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 The Formula of the New Civilization0 comments
category picture2 Aug 2006 @ 07:30
The major condition of the correct approach to creation of the New Civilization is the exact and clear formulation of its basic contents. I offer the starting Formula of the New Civilization for discussion as I understand it  More >

 Not solved the general problems, we shall not solve also individual problems0 comments
category picture2 Aug 2006 @ 03:52
We continue discussion of very interesting project which I name NevadaGold. The main idea which I would like to emphasize here, consists that without creation of an infrastructure of the New Civilization we shall not move further conversations on it. Even having at the order such effective tools, as tools of the property of the consumer on means of production which efficiency in times, at times on the order, exceeds efficiency of tools of the traditional market  More >

 MetaMoney as the MetaTool of Creation of the New Civilization8 comments
category picture1 Aug 2006 @ 11:06
If we speak about the real program of creation of the New Civilization, we are obliged to have the adequate program of transformation of monetary system. And this transformation should provide not only cardinal increase of efficiency of new monetary system, but also render appropriate influence on improvement of human nature, on its ascension from the animal essence through actually human essence to the Divine nature. About practically sold program of transformation of an existing financial system to MetaSystem of issue and the circulation of MetaMoney also there will be a speech in my article

P.S. I make my apology for my awful English; it is not understood even by me  More >

 Difficulties of practical realization of the civilization projects. Our actions11 comments
category picture29 Jul 2006 @ 15:15
The following theme of our discussion - the certain passivity of members NCN and others potentially interested persons in relation to realization concrete of the civilization projects, and also a way of its overcoming. The ways supposing creation at NCN of a financial system of support of civilization innovations, first of all - of projects of members NCN  More >

 Way of a New Civilization - not revolution, not evolution, and transformation 0 comments
category picture28 Jul 2006 @ 08:33
During our dialogue there was a natural question: whether the Absolut-Version of the New Civilization is aimed at support of processes of nationalization of the property of transnational corporations in the countries of the third world? Whether the transnational political party which is aimed at global nationalization is created in these purposes under a kind of movement to the New Civilization? Certainly, no, as our interest - in support of process of consumer capitalization of the means of production, certainly favourable both to the proprietor, and the manufacturer, and the consumer. And the reason here simple. Any nationalization rejects a society back. It is connected by that the capitalist property is more effective, than a state ownership. But the property of the consumer on means of production repeatedly, at times on the order, is more effective than the capitalist property  More >

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