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10 Feb 2004 @ 04:07, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen

I think it was in 1987 that the Internal Market of the EC was adopted. Today we now see the sad effects of some of it.

A recent study from a Danish consumer group showed that 7 out of 12 tested baby carriages were so harmful that they were banned from sale immediately !

The names are:
# Ora Fondeo, Duo
# Ora Urban, Kombi
# Jysk Amalie, Barne
# Trixx, Duo
# Simo Kombi Supreme, Kombi
# Carena X-line, Duo
# Carena Malu, Kombi

Children was at risk of suffocating or seriously harm themselves due to malfunctions.
DRs newslink about the baby carriages

In depth description about the test from Forbrugerhuset in Danish

The question is just how the h*** could these products come into the stores for sale?

And the obvious reason is the EU Internal Market - IMHO. I, myself am for a regulated market economy. But this is plain stupid.

And it is not the only product ready for sale in stores here in Denmark that are potential harmful. Another product is Veet sold by Reckitt Benckiser(Scandinavia). Veet is a chemical product for removing hair. But is has a serious side effect. It also removes the skin! For over a year the press had several articles about the harmful effects of Veet and to this day the product is still available for sale in Danish stores ! In Germamy Veet sponsored a campaing to find a Veet girl. Veet is currently sold in the UK, the US, Denmark, Germany, Tjeck republic and Spain according to their website www.veet.com

Forbrugerrådets information about Veet in Danish

Because of the legislature in connection with the Internal Market some 100.000 untested chemicals were allowed to be used and sold in products for food and other products as well. And a chemical has to be thoroughly tested before it can be removed from the market and ofcourse well documented.

Jamiroquai wrote a song about this madness Virtual Insanity in 1996 aimed at GMO, but this is just the same old game :/


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