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13 Aug 2005 @ 07:44, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen


Yesterday a Danish city court in Copenhagen deemed a message for appeal from opror.net to be removed. The reason was that the court thinks it is a violation of the anti terror act.

Read more about it here in english:
Witch hunt for "terrorists" in Denmark: Who's next?

You can still read the appeal in english in Googles cache here:
Appeal from ‘Rebellion’ (Denmark) to European movements may 28th 2005

Help in the struggle for the freedom of speech.

In june the year Greenpeace was fined £ 3.000 under the Danish anti-terrorist laws. They received the fine because of activists actioning against GMO in the headquaters of the Danish Agriculture cooperation. The house is called Axelborg. Greenpeace Denmark appealed the decision.

The anti-terror law in Denmark is so widely defined that even labour union conflicts as well as student demonstrations can be prosecuted !

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