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1 Jan 2008 @ 22:17, by Neva Howell

Establishing referral network for therapists

I'm looking for personal recommendations for all types of healing facilitators and therapist, by state and by country.

If you know a particularly superior therapist, and are willing to share why you feel this therapist is so good at what they do, I'm looking for your recommendation for my blog at [link]

I want to be able to list therapists that people believe in, because of the personal results they themselves have experienced.

If you are a therapist, you may not recommend yourself. The recommendation can only come from one of your clients who is willing to share their story and their experience of your support in their lives.

I'm looking forward to hearing from anyone who might like to commend someone who has been instrumental in their healing process. Help spread the word about healers that are good at their job!

Here is a really good example of what I'm looking for:
client feedback on colonics therapist

Thanks, Neva
Post your stories at [link]
All comments are monitored before being added so as soon as I read the story and get back to you to confirm what you have submitted, I'll add your therapist to the list.

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