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2006-08-13: You want to be healthy? Become the Missionary!
2006-08-13: Upbringing - a crime, care - the Feat!
2006-08-12: The Messiah - everyone, and at everyone - own Golgotha!
2006-08-07: The CELP-Formula of the perfect (absolute) market
2006-08-07: Power of the Sunlight: first steps to the New Civilization
2006-08-02: The Formula of the New Civilization
2006-08-02: Not solved the general problems, we shall not solve also individual problems
2006-08-01: MetaMoney as the MetaTool of Creation of the New Civilization
2006-07-29: Difficulties of practical realization of the civilization projects. Our actions
2006-07-28: Way of a New Civilization - not revolution, not evolution, and transformation
2006-07-27: Time of a New Civilization has come
2006-07-22: The property of the consumer on means of production - Core of New Civilization
2006-07-19: NCN-mission - creation of New Civilization! And why also is not present?

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