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 Dream helps Guantanamo prisoner through hardship2 comments
12 Mar 2004 @ 02:39, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen

No matter what.

Nobody should be treated like the Guantanamo prisoners anywhere. Especially not if we are speaking of USA.

But the collective consciousness (or rather source) works in mysterious ways.

In this case it gave comfort to Jamal al-Harith.

"About a year into my time, I had a dream. A voice said, 'You will here for two years'.

"In my dream I said, 'Two years! You're joking'. But when I woke up, I was calmer because at least that meant I would be getting out one day.

"I was sent to Guantanamo on February 11, 2002 and left on March 9, 2004, so I was there for just over two years, just like the voice in the dream said."


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14 Mar 2004 @ 18:01 by maxtobin : Think of the Karma
Sure Karmic for some bright boy to be confused as to where Turkey is in relation to Pakistan. Hell I aint a Muslim and I do know you would need to be very ambitious to think you could get to Turkey from Pakistan without going through Afganistan and Iraq (according my knowledge of geography)
HOWEVER, this does not take away from the Karma that the US is creating for self (as Nation) and all citizens to deal with by deliberate disregard of the Geneva convention regards treatment of prisoners of war. But Hell hath no furry like the GOOD OLD UNCLE SAM. In War all is hell and there is no excuse for any of it, a heartless bunch of reptiles if you ask me.

Thanks for a very informative link Flemming (my wife is from the USA and is shocked and saddened by these emerging stories).  

16 Mar 2004 @ 14:44 by fleer : Hi max
Tell your wife not to be that. It is important not to be negative but to keep a postive attitude towards this whole "war on terrorism". - I mean not to endorse it´s course of action, but better to think and hope that it´ll be over soon.But as Micheal Moore says; "isn´t it strange that to preserve freedom, we take away freedom". Saw that in an interview from www.Democracynow.org Possibly the fastest spreading grassroot TV ever in the US. 160+ Tv stations and radio stations and growing. Change takes time.  

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