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 Quote Contest Winners7 comments
category picture24 Feb 2002 @ 23:17
"The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality." -- attribution unknown

I sponsored a contest to either prove this quote worthy of our new civilization, or to offer better consciousness in the form of a replacement. 9 people entered comments in the log, but only 5 people wanted to respond directly to my request. Of the five contestants, 2 people left 2 quotes. I disqualified myself from being eligible to enter. Here are the entries:

1] "Reality rearranges your picture of yourself to the Universe"-- Shakti-ma

2] "You rearrange the universe according to the power of your will." -- Inviticus
3] "By accommodating the universe, your picture of reality might just end up
rearranging it." -- Inviticus

4] "i practice 'i love you' as if it is the only thing i ever will say in this chance of a lovetime that makes sense." -- mmmurphy

5] "The universe arranges itself no matter what you think. Get busy!" – jazzolog

6] "The universe is a daily snapshot of your reality." -- Simpleman
7] "The universe is a snapshot of your reality today." – Simpleman

The original quote is not true if the first meaning of the words is used in the literal interpretation, and at its best, only suggests the value of painting a positive mental picture of reality. When it is placed before of our eyes repeatedly by a website, the site acts as a validator and advocate of this consciousness. In my mind, this is a responsibility to be taken seriously when the intention is to serve a community for healthy purposes. There is no sense taking a risk with questionable sayings that mislead us or our children.

I am impressed with these different submissions because I was looking for truth, as though we could divorce the spirit from the body and gaze upon Our Cosmos as outside observers. The benefit of this is to understand the Cosmic Laws of Truth that we must live within. One submission is not true, but 6 of them offer very similar truth, in unique ways.

And now I announce the winners of the contest to be all of those who came to play in search of our future, and those who will read it after the fact. I thank you all for these moments to be preserved in the evolution of the Universe. I will add your submissions to my quote library with other gems I have collected.

My favorite quote is from jazzolog = Richard Carlson because it inspires me to get with the program:

"The universe arranges itself no matter what you think. Get busy!"  More >

 Bill’s Big Question?2 comments
category picture24 Feb 2002 @ 03:36
"To be or not to be: that is the question:…"

This not just a question, but a re-action of the mind to discover what our choices in life are, as inspired by the realization that one is born into a sickly society of creatures. And so Bill takes stock of our condition in the words he writes in Act 3 for Hamlet’s mouth:

"…Whether 'tis nobler in the mind
to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them?…"

He goes on to discuss more that my ears are not trained to clearly see,
but this piece endures 400 years to strike our hearts with brutal honesty.
I will not mention the fourth choice because it serves not the living cause.
And yet the question still remains in place to contemplate with pause.

So I will stick myself upon the critics anvil, to edit our fine friend Bill,
A variation of this theme and clarify three freedoms of our living will.

Tis it nobler in the mind to wield a selfish power,
To suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or stand firmly against a sea of troubles, And through loving end them?

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." -- Albert Einstein

In other words, We can decide to be one of three potential types of people:
One who brings negative and destructive acts – subtracting from the quality of life.
One who brings malignant apathetic acts – supporting the existing quality of life.
One who brings positive and constructive acts – adding to the quality of life.

This is a specific example of the Cosmic Spectrum of Freedom, which offers all the opportunities, but which choice offers the promise of success? So Goddess Bob Barker asks us to pick door number 1, 2, or 3! I will faint if it takes you more than a split second to select a life path that brings forth quality.

"Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." -- Jesus, in Luke, 23:34.

Contrary to the general use of this quote, I believe we have always known in our hearts "what we do." We may be ignorant to all the consequences of our actions, yet the center of human trouble is made from willful choices in defiance of what we know and feel to be "right" and kind. This tells us that we must first become responsible to ourselves, and in that we are not properly introduced to life, or have forgotten how to do this, we must learn with discipline to hold a standard of successful principle. I would call this absolute truth, dependable in every way, part of a foundation that allows us to interact without constant conflict over intention. It should also provide a point of reference upon which we can quickly evaluate our language in communication to be wholesome.

