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picture21 Apr 2004 @ 05:28, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen

Published from a mail:
Dr. Hugh and I will be having A Light Moment with Light once an hour on the hour throughout the day from 12:01 A.M. Saturday Morning the 24th until 12:00 Midnight Saturday Night. This way we will meet with each of you at least once. We will Light The Earth First, then we will Light ourselves, then YOU - the Light Channels. We will follow this as the whim moves us with light for our families, friends and personal goals.

Please join us, at least once. Remember, if you have your own prayers, mantras, meditations, processes, favorite chakras for lighting the Earth - before or after you begin, please, follow Light’s outline for the Light Moment so as many people as possible are doing the same thing. Start Light’s Light moment on the dot of the hour and we will all be joined together. (Need a reminder on Light’s outline? Go to our website below and click on the wave of light on the opening page.) A brief outline follows this email. We will remind you on Friday.

Send this email to your email list, maybe they would like to join us all in a Light Moment on Earth Day too.

New material on Book II will be posted on the website later this week. Remember the power of vibrations. As Light writes, everything is a frequency of light - emotions, consciousness, form, energy and thus everything has vibration. Vibration affects vibration. The reason the same food, drink, diet, medication, herb, exercise, experience does not affect humans identically is because we may be similar in vibration but we are most certainly not identical in vibration. Your vibrations affect what you put on and in your body, what you experience, and what you feel as surely as what you put in and your body, what you experience and what you feel affects your vibrations.

Sound is a frequency of light and has vibration. Words and thought are frequencies of light and have vibration. Notice how the music you play affects you. You can use music to keep you "stuck" in the mood, feeling, thoughts that are bringing you down, you can use music to bring you down, or you can use music to lift you up. Remember, even if you do not hear or cannot understand the words in a song - your subconscious does hear and understand. Be aware of the suggestions your subconscious is receiving.

If you heard us on the radio in Vermont last week, we like feedback.

With LIGHT, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Take A Light Moment Today and Every Day. Mentally image (see, say, think of or feel) a golden light around you that shields you from all that is not to your highest good and draws to you all that is to your highest good. Mentally image a white spiritual light flowing in through the top of your head. Mentally image yourself holding planet earth in the palms of your hands as you mentally beam the white light through your third eye to light the Earth. Pause without thought or word as you mentally image the Earth filled with light from its core to its atmosphere. Mentally image light flowing from the Earth into your palms and affirm to yourself all you touch for the next 24 hours will receive a healing touch of light. Mentally image your psychic sight opening as light flows to your third eye from the earth and in through the top of your head. Now light your brain and body. Next light the beings and things that matter to you. Mentally image them receiving light from you as well as from their own spiritual levels. Refrain from thinking what the light is to do for them. Let them make this choice. Have some extra time? You are filled with creator light. Direct it according to your will for your body, your life.

Have A Light Moment. Click The
Wave of Light on Website Above

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21 Apr 2004 @ 13:00 by skookum : I will share this
with my reiki group. thank you


24 Apr 2004 @ 09:09 by fleer : your welcome
Also check out their free online book of Apocatastasis. It´s quite a treat.  

24 Apr 2004 @ 11:26 by skookum : I will. thanks

26 Apr 2004 @ 23:24 by hgoodgame : Thanks for the article
and the great link! I've already sent it out to others ^o^  

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