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2006-11-25: CIA: Iran has no nuclear weapons programs
2005-10-21: declaration of blogocracy
2005-08-13: Witch hunt in Denmark for
2005-08-06: EUropeans protests against data retention
2005-07-20: Why we should be a nation(s) of workalholics ?
2005-01-31: Tsnumani on Sri Lanka and a pair of glasses
2004-12-30: 13 year old survives 2 days afloat accompanied by Sea Serpents
2004-12-30: Sri Lanka: Where are all the dead animals ?
2004-12-14: del.icio.us - social bookmarks manager
2004-12-12: What do I See?
2004-12-08: Warren Country Ohio irregularities
2004-12-05: Christian ad refused on CBS and NBC
2004-11-28: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, First Inaugural Address
2004-11-06: Prime quote about why fear is rising
2004-11-06: Soundmail Aphrodesia
2004-10-29: The ever present mirror of fear
2004-09-26: Couponchasers.com
2004-07-15: Outfoxed: a look behind the curtains at Rupert Murdoch´s Empire
2004-06-20: Eureka, maybe not !
2004-05-26: 10 million americans have survived cancer
2004-05-11: Job prospects for Denmark
2004-05-11: Waiting....
2004-05-10: Evolutionary Healing
2004-05-10: Danish Digital Signatures flawed
2004-04-15: Danish intelligence whisteblower emerges from the shadows
2004-04-09: Identity theft on the rise in US
2004-04-07: Roman marble statues brought to life with original colors
2004-04-03: Up to Tai Chi Chuan again
2004-03-22: US self censorship
2004-03-13: Amazing Denmark: Man survives 3 heart attacks on the same day !
2004-03-12: Dream helps Guantanamo prisoner through hardship
2004-03-12: Spam: clear your mailbox of spam mails from 0spam.com free: 567 blocked !
2004-02-10: The effect of EUs liberal internal market Veet, baby carriages
2004-01-31: 46664
2004-01-31: Can we get a witness report?
2004-01-23: CBS censor moveon.org winning ad but accepts bu$h ad for Superbowl night
2004-01-21: Rotten Denmark pt. 2 - 100.000 forced labourers used to distort competition
2004-01-18: Rotten Denmark pt. 1 Danish Crown
2003-11-28: Diebold e-vote software under scrutiny. Flawed or fraud for bu$h?
2003-11-25: Diebold e-voting situation. (Microvote.com, Florida 2000 revisited)
2003-07-16: Analysis of the bu$h tenet debacle
2003-03-06: Iraq: Emergency Appeal to the U.N. from Moveon.org
2003-02-04: Danish PeaceWatch
2003-02-01: Online gaming in Denmark moves towards esports
2003-01-29: Allergy Cure to be unveiled - LA, Feb. 12th 03
2002-12-13: EU Human rights after the september 11th
2002-12-09: Reclaim your mail address after spam
2002-11-28: Well I wonder...
2002-11-18: Anyone know what this is?
2002-11-18: FEAR
2002-10-28: War is fun II / Onlline Gaming
2002-10-20: Combat spam mails
2002-02-04: Spiritual Endavours Into Light
2002-02-03: Cultural divide in Denmark
2002-02-02: That nasty spyware
2001-11-25: Cost getting you down?
2001-11-25: Parliament election Denmark november 20th

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