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 Healing Facilitation Workshops0 comments
category picture9 Mar 2008 @ 20:06
If you have an interest in transformative healing facilitation work, please visit my website for inforation on upcoming Accelerated Alignment workshops.

There are some criteria for attending, so please visit the Accelerated Alignment Information Page for more info. Note that this is not a Reiki class or workshop, though I do also periodically conduct Reiki workshops as well as offering individual transformation retreats for women, non-smoking only.

 Announcing the Well Blog0 comments
category picture28 Oct 2007 @ 14:09
I've recently installed a wellness blog on my site and hope you will visit if you have questions about your health or spiritual path. Also great place to post your own spiritual awareness sharings and your own health tips. You can subscribe to receive notice whenever new content is posted in your area of interest too. visit the healthy choices wellblog today!

 Renaissance Faire coming up3 comments
category picture31 Aug 2007 @ 19:31
I went to the first annual renaissance faire at Heartwood Sanctuary in Mentone, Alabama and it was such a fun experience that I thought I'd post the upcoming second annual event here.

Heartwood is a wonderful place. I retreated there for a weekend recently and it was just so peaceful and Sacred. There is a restful energy there but, also, during the fair there is a joyful exhuberance that comes in as well.

Anyway, the faire is on October 13 this year. I'll be there and I hope, if you are in the area (or even if you are not, they have camping spots and sleeping space)

Entry fee is just $5 and it's way fun.

They are looking for vendors, healers and readers as well.

Tell Cathy Neva sent you.

Find out more about Heartwood:

Let's celebrate in community!  More >

 What to do about sinus headaches4 comments
category picture20 May 2007 @ 12:09
This is not meant to replace medical treatment for sinusitis but as adjunctive therapy for in-home relief.  More >