a condition to overcome blunt force.

But the world varies, speed and depth of its changes promptly accrues, and today there has come time of other decisions. The decision suggested by me, just also concerns to their number. And that my idea was more clear, that there was no interpretation of my approaches as creations of a certain secret organization worldwide further, shall result one more example. A computerization. Anybody initially did not plan it. Behind it nobody stood. But it has grasped all worlds. As was in a vein of a natural course of events. Soviet Union has tried to resist to it. That from this it has turned out, is well-known. The same occurs now. People can abuse as much as necessary my or similar ideas. But process of becoming of institutes of the New Civilization already goes. And main from these institutes - the Internet. And the main builder of the New Civilization - Bill Gates and his colleagues on business. And the problem not in that, will be the New Civilization or will not be, and in when it will be, with what costs and who on it will earn?

I would like to pay to last circumstance special attention. I consider process of the statement of institutes of the New Civilization as the innovative project having practically zero risks and record profitability. And it because we work not against the prevailing tendency of development of mankind, and on its use. And process of capitalization of the consumer expenses, underlying process of the statement of institutes of the New Civilization, finally is favorable all - both to investors, and manufacturers, and consumers. So, I shall be repeated, any nationalization, any violence, any revolutions. Only peace, but intelligent, construction of new, more effective, public design. The construction which is carried out, I shall notice, first of all, in the advanced countries and with a view of their further development as leaders of the civilization process which is carried out in interests of all Mankind which moves ahead to a state-of-being of Uniform SuperMankind as GodMankind

Therefore: what for to break the closed window when wide open the huge door close is opened? It is necessary to wipe only eyes, to see the Way and to make on it a first step, a first step to the New Civilization, by the New Life, to Paradise on the Earth

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