Practical way to the New Civilization: The property of the consumer on means of production - Core of New Civilization    
 The property of the consumer on means of production - Core of New Civilization21 comments
22 Jul 2006 @ 07:30, by Sergey Chujko

The Absolut-Version of the New Civilization is enough abstract and difficult for understanding, is especial at the initial stage, idea. Probably, it will be easier for understanding through concrete examples. Therefore I shall result the most interesting plots from my correspondence with more than competent members NCN, and also other correspondents. And the first such plot concerning the property of the consumer on means of production, I shall result right now (while without the reference to what substantial questions and have led to to occurrence of this answer, but if he will allow, I with pleasure shall give the reference to the author of these extremely professional questions, and also I shall quote also a question. But its contents can be understood, naturally, and from the answer)

Thanks for your attention to my ideas. I with pleasure shall answer all your questions. But I warn - to understand logic of mine civilization approach not so simply. Not because it is too difficult, that is why, that for its description I am compelled to use old words with the old contents.

So, as a matter of fact. First of all, that build, which I assert in the New Civilization, I would name as socitanism (from SOCIalism capiTAlism commuNISM), as:

• Is a socialism in which everyone have the "feeding" property providing with it full social protection and personal freedom

• Is capitalism where the capitalist is absolutely everyone

• Is a communism in which the key investor is the commune of consumers

The method of creation of the New Civilization consists not in revolution as it was in Russia: all have broken, all another's have shot, and have then started to think what to do. It and not a method of evolution when all goes, anyhow, and all turns out as will turn out. My method - a method of transformation, gradual replacement of old new, a method of original replacement of old mechanisms for the account of higher commercial and other competitiveness new. It means, that all mechanisms we can introduce right now, receiving and social effect, and civilization results, and super profits.

On your questions I answer. Housekeeping earns money, as well as earned, including at us, due to service of direct synthesis - interaction between the consumer and the manufacturer (here will be created hundred millions workplaces in-home with which it is fine to consult competent people from among invalids, housewives, children, pensioners, etc.). Our starting effect consists in a way of expenditure of money. We speak: if you want to be rich remember: when you buy something in the traditional way in shop, you make a hole in the financial position. To become rich, you should buy not bread, and a property share in a bakery.

I shall result an example of calculation. It was done enough for a long time, not so precisely, but the essence of an affair shows correctly.

The average family from four person in Russia spends for bread, we admit, 100 dollars one year, thus the kg of bread (we shall notice - unknown quality, as a rule unhealthy because of use of yeast and dirty logistic, stale, etc.) costs, say, 70 cents. We suggest it: buy a property share in a domestic bakery for 10 dollars, and you will receive every morning on one kg of the newly-baked bread without application of yeast from the let germinate grain (bread which is a medicine), a grain brought up in Orenburg and being best in the world from the point of view of improvement of the consumer by best in the world, at the price of 10 cents for kg. The consumer in this case:

1. Reduces the expenses a minimum five times and saves in one year not less than 80 dollars (and lump sum investments have made only 10 dollars, according to their annual efficiency - 800 percent, that, agree, it is quite good)

2. Starts to eat a product about which he precisely knows of what it is made (of the best from his point of view, instead of the points of view of the seller for which it is important that a product as it is possible longer kept a packaging, instead of biological activity, important for health of the consumer) as it is made (yeast - the strongest cancerogen (carcinogen), and the let germinate grain - the strongest medicine, therefore the best bread is the bread baked without application of yeast from the let germinate grain, and such still at all do not make, that to the manufacturer is more favorable a line production of traditional bread that gives him more the profit and less efforts) and as it is delivered (do not know, how in America, but in Russia to the consumer is better to not look to, how deliver bread, is especial if it is not packed into cellophane which in turn does not add to it improving qualities)

3. Receives the best service - bread is delivered to him when it is necessary to him

4. Finds an opportunity as the proprietor of a bakery to present the manufacturer any proved claims - the responsibility of the manufacturer for quality of the work here it is provided in the best way

5. At last, - the property share got by him makes the most important his rich man. And not for 10 dollars which he has invested in the capital of a bakery. And at all for 80 dollars annually which he has saved on purchase of bread, and for the sum on which market capitalization of his property share has grown, 800 percent of economy bringing to him annually.

I shall result one more example, with very exact calculations. We made it together with Spaniards enough for a long time, but this calculation has not lost the urgency. The question was a dry-cleaner belonging to consumers. From the qualitative point of view here all is clear: it is not necessary to buy the washing machine, to spend money for detergent powders, time for washing and ironing, to pollute an environment draining in the water drain of aggressive chemical substances, to breathe them of a house while the linen (in Russia overwhelming majority dries lives in multi-storey houses and dries linen on the closed balconies or in apartments).

