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category picture28 Jan 2002 @ 02:30

MING: "OK, give me some ideas of how you see that working. How would it be different from the Virtual Workgroups? Would it be more focused towards decision making and action, and in that case, how? A mechanism for voting. Possibly a meeting space that channels things towards decisions and outcomes."

Ming has asked the next direct and most pertinent question – HOW?
I have never seen a virtual workgroup and do not have a definition of one, but it sounds like what we need, at least in part. I do not think that I am smart enough to say exactly, yet I do recognize that certain conditions will generally occur, and that they are identified in a basic 6-step cocreative process, each step needs affirmative completion and endorsement before next step can be applied.  More >

 Greatness & Friendship0 comments
category picture26 Jan 2002 @ 03:50
I will interpret the essence of the word "greatness" to mean all things wonderful, meaningful, sustaining, positive and fulfilling.

Greatness is not found with out seeking the knowledge of what it is.

Great minds are made of GREAT thoughts and great communities are made of GREAT minds.

As friendships are great chemistries of sentient spirit, they are found to provide wonderful, meaningful, sustaining, positive and fulfilling support of liberal mutual allotment. Some say they are merely relationships of mutual admiration, but they are also honest, truthful and whole, respectful enough to heed loving advice in potentially embarrassing situations.

We are many wounded souls longing for connection in friendship and support for the greatness of our dreams, and so I conclude: I would rather live in a great mutual admiration society than a great mutual defamation society.

 Core Consciousness4 comments
picture11 Jan 2002 @ 17:27
Imagine what you would say & do as a citizen of the Earth?
Imagine what you would say & do as a parent in the world?
Imagine what you would say & do as a town mayor in the world?
Imagine what you would say & do as a corporate CEO in the world?
Imagine what you would say & do as a state governor in the world?
Imagine what you would say & do as a senator in the US Congress?
Imagine what you would say & do as a president of a nation on the Earth?
Imagine what you would say & do as a secretary general of the United Nations of the Earth?
Imagine what you would say & do as a respected ruler of the Earth?
Imagine what you would say & do as divine god of the Cosmos?
If one applies honesty to answer these questions responsibly,
One sees that we are all leaders and gods,
Whom cannot afford to place any personal desire over that which is good for all, always.  More >

 2002.1.9: Manners & Methods8 comments
category picture9 Jan 2002 @ 18:41
Please review my previous log on "Negative Energy" as a preface to this post. We are here to fashion a success. NCN is by no means an optimum vehicle to assist in this task, but it is the beginning of what we do have as an asset. I am prompted to write this because of some dialog that transpired in the Social Systems Design group. Social Systems Design is probably the key subject of the future, and yet many of the responses did not move us closer to an agreement on how to build a success. Is it of any value to say something will not work before it is tried? Does it accomplish anything to say you disagree without providing the alternative? Perhaps we should write a members guide to keep our heads on the same wave length?

This brings us to the present, where we ponder and plot a course of corrective consciousness. How is that done? It begins with enough humility to look at things from the ground up, from scratch, without our reflexive egos, and ignoring the stereotypical meanings attached to words that have been abused in our language. Instead of relying on our socialized understanding of things, we will be well served to define a firsthand version of truth. That takes effort and energy. This lies at the heart of what pioneers do – they start from a position assuming ignorance of a subject, giving respect for the divine nature of diversity, and then proceed to create a new, better, or more accurate truth. We have little or no direct experience to make the unknown, so I emplore you to search deep into your soul to the openness that requires.  More >

 2002.1.9: NCN/CEN FOCUS4 comments
category picture9 Jan 2002 @ 15:25
Dear Flemming & Brave Souls whose eyes will fall upon my resolutions for driving our movement into critical mass of The Conscious Evolution Network "CEN"< < <

First off - It's good to see Ming back at NCN in his typically dashing fashion, to whom we owe great salutations for the honor of gathering here yet another day.

A copy of this letter will be sent to FCE in Santa Barbara. I am trying to keep my writings as summaries, concise, within 1000 words, with respect for your time, in recognition that the overload of information we generate can be reduced if we strive for quality. I need to make a fairly concise plan with you for the projects it looks like we are interested in mastering. In my currently enthusiastic state-of-mind, I remain very open conceptually to anything that smacks of responsibility.  More >

 MODERNISM4 comments
category picture7 Jan 2002 @ 21:08
There has been some dialog of late about "post-modernism" being the abandonment of universal truth, ideology, philosophy, or meta-imperative to our success as a species. It has also been written that people construct their society first in the mind, followed by actions that manufacture our mental picture into a physical culture. We are responsible for what we have made because we made it. Now this has come about through many independent, sometimes similar, or very disparate ideas about how to make a healthy society, and so "pluralism" would be a fairly accurate way of naming our evolution on the planet so far.

