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 Analysis of the bu$h tenet debacle4 comments
16 Jul 2003 @ 03:26, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen

In an article by From The Wilderness "Blood in the water" - Watergate II Micheal Rupperts combines various news sources in a very close scrutiny of the a behind the scenes look of the Bush administration and Tenet´s "confession". The news is lined up chronoligically with source.
Blood in the water - Watergate II

[link] July 15 2003

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16 Jul 2003 @ 12:41 by sharie : Why are the pawns taking the hit?
Because they're being offered bribes to do it?


My guess is they're choosing to surrender their political careers in exchange for millions of dollars.

Over $6 trillion is missing from the public treasury. Over $2 trillion is missing from the pentagon budget, another $2 trillion from the IRS budget, and another $2 trillion is missing from the HUD budget. That's trillions of dollars floating around... a few million here, a few million there for bribes... so long as the demon of greed achieves his goals they'll do anything.

Thanks for the post.  

16 Jul 2003 @ 12:48 by b : Plauseable Deniability
Wherever do you get your statistics from Sharie? Do you just make them up for your postd?  

17 Jul 2003 @ 10:17 by fleer : thanks Sharie
bbee, well I know that 3.3 trillion is missing between 1999 and 2001 defense budget. - plus some 59 billion $ was "misplaced" by HUD for 1999. (According to the ad running in some newspapers across the US from Fromthewilderness.com website.)

April 26 03 Army Secretary Thomas White was fired because of that.

{link:http://www.fromthewilderness.com/images/ftw_ad1_large.gif|washington post ad in gif}

17 Jul 2003 @ 11:10 by rishi : Denying Plausibility
There are always persons such as Bee in any discussion of reality, who'd like to sound authoritative and logical by asking where people get their information. But their real intent is to deny that anything is wrong with the status quo to which they belong, regardless of the evidence or logic to the contrary. NEVER do they do their own research or quote their own sources, they only ask this of others. They do this in the hope that it will discredit what is being said about their precious society, but in no way is Bee or others like him, in any way prepared to have a sincere discussion about anything. He will not follow up on links provided or really read any points made, because he frankly doesn't want to know.

Like most Americans, Bee is here to do one thing...build up his ego at the cost of others, and try to discredit progressive points made through any dishonest means necessary. This is a cultural phenomena, reflected daily by television content on almost any channel.  

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