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picture15 Apr 2004 @ 07:09, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen

Former Danish army intelligence (FE) officer Frank Grevil stands up after delivering secret documents about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

He put forth serious allegation towards the Danish primeminister Anders Fogh Rasmussen for either misinforming or misrepresenting information prior to the invasion of Iraq about possesion of WMD.

The prime minister said prior to the war that it was known for a fact that Iraq had WMD to several news media. But the bill that the Parliament passed does not mention exact the same phrase as grounds for Iraqi invasion. And therefore the government and the prime minister now claims that WMD was not one of the key reasons for invading Iraq.

But because the Danish government has a majority in the Danish parliament together with the right wing party Danish Folkeparti no inquiry will be held about the possible deceit and manipulation of the Danish parliament.

A key reason for Frank Grevil for delivering the classified documents to the newspaper Berlingske Tidende in january was to aid a democratic debate about the reasons and decision making for Danish Parliament (the Folketing). A debate that the government does everything to quell down - with the assistance of some very not so interested liberal newspapers. (The majority of the newspapers support the current government.) The pen of the watchful newspapers with respect to keeping an eye on government has become very dull in Denmark.

But let´s not forget that the invasion was not granted by the UN security council and therefore according to international law was illegal.

Ander$ Fogh Rasmussen is not a crook? bu$h, rum$feld?

Ex-major and journalists charged DR.dk news article

Whistleblower claims Danish premier lied
Blair Alliance With Danish Prime Minister Unsettled by MI Leak

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