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 Relationships11 comments
category picture4 Jun 2002 @ 02:13
Dear Chums . . .

I thought I would get your response to this idea:

If we share in the investment, don't we then share in the rewards?

This is a question of mutual concern that is the practical and actual basis upon which unity is achieved, and it works without distortion on any scale.

If we share the responsibility, then there is rarely an opportunity for conflict or disappointment. Worst case scenario - we suffer and learn together - then quickly decide not to do that shit again! Obviously the incentive to create the most bliss is omnipresent.

The prevalent paradigm has us acting independently with hopes that the divergence will magically overlap to produce harmony in Love. Rather ironic considering how much un-loving we do along the way, maybe moronic is a better description.

Any method of social engagement cannot work when it becomes exclusive in any way, as it will be too disconnected from the reality of a very diverse species to serve itself fairly.

I believe that relationships succeed unconditionally when partners place the union first in all decisions and those discussions are measured by a simple principle - whether the outcome of one's choice will be responsible for the healthy good of everyone. That means we will all be looking out for the health of our associates and partners, in love, business and in politics all the time. My mission in life is to see to it that I help everyone get what they need and want within the realm kindness.

Now I knew most of this by the time I was 6 or 7 years of age, but certainly by age 14. Didn't you? Children are generally better models of spiritually connected people than most adults, so I am trying to recharge my innocence in hope for the awesome potential we fritter away most of the time. I think we should hold Namasté in our hearts at all times - that we respect other's rights to build true spiritual success - and as you know, I don't use the word "spiritual" in a way that would indicate a limit on the where, when, why, how, or how much.

Well, that's my pitch for standard human operating procedure. Show me where there's conflict in humanhood? Come to think of it, I am beginning to detest limiting gender distinctions in words like brotherhood and sisterhood. Is humanhood even a word? How do you talk about the whole hood anyway? Globalhood doesn't sound very personal, even though that's where I come from.

> > > Mark  More >

 Thanks For Telling Me0 comments
category picture16 May 2002 @ 04:02
I write this post as a general thanks to everyone who participated in giving me some feedback about the way I communicate. The wonderful thing about the comments is that they are responsible and placed with sincerity of forethought, the type of energy I would like to see happen all the time. Sorry it has taken me some time to follow up, but I have been working on a job that took a week of my time and didn’t allow me to respond sooner.

It has always been my goal to inspire us to work together and to be in the process of evolving responsibly. I found that when I write about what I want selfishly, that turns many people off for the obvious reason that it creates the impression that I am not concerned about you. I am worried about all of us and so I have confined my dialogues to issues of common principle and challenge to be successful as a species beginning here on NCN. Seeing that this is one of the themes brought to my attention, I will work harder to avoid generating that impression with readers. I do want to add, that regardless of how much care I put into my posts, I frequently get comments that having nothing to do with the post, or ideas that would advance the quality of our relationship. There always seems to be someone who wants to moan and groan – you can please some of the people… and so forth. I have never been preaching, or lecturing in my intent, but hoped that most would see the essence of my investment before telling me how I have failed, and add to the discussions of post. Like everyone else I need encouragement.

Some have suggested that I write about my experiences, yet this is not of much interest to me relative to global reform. I have never been much at telling stories. If I can develop that ability and add it to my calls for common decency and Love, then perhaps my direct approach will be softened.

I started off as a new member with the impression that we could evolve the site and develop an active community of participants, initially writing with that false notion of what NCN is intended to be. Over the past seven months I have tried different approaches to my posts in an effort to improve my skills and now adapt to your feedback.

Spiritual Kisses and Happy Evolving To All Of You > > > Mark

PS > My time here is going to be more limited than ever before because I need to develop my businesses, so please don’t assume something is wrong when I don’t show with any regularity.

 Tell Me About Me19 comments
category picture12 May 2002 @ 23:53
I am going to take a chance with all of you active Log Posters and Commentors. I really think it is a privilege to have our logs with these features and so I will try another use for mine.

