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category picture12 Mar 2002 @ 01:39
I am going to add the following statement to my profile and decided to post it here for those who are not likely to read my profile again:

I make an ongoing effort to read the "Subjects" section and all logs. I do prefer some to others, so it may not be equal treatment. I do not read alarming media news articles. I only leave comments if I feel I have something to add, or if the post moved me in a special way. If I do not post a comment on your log you are not being shunned.

Namasté  More >

 Living It!5 comments
category picture9 Mar 2002 @ 03:49
Philosophy is continued here in broad response to so many comments in my previous log entry. I am inspired and impressed with the discussion that transpired there through your energies. I thank all of you for responding. A toast to jstarrs, who mentions that leading by responsible example is probably the significant way to make change, however this alone is not adequate for the scale of our global problem, nor does it address the need to educate children and the "lost" souls as to how spiritual fulfillment is had. We cannot allow a mere fraction of human controllers to dictate our fate harmfully, so we must stand must decide Bill’s question: "…Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer, The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them?…" This is one reason it would be great to have a polling system.  More >

 What Do We Really Need?19 comments
category picture3 Mar 2002 @ 13:26

I see that humanity needs to do a few things which starts with each of us. My thinking takes me on journeys as to the practical application of making a unity for health, as my motto was posted. Many of us have this basic mode of conduct, yet we need lots more practice at reforming ourselves to be consistent models of better living. Humanity will be served if we can concentrate on the following items. They are conceived always with the idea that the content will be good for everyone at all times, non-secular, healthy, and not critical of existing groups of people. These are not edicts, they are imperatives to having a future of quality.

1] Forming Universal Philosophy – generic understanding of life in the Cosmos and on Earth. Without this we will always argue.

2] Forming Universal Education in "Humanology" – a generic system of education that does not attempt to control of contrive useless performance from students, knowing that learning never stops. Without this we will always be ill.

3] Forming Universal Society – for the lack of better description, a democratic organization of folks to manage the planet’s resources which in turn supplies sustenance, energy, infrastructure, and self regulation. This not like any model on the Earth at this time since governments are in the business of control for selfish purpose. Without this we will always be disorganized and kill ourselves.

4] Forming Universal Ecologiconomy – economic principle tied to a viable ecology where conservation is maximized and waste eliminated that is not biodegradable, and as in the meaning of the word "economic," humanity refrains from business activity without deep significance to a healthy world. The Earth can supply or needs, but not our excesses. Without this we will go completely broke.

These are the Big Four with very much the same priority. They are general and non-restrictive, but they are absolutely necessary. The word Universal is what defines them in integrity and application. This is our challenge; to adapt ourselves to a Universally successful way of living.

I have posted lengthy consciousness about these things in the "Subjects" section of NCN and continue writing my book on "The Root Of All Goodness." I want to cut to the chase and focus on those things that will turn humanity around. Perhaps I have omitted something, but these are the main categories that I can tell. This is "prime directive" stuff, not matters of opinion or personal preference. We cannot be protective of selfishness that interferes with accomplishing these missions, and yet the only reduction in freedom is the ability to choice things associated with death. If we could go back in time 1000 tears there might be more options, yet we arrive here with less choices, knowing that if we do not anticipate these needs we will have to do this following cataclysmic events and suffering not yet witnessed.

We have the knowledge and capability to make number 1, but the remaining three have no "Visible" model, so I would caution against any comments that use the present day affairs as being relevant to solution. This consciousness lies outside the box.

My notion of NCN is to facilitate members and their associated groups to work interdependently to these contexts of mission, which makes them community concerns, for which should be made visible public interface and methods of public participation.

Till next we post – "Happy Trails To You."  More >

 Gift Of Rejection17 comments
category picture2 Mar 2002 @ 09:30

I have much to learn and thank those who cared to comment on my last post.

It is my humble opinion that the use and purpose of NCN are not described with adequate respect for every member or potential member, for young and old, for peaceful understanding of its potential. It is mostly for this lack of visible courtesy that we have argumentative conflict in these halls, which is wasteful, pointless and needless to any outcome of health. In addition, there are administrative writings in direct conflict with the description on the home page that further incites the riot. I am not pleased with the resulting negative experiences that have wounded so many members, or all the energy I spent soothing their souls on and off line.