Do not participate in judgement when one of us might slip
and do not defend a plain mistake when it comes across your lip,
but stay to see the common path and say kind a loving tip.  More >

category picture23 Feb 2002 @ 23:19
I place this item in my log for the awareness it brings to the idea of feeling inadequate, needy, or incomplete in some way. There is a difference when seeking the stimulation of new experience and seeking something one believes they do not have. Please observe the copyright © 2002 Osho International Foundation.

card 6/60. Greed

A parable of ambition and hurry

Whenever people become very greedy they become very hurried, and go on finding more ways to gain more speed. They are continuously on the run because they think that life is running out. These are the people who say, "Time is money."

Time is money? Money is very limited; time is unlimited. Time is not money, time is eternity--it has always been there and will always be there. And you have always been here and you will always be here.  More >

 Mental Review5 comments
category picture22 Feb 2002 @ 12:46

Humans as Bastards of the Universe OR Beings As Cocreators of Universes
Philosophy Contemplated OR Philosophy Lived
Power is the Name of the Game OR Consciousness is the Game
Reality Follows Thought OR Reality is Constant
Past, Present and Future OR Absolute Eternal Now
Universe as Complex External OR Universe as Single Organism
Independence OR Interdependence
Dependence OR Connection
Polarity and Duality OR Unity
Positive/Negative as Opposites OR Positive/Negative as Complementary
Polarized Separateness OR Balance & Harmony
I am a Separate Being OR I am Part of the Whole Cosmos
God as Separate OR God as Part of Identity
Spiritual Fulfillment in Religion OR Spiritual Fulfillment In Being Healthy
Human Having Spiritual Experience OR Spiritual Being Having Human Experience
God Is A Human Like Entity OR Mother God Is An Energy Force
Soul as Abstract Concept OR Soul as Recorder of Experience
Identification With Body OR Identification With Whole Being
Lower Self & Higher Self OR One Self as Part of the Cosmos
Love Others First OR Love Self As Part of God First
Win-Lose Reality OR Win-Win Reality
Externally Controlled Destiny OR Internally Manifested Destiny
Failure as a Defeat OR Learning Through Experience
A Thing Of Worth OR A Thing Of Value
Positive and Negative Experience OR Experience Yielding Knowledge
The Brain Receives Thought OR The Brain Creates Thought
Image Is Important OR Integrity Is important
Unlimited Freedom OR Freedom Within Loving Boundary
One Life to Live OR Life in Infinity and Continuity
Fear Ruling Destiny OR Love Guiding Destiny
Respect For Special Things OR Respect For All things
Life Is a Difficult Burden OR Life Is Adventure in Evolution
Separation from Self OR Self and Cosmos Are One
Simplicity as a Puzzle OR Simplicity as a Reality
Survival Is a Programmed Priority OR Global Success Is Survival
Social Consciousness OR Holistic Consciousness
Conforming to Social Convention OR Leading For Social Success
Defending irresponsibility OR Being Responsible
Projection of Responsibility OR Adoption of Responsibility
Focus on Laws OR Focus on Internal Responsibility
Lying to Justify OR Speaking Truthfully
Freedom as a Social Right OR Freedom as Opportunity For Life
Humans Need to Be Governed OR Humans Are Self-governing Entities
Love of Judgement OR Acceptance & Tolerance Are Love
Loving Another as Separate OR Loving Another as Yourself
Hating Another as Separate OR Compassion For Illness
Manipulate & Control OR Nurture With Love
Talk A Good Game OR Walking Your Talk
Preoccupation With Differences OR Focus on Functional Similarities
Ordaining Truth OR Becoming Truth
Personal Goals OR Benevolent Goals
Competition For Survival OR Survival of Whole Species
Focus on Social Symptoms OR Focus on Social Solutions
Intellect & Emotions OR Intuitive Feeling
Having the Emotion OR Living the Emotion
Looking to Others for Answers OR Looking Within For Answers
Looking for the External Path OR Alignment Of Internal Path
Following Ideals of Others OR Following Your Inner truth
Fighting a War OR Loving for Peace
Aliens OR Relatives
Unlimited Expression OR Expression With Purpose
Preoccupation With Doing OR Being In The Moment
Difference Between The Sexes OR Sex Is The Only Difference
Pursuit of Wealth OR Pursuit of Value
Looking For Happiness OR Being Happy
Ego and Cultural Image OR Strength In Diversity
Reacting to Events OR Maintaining Center Focus
Right and Wrong Belief Systems OR All Beliefs Are Real
Going Through the Motions OR Living Creativity & Joyfully
Worship OR Live
Blame OR Reconcile  More >

