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1 Feb 2003 @ 18:26, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen

This year marks a new important step towards making online gaming more acceptable in Denmark and gaining acceptance as an Esport.

All in all 96 clans compete in GMC cup totaling 868 Clan war (CW) matches. The winning team will receive approx. $3500 US in price money, plus a brand new website and hardware.

Each CW consists of 2 maps which each are played 24 rounds - totalling 48 in all. Each clan plays as Counter-Terrorist (CT) and Terrorist (T) on each map.

The object of the game is for Ts to plant a bomb on the map. CTs goal is to stop Ts from planting and in case they planted it to defuse the bomb before the timer times out from 35 seconds countdown. (Planting is announced on screen.) Each map has 2 bomb spots that the Ts can attack.

Both clans have 5 players on the map. And it involves a lot of tactics as to economics of the game. Each clan start with 800 on the account in the first round called pistol round. T spawns with Glocks and CTs with USPs.

If e.g. one team has lost 2 rounds in a row, it is wise to use an economic round were they don´t buy any additional weapons. That way they will have access to buy far more powerful weapons in the next round and increasing their chance of winning the next round. Each round last maximum 3 minutes and the whole CW could take as long as 2 hours 24 minutes in all.

You might think that a PC game cannot be so exciting, but it involves far more tactical room than real sports games like American Football or Ice-hockey.

Also Counter Strike is so configurable in settings that you seldom will find two players with the exact same setup in regards to mouse, mouse pads and keyboard layout. Most players nowadays have very high end PCs with the newest graphics accelerators, ram and hard drive.

So the difference between win or loss is the ability to read a game. To adapt your team tactics according to the current opponent. And to aim. Counter Strike is unlike most console games without an autoaim function.

If a player is slightly off target no hit is awarded. It´s about skill and each weapon behave differently.

The weapons range from pistols like glock, usp to AK47, Colt M4a1 to the high powered Arctic Warfare Magmun (AWM). It also features the tactical weapons Grenades (HE) and Flashbangs. The CS arsenal

The GMC cup is followed by one of the Danish newspapers (Ekstrabladet.dk) and the people behind it is continously trying to get the media interested in it. TV appearence is scheduled this coming week.

Also HLTV.org offers reruns of the most exciting CW matches from the cup. (But you have to have Counter-Strike installed to view the matches.)

As something new Sportingbet.com offers people the chance to bet on the winning team at the end of the cup.

Counter-Strike is a modification of the popular game Half-life and at least 250.000 people worldwide play CS each day. From China, US, South Africa, Korea and to Denmark.

Official GMC cup homepage

A range of Counter Strike movies are available for download:
Xenon avi 39 MB
Element movie 2.3 MB
Arena4 DBA Brasilian Clan 94Mb

CS Movies @ CS Central

CS movies @ DemoHq.com
CS movies 2003 @ planet-videos.com

Most CS movies are made available in Divx format..
Divx files - choose free w/o Adware !

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