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 Spam: clear your mailbox of spam mails from 0spam.com free: 567 blocked !0 comments
12 Mar 2004 @ 02:26, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen

The effect is instaneous and works on all platforms. You can check one account for free and set up a whitelist of approved mail to get through automatically.

It works by adding a filter, by which people sending mail will have to actively click on link to let it pass through to you.

It works ! Since wednesday 10th on an account with some 150+ spams a week, not one f***** spam got through. :D What a relief... Works with hotmail and yahoo.com as well.


566 Total spam mails blocked from march 10th until now. 11 am CET march 20th.

Now I really wonder why I keep clinging on to this email addy. But it was the first I ever had and I have had it for nearly 6½ years now.

Most recently I almost gave up another account, but luckily I didn´t. Soon after I recieved a thank you note from one, whom I helped choosing a Tai Chi intructor. She responded 2 years after I wrote the mail. :¤)

A reason enough to keep the email accounts alive - as long as the ISPs don´t charge me....

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