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8 Dec 2004 @ 10:28, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen

Ming writes about a programmer who made a affidavit about vote rigging software in his newslog: Vote Rigging Program Story.

I started to search and found to my big surprise serveral big irregularties not only in Ohio but all over the country

I stumbled acrosss the Bloggermann website on Msnbc.com. He has been very keen on investigating irregularities about the 2004 presidential election.

In a report from november 8th 2004 he reports on a lockdown of Warren country due to a potential terrrorist attack.

Qoute Msnbc.com november 9th [link] :
“About three weeks prior to elections,” Ms. South stated, “our emergency services department had been receiving quite a few pieces of correspondence from the office of Homeland Security on the upcoming elections. These memos were sent out statewide, not just toWarren County and they included a lot of planning tools and resources to use for election day security./

Later the FBI and Homeland security denied ever sending out a warning! [link] (November 11th)

Interestingly after the Cincinatti Enquirer: Warren Co. defends lockdown decision Nov. 10th 04 By Erica Solvig and Dan Horn first wrote about the lockdown the major news corporations have not aired or written anything about the irregularities.

Coming back to Mings post I found this:
e-vote rigging rumour 27th november

According to this rumour 29 mio. was to be paid out for fraud fbi agents trying to hack into the evote machines across the US.

You can find some newsbroadcasts from the Bloggermann on bit torrent suprnova.org link (Search for Voting Irregularities - MSNBC)

Further link about the lockdown:
The Ohio Factor: Did Homeland Security and the FBI interfere With the Vote Count? (Scroll down)

blog Something's rotten in the state of Denmark: Recount updates -- the Green Party joins the fray (link found for Cincinatti Enquirer)

About the 29 mio $:
Common Ground Common Sense

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