category picture22 Feb 2002 @ 02:22
Money, money, money! Does money care? – No. Does money have any value? – It use to. Does money determine the value of anything it is attached to in price asked or fee paid? Nope! Money is one of our inventions as a method/medium of exchange to standardize trading between disparate services or goods. Sounds like a great idea on the surface. My sense about the incentive to establish a monetary system was to lubricate trade, but that money was not conceived as an economic determiner itself. Well, it certainly is different now.

If all the world's economists were laid end to end, we wouldn't reach a conclusion. -- William J. Baumol

I would say we’re in trouble based on this quote, but then we already know that.

This is my post as inspired by Shakti, to further air this taboo of conversation, and one which needs some frank dialogue and creative ideas on how to remove it, or control it for positive result. Our attitudes about money are soiled through connection to human traits and issues I hope to disclose. This may be quite long if it is going to be thorough so I will post it in the "Subjects" section of the site in its entirety. This is my first attempt to deal with this huge monster and it is finally posted because I ran out of gas to spend anymore time on it.  More >

category picture21 Feb 2002 @ 14:30
Once I heard Wayne Dyer tell a similar story.

I have become very attracted to use an Orange as a healthy model for the center of my character.

An orange is whole, bright, intense, juicy, sustaining, refreshing, exciting, sexy, an egg capable of reproducing, and a container of generosity. I would like to have the integrity of an orange because no matter how hard it is squeezed, it only has liquid goodness to give.  More >

 Diversity of Perspectives, FF - A Reply2 comments
category picture20 Feb 2002 @ 00:26
Cooperation: Titled in response to Flemming’s 1998 re-post. I personally find it hard to read long comments in small type sizes, so I would like to endorse his post of here for easy reading.

This post is quite lucid and very true from my perspective, we must be tolerant of our differences when they are peaceful – for all the solid reasons Flemming wrote 4 years ago. (I’m sure we will find someone to contradict the general intent of coexistence) The thing that seems to be missing is discussion of why we are here. I would describe that as agreeing with the basic idea that we all want a better healthier place to live. Although we do no have to match exactly on ALL the ways to do that, it remains that we must continue to find things that we do agree on in order to feel good about ourselves, because it is affirming to our notion of unity and personal sanity. I am inspired by public demonstrations of civil patriotism that have turned the tide for specific social issues in history as a model of what people can do so easily when they try. I am moved by efforts that brought about the end of the Viet Nam War, civil rights abuses, and raised our consciousness about HIV, gay & lesbian rights, birth control. Where these examples came about during crisis, there are many peaceful every-day types gatherings of people who want to be recognized as belonging to a group of others with similar values, morals, ethics, virtues, or goals like the participants in the Olympic Games, various church goers, political party events, etcetera. The list seems to go a long, long way. I have heard it said the human beings want to feel like they belong, they are accepted, connected – not alone, disconnected, orphaned, or poor. Flying solo has its distinct advantages, but I find it quite lonely and cold in that place for long periods of time. The amount of energy devoted to pointing out our differences, thank god for them, is nonetheless irrelevant to learning anything about our similarities and common dependence for survival. I think NCN should set an example of wholesome community practices in general terms only, but provide them in some form. Our expectations should not all be the same, but I feel like I am willing to die just to prove that it is obligatory for all people every where to agree exactly on some very specific and loving things if there will be a foundation to the future of the species.

There are many valuable pieces of wisdom posted all over NCN. Lots of people have made positive comments in logs and turned ninety degrees within minutes to contradict themselves. We are not paying enough attention much of the time. We are reading meanings which are not there, we carry a dominant negative attitudes too much of the time. We need to find our talk and need to reflect that when we walk. When we get embroiled in conflict, we are taken out of the place of peace and our ability to experience the enjoyment of community. Bob wrote "Turn, Turn, Turn" to place us in consciousness to the time and place and cycles of Cosmic activity and to paint of picture of our part in it. Rejoice in freedom, but remember that only freedom exercised in love is sustainable.