"- linking the people who change the world –"

This is the message I hear, loud and clear here. It is wonderfully and completely benign.

There are an infinite number of ways to fix the many problems on this site and many good suggestions have been made, yet there is no possibility for reform of the Community Space in selfish interest. Private, exclusive and inclusive groups of any kind are fine, but they are not substitutes for protecting our mutual freedom, or leading with a loving heart. To deny this, hide it, maintain prejudice, or pretend that one does not need to have it, is precisely why we are gathered.

In this profound lesson I finally know how to conduct myself here. I apologize if any of my writing has been offensive as it was never my intent to do so and please disregard my philosophical words. It was inappropriate for me to post them in ignorance of the need to preserve community nebulosity.  More >

 Gift Of Constituents8 comments
category picture28 Feb 2002 @ 01:38
Dear Ming, Flemming and Affectionately, Mister Ranger:

It is inevitable that I must thank for all this amusement here at the New Civilization Network park, and I am sure that many members stand beside me when I say, a deep, warm, fuzzy – "Thank You" – from the bottom of our hearts!

As one of your recruits, I entered here gratefully, to expand my knowledge and intimacy with the science of Conscious Evolution, so that I may be an asset to those I meet, that I will be wise enough to be worthy of trust and be embraced when I am hurting. And so I have been – magnificently! Not just a few times, not just by you. It feels so slowly and excruciatingly good against the otherwise unconscious fray, that blinding place, created when we cannot recognize Our God in any other thing. The lack of confidence in our ability, the strutting of our egos; Negativity wearing away our hopes in the irrelevance of worthy paradox and the fears of what might be, usher in the darkness where we now collide.

In reaction to these tussles, I went hunting my archive of healthy conscious principles and discovered these right where I thought I filed them. I posted them to quell din of pain and to draw us back to center. I re-read them when viewing a members comment and considered them quite good as ethical goals for unified investment and reward. I am proud of them. As one of my dear friends remarked, we cannot share something if we don’t say what it is.

In everything I now know and my respect for achieving our dreams before I leave the body, I present these sentient convictions to you and this community you built, to be placed in clear view, where we will see them every time we log and click. The point size should be healthy I think, and warm to the newcomers and veterans alike.




If there is one (1) member who feels they are incompatible with this creed, then let them make a protest here below for the last time. No one must agree with these goals and they will not take away any freedom, but they will remind us that its spiritual fulfillment we seek.

I invite any web designers who feel passionately about the power of these three objectives, to create a new Flash presentation for the portal, the index.html, the ‘home’ page, the front door of our civilization and light it with this warm greeting. I begin as a team of one – who else will make this possible?

At Your Service > > > Mark  More >

 The Inevitable10 comments
category picture27 Feb 2002 @ 21:42
One of our beloved members made the statement, "I think that conflict is inevitable..." She was referring to what is likely to happen among people and I do agree that it is more than likely during these times. If I examine this truthful wisdom against our desire for a peaceful society, I stop to consider if conflict is indeed "inevitable." Will it always be inevitable?

Is there anyone here on NCN that deliberately looks for conflict? Is there a hunger for it? Is conflict generated between people for some type of just reward? Does argument bring us any closer to social harmony, sisterhood, brotherhood, or peace? I don’t think so. There may be many definitions or descriptions of the reasons we make conflicts, yet our most important task is to find a way to end them, as many of them as possible, as often as possible.

Martin Luther King talked often about this barrier to peaceful coexistence, his words have been posted recently in the log of the Silvergryffin’s as "MLK." Did we understand what we read, "…violence multiplies violence…?" It is the same as saying criticism multiples criticism and judgment multiples judgment. Simpleman says clearly and repeatedly that this will not do. Andy Lehman posted, "And now, ladies and gentlemen, a bit of brutal honesty," a wonderful log about responsible thinking and behavior. I too have posted many items on NCN for the express purpose of holding up models of excellence for us to follow, but they seem not to affect our ability to change old abusive patterns. Our writing goes far beyond forcing everyone to agree, as though many act like we would suffer for it, as an offering of love to this community and the global one, to head in the right direction: To confine our use of freedom to the loving sort alone.