For more correct description of a situation I shall enter some definitions describing a design of that I name the strategic investment module of the property of the consumer on means of production "Share-Budget-ProduAs in the English language also the share in the capital of the joint-stock company, and a property share about which I speak in a word is designated, and they represent themselves opposite concepts, I shall designate the contents, as well as in other cases, through a label "Meta". Thus, the English variant of this concept will look as follows: MetaShare-MetaBudget-MetaProduct):

1. Basis of the module makes MetaShare as legally authentic title of the property on the certain share property (instead of obligations, as in case of shares and bonds) a complex of the industrial enterprise;

2. Everyone MetaShare entitles to reception under the technical cost price of the certain amount of production (in physical, instead of cost, expression). This share of production I name "MetaProduct"

3. For the right of reception of the MetaProduct the MetaShareholder should bring annually in a special payment which I name "MetaBudget" and which is equal to the technical cost price of the made MetaProduct (the full optimized cost price plus logistic plus the fixed fee of the managing company)

Now it is possible to return to the description of a financial situation on a dry-cleaner and to result even more indicative figures, absolutely exact by the beginning of 1998 for Moscow:

• Cost of MetaShare of a dry-cleaner of the highest world level with a full transport package - 10 dollars

• The contents of the MetaProduct - one tanned sheepskin coat, three suits and 6 trousers (with an opportunity of their recalculation on any other clothes in view of equivalence of time expenses for its cleaning and ironing)

• The sum of the MetaBudget - 10 dollars

Let's notice, that for that period of time similar service in the largest network of dry-cleaners in Moscow cost (without a full transport package, with ugly frequently quality, with the courts carelessly accepting the decisions not for the benefit of the consumer) of 111 dollars. As they say, feel a difference - you can make all other calculations

Go further. What is got metashare? It is a share in the capital created by me World FondoBank of Perfect Commodity FondoMoney which automatically transforms the metaproduct in perfect commodity fondomoney, and proprietor of the metashare - in the President-Founder of own fondobank of perfect commodity fondomoney within the framework of which under certain conditions he can create own private fondobank of private fondomoney. And it - only the most simple consequence civilization transition to the property of the consumer on means of production.

In fact this effect whence undertakes? I shall be repeated, I do not know, how in America, but very not bad I know, how in Russia. I live in the apartment or in hotel - a comfort less, but - on the order it is more than expenses. I have supper at home or at restaurant - quality is worse, but cost... It is Better to not speak. I go by the machine or by a taxi - convenience less, and cost... At all it is not necessary to mention, as far as it is more.

There is a question - to what is connected such growth of cost at simultaneous deterioration? With payment of huge amount of unproductive intermediaries which as a matter of fact parasitize on the communication line "consumer - manufacturer". On some products this share of parasites makes 95 percent from cost of the goods for the consumer. Any tapeworm in an organism of the person such damage also did not dream his health. To whom do we pay in this case? To the investor (in Moscow at construction of habitation profit of the investor, we shall notice, at all the builder, makes, by some estimations, 1500 dollars on each square meter), to the official, bank, the retail and wholesale seller, the lawyer, the adviser and are, not enough, actually to the manufacturer. Having removed all these guys who in the New Civilization become absolutely not necessary (why is a following theme for an explanation), are not necessary, certainly, as for function, but not as experts, capitalists, etc. - All of them will be where the best for them, rather than today, application, - and so, having removed this public, we and receive serial reduction in expenses at simultaneous improvement of quality, improvement of service, growth of the responsibility of the manufacturer and - escalating of the capital of the "feeding" property of the consumer.

Certainly, for this purpose it is necessary to create a global infrastructure of consumer capitalization of means of production. But its project is completely developed by me (only for this purpose was required decade of continuous work) and the maximum for a year can be carried out at completely scanty, in comparison with volume of capitalization, investments of work, forces and resources, providing and unknown enrichment of new capitalists (and it, we we shall notice, practically all population of a planet), and impressing results for initiators civilization process. And it is necessary to understand, that if there is a way to lower distribution costs in 10 times there is no way which could prevent transition of mankind to other, to the order higher orbit of economic efficiency. So the question on mission NSN, LETS and other global leaders civilization updating stands more than stimulating image, and such situation develops only time in a history of mankind. I speak it completely precisely and with full knowledge of an affair

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22 Jul 2006 @ 16:42 by bushman : Hmm
A penny, a measure?
And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living beings say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.
Revolations 6.6  

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2 Aug 2006 @ 07:30: The Formula of the New Civilization
2 Aug 2006 @ 03:52: Not solved the general problems, we shall not solve also individual problems
1 Aug 2006 @ 11:06: MetaMoney as the MetaTool of Creation of the New Civilization
29 Jul 2006 @ 15:15: Difficulties of practical realization of the civilization projects. Our actions
28 Jul 2006 @ 08:33: Way of a New Civilization - not revolution, not evolution, and transformation

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