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20 Oct 2002 @ 08:57, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen

1/3 of the total mails sent out each day is spam (Stats made by Brightmail.). Mailwasher does the tedious job of deleting those boring mails and also filter out virus attached programs and it is free (Windows 9x/etc etc).

Mailwasher (Mailwasher.net) is currently the best free anti spam killer. It stores the spam mails in a local folder for easy reinstall and you can make filters that suits your needs. E.g. if you want to stop mails in your mailbox not specifically for you, you can setup up mailwasher to do it.

It also has a friends list and you can set it to DNS match the mails from known anti spam sites like Spamcop, relays.visi.com and Ordb.com

Don´t waste your time, let your PC save the dime.... (Eh, something like that... :)

The program also can check Hotmail accounts in a new recent beta version.

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21 Oct 2002 @ 03:06 by jstarrs : Great! Thanks a million...
... my Hotmail account is getting ridiculous, so I'm trying the beta version to stem the flow!!  

28 Oct 2002 @ 07:40 by fleer : Check your preferences in hotmail

You should check your email preferences in hotmail. As I recall it Hotmail had this wonderful idea in May this year to publish all hotmail users e-mail adresses in their public records. A nice "gesture" for people wanting to harvest e-mail adresses for spam purposes.  

28 Oct 2002 @ 08:04 by martha : hotmail
Isn't hotmail a microsoft thing? I really like the idea of softy being able to look at my mail. Sorry I apologize for my sarcasm.  

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