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16 Sep 2007 @ 14:43, by Neva Howell

I recently heard, from a dear friend, about the benefits of active manuka honey for acid reflux. My mom suffers from it but struggles greatly to affort the very expensive Nexium every month so I was looking for an alternative.

My friend said she was on Nexium and also Prevacid and got completely off everything just by using the active manuka honey.

It's important that it be active, look for 16-18 as level of activity. Anything below that may not work for acid reflux although they say the lower active levels are still great for helping burns to heal, and for reducing surgical scars.

The site where my friend gets hers, and therefore one site I can recommend just because I know it worked for her, is manukahoneyusa

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1 comment

29 Oct 2007 @ 18:57 by a-d : Bookmarked this one!
Thanks Neva, this looks quite intriguing! I will order something, check it out, and then I will know....  

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