It has been discouraging and demoralizing to be having these argumentative and hurtful experiences. I’m embarrassed in front of the new member I invited here. We are lacking tact, finesse, sincerity and honesty when it counts the most – when we are squeezed. Are we being actually pressured, or do we perceive it that way? I could use many expletives now to bolster my emotional distress, but I will refrain from perpetuating that type of thing as my tolerance will endure. I know this is not a personal contest and therefore I would ask please: that YOU do NOT write things on this site that are not intended to have a specific constructive purpose. Anything else will not serve any of our needs at any time. If you don’t have something nice to say – don’t! Show some humility as though we might learn, as though we think seriously about what others tell us. Be helpful, don’t be a critic. Think "community" at all times. Throw your chest out with pride and say we stand for something good – then be that goodness.

If you are confused or feel you are offended, stop pushing your agenda and ask the other person for clarification. Ask for a "time-out." Explain that something occurred which made you feel awkward and why with kindness. Ask them kindly not to do that anymore because it upsets you. It can be that simple.

Now, if we enter these hallowed virtual spaces with the expectation that conflict is inevitable, I would guarantee that we will be correct, confirmed in our mindset, we will be "right!" Okay then, aren’t we smart? Aren’t we all losers? My explanation of this inevitability is due to our believing, with immovable conviction, that people will fight. People always have the potential to fight, but it is not a given fact of life that we must. The first step out of this darkness is to believe with absolute clarity that conflict is NOT inevitable! By doing so we will stop the cycles of human-to-human abuse where it starts in the mind, and we will become walking examples of faith in our genetic capacity for goodness. Pretty soon we might even be able to make the claim that Loving is Inevitable.

The world will be saved by individuals of integrity freely joining. --Buckminster Fuller
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 How To Change?3 comments
category picture27 Feb 2002 @ 00:26
I would like to explore the following question: How does a person mentally accommodate the ability to change and evolve the self?

The challenges I find in having peaceful relationships with others and most specifically with a spouse, I have come upon the notion that most of my time is spent arguing over things of little substance, because we are more focused on differences and than we are on the topic. Many, including myself, have been predisposed to play devil’s advocate, to be contrary in some way, or to prove how smart we are. This barrier can be identified as thought, but it is more accurately attributed to the engrams of mind, those automatic, unconscious type of responses that we rarely notice. Anger is one of them, quite silly really, immature and a total self indulgent fabrication. These engrams trigger so quickly we don’t sense them, but we sure focus on the sense of the result. These illnesses are obstacles for your relationships to negotiate when they try to help you, and make a shell that is very difficult to see beyond.  More >

 Different Worlds Continued10 comments
category picture26 Feb 2002 @ 13:47

Ming thank you for maintaining this thread of topic because it needs to be ironed out. At the same time I would mention the benefit of using some other part of NCN to discuss "heavy" subjects like this to keep the logs less encumbered, but that is another topic for another time.

When has anyone argued that there are not different viewpoints? But different viewpoints do not change Cosmic reality in any fundamental way. What Ming described is how freedom of will functions in a constant reality that supports life well enough for sentient beings to exercise diversity of consciousness. That does not change truth, consciousness is a truth in itself. Thoughts are real, "imagination is real." Our thoughts affect our actions and so we evolve ourselves slowly, modifying the species and our environment according to personal philosophy.  More >

 Street Surfer3 comments
picture26 Feb 2002 @ 00:44
There is a homeless man who lives in my central neighborhood of Pasadena California. I have seen him at different times of day within a ten-block radius of my humble two-story rental that sits on a zoning border of the commercial versus residential divide. Unlike some others without abode, he looks healthy, rosie cheeks hidden by a partial mask of pure white hair, looking like a seafarer of old world adventure, tough, vibrant, battered, specially when accented by his ‘captains" hat with the scrambled eggs and anchor on the front. This is an affluent American community with an entire cross-section of people that I would label as being coexistently normal. It has its share of charitable souls who part with paper money often, for fear of what it might be like to live without a home, to support many street surfers here in the waves of San Gabriel foothills. I use to give cash when I had some, but then I saw a beggar with a cell phone on his regular corner and decided charity is a bottomless pit too expensive for a guy like me without a cell phone. Pasadena is a good place to be outdoors all year, yet this is a desert and it can get bitter to the bone when dry AND cold.

