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 Diebold e-voting situation. (Microvote.com, Florida 2000 revisited)2 comments
25 Nov 2003 @ 00:05, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen

Generally this is about the "supreme" e-voting being tampered with. In a recent election in Boone County, Indiana 5,300 used the e-voting, but the software reported 144,000. Of course right down the bu$h alley as the CEO of Diebold is republican and the software is scheduled to be used in the Presidential election 2004.

Spyware weekly nov. 18th ´03

"Diebold is sending these "take down" notices to sites hosting the memos, web sites linking to the memos on other sites and even web sites that merely link to other web sites which link to other web sites hosting the memos (say that five times fast!). If this obscene abuse of the DMCA goes much further, Diebold may try to take down my site just for mentioning the existence of the memos."

The memos describe some very disturbing information about the online voting including the possibility to tamper with the votes given online.

Read on and be warned. bu$h is at it again. And he´ll stop at nothing.

Also Spyware weekly discussed the isue of online voting on October 21st.
E-Voting Machines and Fuzzy Math

Full indepth information on

Changed online to e-vote plus a html error, november 29th ´03

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25 Nov 2003 @ 00:20 by vaxen : yup...
make sure you've got the material which convicts them flemming. barbara's site has been hit a lot of times already. there is a .org and some mirrors as well and of course you know about the universities eh? good show flemming, thanks for getting this out there. i've dropped some links in other areas of this site too. of course it is'nt only bush that uses these tactics so do'nt be fooled by any of it. this whole system is corrupt, and has been for a long, long, time...and has to be revamped from the bottom up. 1776 all over again. ;)  

25 Nov 2003 @ 01:08 by fleer : ?
I stumbled across it this morning and found it so disturbing that a flaw as big as this is in a online ballot system. So I haven´t read anything about universities. But the word is out. :D
But if you have some additional links post it and I´ll add it or perhaps create your own newslog ;)  

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