New Civilization is not new as demonstrated by the recorded consciousness of evolutionaries throughout time. It is more the conscious dream for those of us who wish to see the adoption of a spiritually fulfilling and sustainable way of life, and one that describes a broad social order for the purpose of prosperity and peace, but how can this happen without an underlying – "modernistic" – concept that all people can relate to? I contend that the Cosmos dictates how success is made and sustained because it is the single organism to which we belong, and we will not survive if we are not in accordance with it. This single revelation I will call absolute truth and the prime directive to the formation of a "modern" philosophy for success.

The divinity of Cosmic law is beautiful because the forces of god enables life everywhere with equal opportunity, unconditionally and without prejudice. These laws are manifest through the qualities of Love, Freedom, Trust, Responsibility and Beauty. As we were born from our Universe-mother-god, we have no choice but to accept these environmental realities and truth as the essence of our existence, spirituality and boundary for success in all things. The truly remarkable thing about these Cosmic guidelines is how simple they are and how they provide a platform to the seemingly infinite diversity of things in our universe.

How can a new civilization ignore this truth or hope to manufacture social unity without the underpinning of physical truth, moral truth, and the truth of common purpose?

Another absolute truth describes the connection and interdependence of all things. In other words, everyone’s best interest is in everyone’s best interest. Humanity divided in ideological principle will always fail to a larger degree, when it does not address the needs of the one as being the same as the needs of the many, because every non-productive, unhealthy, oppressed person will tax the system in a way that cannot be sustained. Equity of all resources and opportunity is a requirement to the health of humanity.

I would make one more observation about "post-modernism." It describes a period where people abandoned the "modern" concepts of moral obligation and social duty best illustrated through the decay and ineffective practices worshipped in the "post-modern" world. Modernism may be a dead label, but truth and virtue never lose their value.  More >

 WISDOMMEDIA.COM-Tv-Radio-Books2 comments
category picture15 Dec 2001 @ 16:39
Communication of our dreams and loving creative spirit do not have a presence in the industry of commercial media. The objectives of profit are irresponsibly broadcast round the globe as though it is an entertainment commodity and without intent on providing useful information, or to spotlight something uplifting to our spiritual nature. I believe most of us hunger for public displays of compassion and consciousness to love. This station is very much a provider of food for the soul – an oasis from selfishness – much like Radio Free Europe offered hope to those locked behind the "Iron Curtain." It is a fountain of refreshing insight I use to keep my balance and gain greater understanding from hosts with experience of 30 years or more. People like Wayne Dyer and Hugh Prather. I have a ritual of listening to Patricia Sun every evening 6-7 & 7-8 pm PST. This is a web based service and available on Dish. To me this is a precious resource without rival as far as I know. Tune in for lots of comfort.

[link]  More >

 Cosmic Laws2 comments
category picture15 Dec 2001 @ 08:31
I suggest that everyone wanting to get their feet wet in the process of Conscious Evolution read this page and the adjacent link to "56 Grievances."


Ming - This link may work well for references to several of the Subjects web listings.  More >

 Participation5 comments
category picture13 Dec 2001 @ 19:07
I am inviting you to increase participation on NCN in the "Subjects" section where we have a forum to post, respond and refine our consciousness collectively. It is a work space created for our mutual benefit that can become a point of departure from the present and empower NCN to influence those beyond this community. We can also ask Ming to enhance this section to a more comfortable an effective method of distilling our brilliance. Many personal logs seem to contain information that can shape our knowledge fundamentally of these Subject categories.

I take this opportunity to share my mind in a constructive manner and make a commitment to write in every forum where I feel capable of a legitimate consideration. There are a series of posts begun by Ming and I to generate concepts to the next generation of "Social Systems Designs." So far we are the only two contributors and yet we are passionate about the problems to be solved. Your postings will expand on our beginning and add balance to this project. This living generation must take responsibility for the human legacy now. Let us not spend energy to conquer the symptoms of illness, instead we must search for truth and aim and the roots from which all our troubles grow.

Ming – Can we politely ask you to add the capability of placing pictures to these posts in the manner of the logs?  More >

 Negative Energy1 comment
picture7 Dec 2001 @ 09:52
At this time more than any other, I am thinking most clearly about matching energy when faced with frustration and disappointment, or ignorance, mine or someone else’s. Whether one is justified in issuing negative speech, is not of relevance. What is important to see is that negative expression in any form only sends that energy out into the noosphere and greater Cosmos. I catch myself always moving to a critical position to identify the trouble, which is a habit of the artist, of poor mental training, and leads to the propagation of negative verbal vibe. I am attempting to retrain that habit and cut to the chase in a deeper level of consciousness, at least to formulate a loving response before opening my mouth. I want to think that I am being successful at this, and yet, my desire for self improvement does not automatically insure that I can control my negativity at adverse levels of challenge. I say this in advance of any occasion when I might do that accidentally to any of you here on NCN and ask for forgiveness ahead of time.  More >

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