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13 Mar 2004 @ 11:55, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen

Danish TV2 today had short newsflash about a man amazingly surviving 3 heart attacks on the same day!

He first experienced strong pain while preparing to go out hunting and immediately knew something terribly was wrong.

After the ambulance had picked him up, they only managed to go some 3-4 Kms before the first heart attack occured. The 2 medics had to stop the car, so that they both could perform heart defilibrating.

He fully recovered and they headed towards the hospital. But only some 8-9 minutes later he experienced another heart attack. Vagn Jensen 67 years, Bramming was accompanied by his wife in the ambulance and his daugther followed in her car.

They again managed to resucitate him. But at the very entrance to the hospital he suffered yet another heart attack.

Today he is fully recovered after heart surgery. He says that death in not something to be afraid of. But he adds wryly (in a very jutlandish fashion) that he did not see all light that people have told about death.

He´s very grateful for the medics quick handling of the situation and has no major side effects of the heart attack. His wife has given up her job and now they spend more time together. - Because you never know when it´s over...

Realaudio of the newsbroadcast in Danish

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