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picture7 Apr 2004 @ 16:56, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen

New research called polychromie has revealed that the roman known statues like the Augustus Panzer statue at exhibit at the Vatican Museum had colors. And some very powerful indeed. The picture is a full size replica.

Using computers, electronic microscopes and biochemical analysis scientists are now able to reproduce the marble statues as exact replicas adding the original colors.

During the 17th century the white marble figures were a desired model for the looks of people at that time. When 17th century scientists told about findings of colors on the statues, it was dismissed and not accepted. Part of the reason is that the old roman based colors were based on eggs and as a biological componenent it disappeared as time passed. But the colors ingredients were also made of different parts like lead and arsenic. And that is how the scientists were able to recreate the original colors.

The exhibit Classicolor displaying both replicas and originals are now on display at the Glyptoteket in Copenhagen, Denmark

Read more about Polychromie at dyabola.de

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27 Mar 2005 @ 03:15 by Jason @ : Roman marble statues brought to life wit
Regarding the Augustus Panzer color statue, where can you buy these? The detail seems exceptional and I would like to know more.  

28 Mar 2005 @ 19:17 by fleer : It´s a replica and
I don´t think you can buy it anywhere.  

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