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picture3 Jul 2006 @ 23:34, by D

Non-sequiturs often appear under the form of unintentional (sophomoric), of deliberate (trolling) disconnected comments, or changes in subject.

The comment below was removed either for its lack of clarity as to its purpose (because of style or content) or because of its apparent lack of relevance to the topic at hand from the thread on which it was originally posted by its author.

Not all such comments are sophomoric in nature, nor the result of trolling, so this comment was posted here so as to offer an avenue for those interested in the topic or style (e.g. mediumistic automatism, absurdism, etc.) which might be present in such or such comment independently of the context in which the comment was posted.

The mission of TrollXing is one of understanding. The comment featured on the present post will only remain here with its author's permission and will, of course, be removed upon simple request by its author, if said author signifies in a comment below that he or she wishes the post to be removed.

3 Jul 2006 @ 05:35 by blueboy : Everything we humans do -or
not, starts with each person's own individual (= "The un-divided One") PSYCHOLOGY!; how each person uses his/her GOD-given Inner Skills: Discernment, Intuition, Inspiration, Instinct, Judgement, Enthusiasm, (etcetc). These TOGETHER is what constitutes our (true) Intelligence = GOD WITHIN = TRUE Logic/"Common Sense", sometimes called CREATIVITY... because our Creativity IS the same as our Consciousness; our Together- with-Life-Knowingness, because this is what our 'Consciousness' means in PRACTICAL terms -as it were.
Our consciousness with Universe/Life/Earth/God grows EVERY time we follow our "Inner Promptings = the Urge to go with our own Inner Skills/Thinking/Feelings!.. We know the feeling of URGE to change our life/to go with our New Priorities -as Modern language is puts it. The HIGHER our consciousness is, the less we have to toil FOR OTHER humans inside the so called Establishment within the framework of by them set up Mental/emotinal "box" ("thinking outside the Box" is a phrase used to describe creative people -and a quite accuratly so! ) "Inside the Box" is the cover-up expression for people being denied permission to use their own God-given thought process at the workplace (Sure, there's a little more about how this "Whole Thing", as well as the "Consciousness Thing" ... but is adequate for now ).
The more a person uses his/her OWN Intelligence/GOD WITHIN, the more true Individual they are; his/her undivided God-given Inner Knowledge/ Wisdom is then at work in their lives -regardless Workplace!

It is wise to listen to other people's stories/sharing of what worked for them in this & that situation and to what ever degree that RESONATES with our own Inner Knowingness, is their experience also ours -or certainly within reach to be manifested by us! Thus none of us need to make ALL the Mistakes possible for A Human to make. Handy, eh?!... I don't need to burn down half of any State's forest, for instance, to know that being careless with campfire when the forset is tinder dry is not a smart idea!... I can draw that experience-wisdom from other people's already-made-mistakes!
This same principle is of course at work, when GOOD =Life/ Earth supporting experiences are shared with people.
Today we can share GOOD Experiencies (as well as bad -IF we wanted to -and some do)with eachother, thus learning /getting access to a Sea of Knowledge/Wisdom much faster and easier than if we had to find ALL the GOOD by ourselves!... AND PEOPLE DO so more & more!!! And More and more people DO use this Natural Process of Inner Promptings to Change (their ) Priorities actualizing ever more for each day in their own personal lives A higher( more sustainable ) way of living.
IT does come down to the 'Individual's very CORE of Life-loving part that we all do possess -but not automaticalluy access.(we need to be RE-awakened to this Awareness!...)
"This all" being nothing but Psychology, gives us the clue what the Fight for Life is all about: Some people "prefer" to guarantee their own survival at the expence of all the rest. 'Selfish' is what we call such people -and selfish is what they are! Now, YOU look at the World and determine 'who' is the most selfish people on earth!... and there you have it!... Nothing more complicated needs to be discussed -and even less continued to partake in!!! We should NOT continue to give credence to their fancy Very Important Person ("VIP" )Games and their so called Causes!...all cover ups for -on psycholgical level- the ONLY thing that keeps the state of World Politics at this dangerously close to ANNIHILATING all life on Earth-level
We either contribute to that game -at the expense of all Life, or we choose to put an end to OUR OWN participation in it... which more and more people do today, Thank God!!!
The more Individuals who do what Swanny, for instance, is doing, that much more GOOD is being done!...and that much LESS Bad is being done... and now that the Total EFFECT is always bigger than the sum of Its parts!.... Well... Only "Space Cadetts will not understand this simple logic/psychology!...and THEY can take their ---- and fly into the outer space -IF they CAN!...hehehehhe.... (they can't!... )So, why even bother to discuss such distracting "ideas"... not really ideas at all,but exactly that: Distractions from the Real Thing/s that needs to be talked about by us and shared!

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5 Jul 2006 @ 09:40 by scotty : Hating to appear
Stupid ... oh but what the heck .. wot on earth is all this verbiage about ??

Are you holding Blueboys comment up for all to see for some kind of 'recommendation' perhaps ??

"The mission of TrollXing is one of understanding." You say - well - maybe if you could use the language of the more common man or woman I'd be able to understand a little of something !!

So - whaddy say D ..; could you kindly explain to me ( in plain language ) the purpose of this selection isolation and posting of someones comment .. I'd be grateful !


5 Jul 2006 @ 10:23 by i2i : scotty

No one is holding Blueboys comment up for all to see.

Blueboys could have requested that the comment be removed:
"The comment featured on the present post will only remain here with its author's permission and will, of course, be removed upon simple request by its author, if said author signifies in a comment below that he or she wishes the post to be removed."

As it is blueboy stated that we "are welcome to keep [her] comment in trollxing"

As for explaining...

I have done that already: {link:|here}.


5 Jul 2006 @ 10:37 by scotty : ahah !!
Thanks D ... didn't see the 'relation' !!

NOw I understand !! ( now I feel less like one of the blind men at the elephants tail !! LOL ! )

Merci encore .  

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