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29 Jan 2003 @ 06:40, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen

at Los Angeles Learning Annex

Foundation For Research & Exploration of Mind Motivation

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Palm Springs, CA: Think all people who suffer from allergies know it? Think again. Although a recent survey commissioned by The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology shows 38% of Americans know they suffer from allergies, this accounts only for those who recognize their symptoms as allergy related. Besides coughing, wheezing, sneezing, itching, weeping eyes, runny noses, and stuffed sinuses - allergies also cause or contribute to rashes, inflammation, immune system deficiencies, asthma, arthritis, depression, addictions, aches, pains, weight gain and in extreme cases, death.

Imagine a society free of allergies. No more suffering, no more pills, no more decongestants, no more shots, no more allergic reactions to medications. Impossible to imagine right?

"It is for most people," say Dr. Hugh Harmon of Palm Springs California, "even when I tell them I’ve used it successfully in my clinical practice for over ten years now. Because I am a therapist who works with the mind, people think they have to believe in it for it to work. No so. As one former allergy sufferer put it, ‘Relief is the belief.’"

"I discovered this method after a great deal of research and testing. At first it was very complex, but eventually I found it could be greatly simplified. In fact, it is so simple, folks can do it at home to help themselves, their loved ones, and their pets. Our armed forces can use it to strengthen their immune defenses against desert sand, pollen and pollution. A tiny amount of what a person or an animal is allergic to is put in a plastic bag and the bag is placed just below the belly button on what is called the central meridian point. By gently finger tapping a set of eight specific acupuncture points of the body, the allergic response to the substance is eliminated - instantly. I know it sounds too simple to work, but it works anyway. People don’t have to take my word for it, they can try it themselves. The only caveat is that one must tap to what one is allergic to for it to work. If people think they are only allergic to grass, for example, but they are also allergic to newspaper print and cat hair, complete relief won’t be experienced until they tap to all three. There is a way of muscle testing to discover what one is allergic to, but this is a bit more complex and takes some practice. Which is why my colleague, Pamela Chilton, and I are giving a workshop at the Learning Annex in Los Angeles on Feb. 12th. Contact the Learning Annex at 310.478.6677 or visit their website at www.learningannex.com. For those who can’t make the workshop, the testing and the tapping - which is called The Allergone Allergy Correction Method®™ - are posted free on our website: www.odysseyofthesoul.org. "

CREDENTIALS: Hugh Harmon, Ph.D., Doctorates In Psychology, Religion, Metaphysics; Chairman of the Board, MEA Medical Foundation; 45 Years Clinical Therapy Practice (Mind Motivation Associates); Founder, Foundation For Research & Exploration Of Mind Motivation (FREOMM), A Non-Profit Teaching, Healing & Research Foundation; Co-author with Pamela Chilton of "Odyssey Of The Soul", A Spiritual Trilogy of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Contact Dr. Harmon or Pamela Chilton: 800-403-4325 odyssey@odysseyofthesoul.org


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29 Jan 2003 @ 08:28 by spiritseek : Allergies
Hey, I really hope this works it gets worse every year.The headaches that keeps you from concentrating and working well and not to mention the watery eyes that are almost impossible to look out of at times, this would be a great relief.Pollution I believe is destroying our sinus membranes more and more every year and we need relief now even before pollution can be reversed.Good post!  

29 Jan 2003 @ 23:57 by strydg : there are several of these techniques
that promise allergy desensitization. they can be very effective. however, they "work" by modifying the acu-meridian system of the body relative to a specific substance. this is like programming an adaptation that makes your body-mind insensitive. one may be sensitive or "allergic" to a substance for any number of reasons. creating an "ignore" program that requires energy to run and maintain will not resolve the metabolic imbalance underlying the sensitivity. these desensitization techniques should be a last resort.  

16 Jul 2003 @ 03:30 by fleer : thanks
spiritseek :o)  

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