He moved in next door four weeks ago donning his two shopping carts blue waist jacket and white shorts – I’d swear he just walked off his 150 foot yacht – moved to spend weekends with us in the next door parking lot. Because that business is closed on Saturday day and Sunday it affords him some privacy from accommodations during the rest of the week. The area is fenced and he picks the northwest corner to make his regular camp. The first time I saw his caravan, it bothered me for no specific reason other than a selfish concern for the general quality of residents on our street. I decided there was no need to report him to the police, just take a live, let live position. My wife and I have speculated about this man’s habits since her work room has clear view of his temporary estate, so we gossiped, I admit. She mentioned seeing a visitor he had over one day, so all seemed like a happy slice of life. I was neutral in my notions until I heard him yelling short bursts of expletives at 3:12 am, as though he were confronting someone in verbal battle. It was incoherent to me, like he was dreaming the release of caged emotional stress, disjointed, two sets of cries and then the night was silent again. When I heard another staccato outburst of insulting labels in the wee hours last night, while having my 45 minute cigarette, I was seriously concerned about the sailor’s well being and worried that he might wake the row of apartment dwellers sleeping 80 feet away. It was cold out. I began to look inward, deep into an infinite coil of my senses, asking myself the right thing to do.

Stay and let me tell you what this turtle-man means to me. He has become in my eyes the mariner of a less encumbered life, free to move about, staying in the moment for a can or glass, one more courageous than I, but a symbol of every breakdown in our humanity – beginning with mine. I could not bring myself to approach the elderly man for fear of being rebuffed in the attempt to show some connection. Unpredictability. What would I say? – Are you alright? Would you like a cup of coffee, a shower, one of my cigarettes, a taste of bourbon? I had to come up with something better than that! I still have not been able to decide about this kind of situation I have no experience with. I don’t want to insult him or disrespect his privacy in the sanctity of his asphalt retreat, but I knew at heart that I should be able to love him just the same. It then occurred to mind, that my apprehension is exactly representative of the barriers we erect between ourselves for foolish reasons and the same ones to cause the type of disconnection that cast him into street life. I have speculated about the events that brought him here, but think it is of no relevance now. I should not assume he is in a bad way, but his pain comes forth to draw me into a compassionate reflection. I wish I had his fortitude, the guts to shuck the shackles of middle class excess, but I would wither without my computer and my link to all of you. Like Kay Simmons talked about getting rid of all the junk she’d never use, I have emptied closets for the Salvation Army and tallied all the useless electronic parts and software I feared would fill the dump. However, in this cleansing I now have a hungry space to fill in my soul, to do more than protect number one, to pour in the sustenance that leads to good will, and invest it in all those relatives of mine like this survivor in our community.  More >

 My Plot11 comments
category picture25 Feb 2002 @ 05:54
Ok members, I’m going to resonate on a slightly different frequency in this post to see if it makes a connection with others here. I have been engaging this wonderful den of Zen mostly on a philosophical level because to me that is our first mission: To find a mutual basis for living successfully that serves everyone equally well, and something I believe that represents a huge gap in our ability to bridge the next stage, being a community of action! Yes, that is what I want! In all ways that can happen, in groups of any scale.

It is the thing I hear most going on all over the world and very much right here @ NCN. We are a frustrated set of people who care, but can’t figure out how to make a bigger commitment to action as mentioned in the log of the Silver Gryffin’s. Not personal action of personal motive, but group action of community motive. So here is my short biographic script.

