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 EUropeans protests against data retention0 comments
category picture6 Aug 2005 @ 23:15
You can sign on the petition to protest against EU´s newest ideas to restrict freedom rights in EU.

About 18.000 has done it so far.

 del.icio.us - social bookmarks manager0 comments
category picture14 Dec 2004 @ 22:58

I find this one very interesting.

del.icio.us is based on a extension for firefox and let you browse other peoples bookmarks and it´s generated live.  More >

 Danish Digital Signatures flawed0 comments
category picture10 May 2004 @ 02:59
My resistance about getting a Danish digital signature provided by TDC.dk was right.

A flaw in the signature could let just about anyone gain access to personal information from various official government agencies like the Danish equilavent to the US IRS called Told & Skat. Copying the signature simply removes the password !  More >

 Identity theft on the rise in US0 comments
category picture9 Apr 2004 @ 04:23
Msnbc.com reports about phishing, identity theft and fraud in this ID theft victims face tough bank fights (feb. 18 ´04) article.  More >

 Spam: clear your mailbox of spam mails from 0spam.com free: 567 blocked !0 comments
category picture12 Mar 2004 @ 02:26
The effect is instaneous and works on all platforms. You can check one account for free and set up a whitelist of approved mail to get through automatically.

It works by adding a filter, by which people sending mail will have to actively click on link to let it pass through to you.

It works ! Since wednesday 10th on an account with some 150+ spams a week, not one f***** spam got through. :D What a relief... Works with hotmail and yahoo.com as well.

0spam.com  More >

picture31 Jan 2004 @ 02:02
hmm, what an odd number.

Well, just sometimes I find myself missing having a TV. (Approaching 7 years :D) This is one of them. A couple of month ago MTV apparently broadcasted a concert called 46664.com on november 29th to be exact. 46664 was the prison number of Nelson Mandela during his imprisonment on Robben Island, Cape Town.  More >

 Reclaim your mail address after spam2 comments
category picture9 Dec 2002 @ 07:57
I found a way that got me off spammers mailinglists. Actually it found quite by coincidence, but it seems to work quite fine. At the height of my spam storm, I got some 45 spam mails a day !  More >

 War is fun II / Onlline Gaming3 comments
category picture28 Oct 2002 @ 07:54
I was working on an article about online gaming but Funch´s article "War is Fun" got me writing quite a long comment.

So I choose to post it here instead.


Gotta admit it. I´m sort of addicted to playing online computer games, especially my favorite game Counter Strike. Research indicate that playing a "violent" computer games generate more of the dopamin than heroin!  More >

 Combat spam mails3 comments
category picture20 Oct 2002 @ 08:57
1/3 of the total mails sent out each day is spam (Stats made by Brightmail.). Mailwasher does the tedious job of deleting those boring mails and also filter out virus attached programs and it is free (Windows 9x/etc etc).  More >

 That nasty spyware2 comments
category picture2 Feb 2002 @ 07:19
I found some 80 different spyware files on my computer and I am usually very restrictive in installing files on my computer!  More >