Open up and check your egos at the door. Lighten up and join hands in song. Embody our higher qualities and do not choose to cling to the lower ones. Drop using judgement as standard operating procedure. Stop the dominant use of the words; "me" & "I," replace them with the words, "we" & "us." Remember that we have a common interest in the process of Conscious Evolution, but it is not a personal crusade, it is of global concern for now. Let us confine most of our energies on that dear members, and let us do it cooperatively, cheerfully, responsibly and politely. -- PLEASE!  More >

 Random Quote on NCN Member Start Page17 comments
category picture17 Feb 2002 @ 21:11
"The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality."

Dear members – This text is currently in rotation with select quotes that appear in random order on the Member Start Page. I have a fundamental problem with the validity of this quote. Would you please give me your better thoughts in the form of a replacement quote, or justify that this is indeed a great quote that a child can understand as being fundamentally true.

This a contest and the grand prize winner will be announced in one week. Don’t delay, act now and we will send you free of charge, at no risk to you, our gift of appreciation for participating in this "chance of a lifetime," to place your wisdom into public circulation and etched in the NCN archives, we will not call you at home, not valid in some countries, cities, states of mind depending on local jurisdiction, legal precedent, absence of arbitration and other dispute management systems. This event is an equal opportunity contest where anyone can enter, regardless of culture creed, kin, color, sex, age, etc… however, we reserve the right to exclude those who do not have an Internet connection, cannot read English, type, or utilize a computer interface mouse. Just click the "add comment" button and place you entry for the next brilliant quote to greet us when we log into NCN. Regional, National, Personal taxes and other fees have already been paid for by you in advance through your ISP (Internet Service Provider), so there is little financial risk other than the electricity cost while developing and posting submissions. Don’t be shy. Be bold! Enter as many times as you like! Good luck and may the most consciousness win!

Act in the next 24 hours and we will send you an additional bonus gift of unparalleled value!

Brought to you by MMMarkings a subsidiary of MMMark, a sentient organizational alias for the soul dubbed "Mark" at birth, and registered member of NCN since 11/14/2001, © 2002 – all rights reserved – none retained.

Sponsored by NCN – The New Civilization Network – Each Day!  More >

 Conscious Evolution is not a Personal Matter8 comments
category picture17 Feb 2002 @ 01:16
We are gathered here to find communion and go beyond the accomplishments of the past, to correct ourselves and the human systems that have always led to failure. We hunger for a simple center of integrity to operate from with confidence, one that respects diversity and functions equally well for all people everywhere at all times.

When we gather, it should be recognized that unity never happens when contention is present. If we are indeed here to make something better of ourselves as a species, then all words could be issued for our common purpose, removed from our ego-centered conditioning, with compassion and the intention of making a contribution of Love.

Conflict always arrives over matters of personal limitation and not those issues we are supposed to actually be talking about. For me this means taking significant care in thought before posting a message of any kind, mostly because we misperceive each other in haste to be heard. NCN has different sections (hubs) so that talk of different kinds may be restricted from contaminating other areas of the site, so I think we can make better judgements about what we type and where. As we are in the process of learning better skills, mistakes will be made, and they should be forgiven immediately, not be matched with similar negative energy. If we keep our focus during dialogues, we will not be derailed to imagine that we are personally abused when judging a sentence to be insulting. Conscious Evolution is not a matter of personal pride, it is the interest of our common success in health.

Paying attention in a state of openness is how to release our minds from the past, which is our whole basis of reference to things that do not apply now. The constant truths of Love, Freedom, Trust, Responsibility and Beauty are all we need to center ourselves in peace.

This is a time for cleaning, reform, fresh original thoughts, and to gather all the tested wisdom of our ancestors. Then maybe we can get down to work.  More >

picture15 Feb 2002 @ 13:01
This chart shows the universal path of relative success - click "MORE" for larger view.  More >

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