Since graduating Art Center College of design in 1985, I have worked without a proper break on running my own graphic design and illustration business and juggling expenses, only to be in a regular state of some financial debt. It cost me two meaningful relationships and I now pay child support, I lost a self proclaimed friend and lots of my money helping him as a fellow artist to launch his career for 10 years. My entire family of 6 was completely dysfunctional among itself to face any relationship problem, or health issue. I was reunited with my high school girl friend after 28 years of separation without a word exchanged and we wrote a book about it, which we failed to publish so far. My father conveniently happened by with a contract proposal to illustrate 48 books, perfect timing, we had some fun, but the job ended six months after my sister died, only completing 32. We made some good money but the job was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. The clients put us through hell creatively speaking because didn’t know what they were doing, and I learned that my father never pays his bills on time anymore, mine included. August 2000 ended a 15 year crunch and I was fried pretty good – trust me - it damaged of my health in every way, but not critically so.

It was time to place my interests first for a change, so I leisurely started writing a book I outlined in 1998 titled: The Root Of All Goodness: Lovesense for Human Reform. I started filling pages in earnest one year ago because some consciousness was emerging as to why I was having all these tests of character. I was ripping right along when I discovered this book included references to everything & ‘the kitchen sink,’ and was beginning to feel overwhelming with it’s scope after working on it for 6 months. At the same time I was looking for all the examples of new civilization and joined FCE in Santa Barbara. It has the potential to be at least three good size books, but I felt indecisive about how to limit it and stopped to think it over.

The stock market was falling, I was losing money, so I had to begin my new income earning business as a children’s book author. My partner and I worked on this for 3 months, writing and illustrating to finally send the proposal out to 6 publishers on October 18, 2001. No word yet except for three rejections. Flemming invites me to NCN and I get hooked on the potential that NCN has to offer, since in was the only interactive CE community I could find online. The site is covered with lots of great ideas, so I thought I finally get to build relationships with people who won’t argue and fight over trivial matters because they are joined in central purpose. Besides doing all the other usual life sustaining things, I have been writing for NCN and for my book, by testing concepts with y’all, trying to get some things happening with the idea that my input would help enhance our progress.

I consider myself a diligent worker, but I have yet to find partners who share my passions enough to make a long-term commitment do something new. You all know the rest of the story because you’ve been here with me. What ever is stopping us from leaving our self-centered minds, it needs to change fast.

I want to make a direct and personal appeal for help with several of my projects.

I am currently helping one member publish her first book about victory over cancer, so that one is covered for the moment and we do have others supporting the effort with encouraging words.

Calling all advertisers and small business owners! I will offer my creative services at a discounted rate for the development of business advertising, posters, book covers, corporate identity and web graphics.

Calling all Publishers of Juvenile material! I need to secure a publishing contract for an ongoing series of Conscious Evolution Books for Children, you can see everything accomplished so far on [link] Most importantly, I would like to start a relationship with a company that appreciates our movement for a healthy society of people.

Calling all Editors and Publishers of the new consciousness movement. I really need some professional advice on how to turn "The Root Of All Goodness" into a hot commercial success about better living practices. Perhaps there are literary agents here on NCN who could advise?

Calling retailers! My partner and I starting a line of fabric collages and other types of CE artwork of various scales to decorate and which resonate with the meanings of our movement.

Calling all Software Programmers, Web Designers, Sound Designers, Flash Designers, Graphic Designers, Attorneys with experience in community law, constitutional law, corporate law and Philanthropists with money to offer. I wish to develop NCN, or a new sister site, to provide the development of various democratic web softwares, which can be used immediately to profile all our desires in consensus, to offer petitions for worthy social causes, to vote for supporting ideas - not ruling – and most importantly to publicize our success as a voice standing to balance to the prevailing destructive wind. There’s plenty more to add.

So this is what I have been trying to do - and this is the help I think I need now. Down & Dirty, hope there aren’t too many typos. I’m putting all my bacon on the line here. I would be extremely grateful to hear some serious responses and specifically those which have positive energy to support accomplishing these goals. Do I have any takers? Please help me. Please help a starving artist today.  More >

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This is the place to talk about positivity and how to make things work cocreatively. How we can make things work? I want to know.

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