It is my intention here to write my best to you all. Sometimes I am tired after spending too many hours awake and yet I maintain a child’s desire to never sleep for all there is to experience. I am a direct person and hope I do not appear to be an abusive one. However, obviously some of you have a certain amount of discomfort for my enthusiastic desire to talk about Us. I haven’t beat my own drum, because I have no self interest in the energy I place on these pages. "Conscious Evolution is not a personal thing, it’s a universal thing. New Civilization drops the "me, me, me," and replaces it with concerns of We, We, We. I do not enjoy getting attacked or insulted for all the obvious reasons, but even more importantly I think it is something we should avoid doing at almost any cost. If we want to work together then we are not going to distract ourselves from the mission at hand.

With this post I invite all criticisms for all the things I have written on NCN, for the purpose of learning just what it is that I do to rub You the wrong way.

Please avoid saying nice thing to balance your presentation, just say what I do that is irritating, or makes You uncomfortable with me.

Please be constructive and clear as possible so I can better myself for the experience.

Please do not leave insults, but if you feel You must, I suspend my right to claim any violation of the newly formed NCN Conduct Rules.

Please tell it like it is. Fire away!  More >

 Maintaining Personal Center22 comments
category picture9 May 2002 @ 22:46
With this post I am maintaining a connection between my friends, New Civilization Network (NCN) and The Foundation For Conscious Evolution (FCE), to extend the mass of the Conscious Evolution Network. It is inspired by Barry Soble and others who now probe for solutions to one of the most fundamental and common challenges of the human brain.

What is personal center? It would appear to be a set of beliefs that keep us on a course to spiritual fulfillment regardless of the tests and adversity that we will probably come in contact with. The difficulty seems to arrive when we do not know how to fashion our actions to support those beliefs. Hopefully we have a morally grounded and Loving center, but that does not give us the experience or model for overcoming conflict peacefully, or knowledge for unusual circumstances. It seems to be the every day relationships that test us most. I will mention that we have plenty of knowledge to form healthy goals and reference The 19 Co-Creator’s Agreements posted on the FCE Gateway in Portal 5, Module 9, which also I posted previously in my log on NCN.  More >

 The 19 Co-Creator’s Agreements3 comments
category picture8 May 2002 @ 01:30
I am posting the following text taken from The Co-Creator’s Handbook, originally adapted from the Geneva Group Agreements, Boulder, Colorado 1985, which was placed as a PDF file on the FCE Gateway to Conscious Evolution as is copy written
©2001 by the Foundation For Conscious Evolution. I hope that I am not doing anything to violate the law, or good taste, by posting it as inspiration for the basis of community cooperation, which a group of people wrote together. There is nothing sacred about them specifically, or the order in which they are presented, but they do offer a well rounded description of the intent to form cocreative relationships among two or more people – a model for our performance in harmony. I would like to see these inspirational thoughts of conduct simplified, or at least condensed to be more easily remembered. They all really talk about being responsible to ourselves and the whole group, but cover more than the obvious.  More >

 Letter to Barry Soble of FCE1 comment
category picture7 May 2002 @ 15:09
Dear Barry and the Conscious Evolution Network < < <

You have written one of the most vital and essential communications I have seen come across the network in some time. It is thoughtful, brilliant and makes our challenge quite clear for those willing to pay attention. I would like to add some comments that may inspire us to move forward to achieving this very important objective to becoming connected.

"What would a Community look like if it acknowledged separation when it was occurring and was committed to a practice of reinforcing connection?" The answer appears simple to me. It would be a community that takes responsibility for itself and the well being of its constituents.

The second question indicates that we are relying on the ‘establishment’ to address our needs. I do not believe this will ever happen because it is not conceived or run with a responsible frame of objectives. We are our own salvation.

The "old-style" of thinking is a legacy that has conditioned us to think and act in ways that separate the relationship of all things Cosmic. From our education, specialized fields of study and the false concept of ownership, humanity has divided everything into categories without a unified field of understanding – the synergistic one – the interdependent one. Your call for Community Connection is related directly to the natural necessity for tolerant coexistence with all things, which we as a species must adopt or perish in a degenerating spiral of illness. Although we know what is basically loving and wholesome, we must overcome the barriers and stigma of the past to establish civilization.

Your "new-style" words move me deeply to that daily challenge, knowing that we cannot blow someone off for any reason without risking further divisions among people. Indeed, every time we make the selfish choice, it pretends to be an immediate solution, or an escape from the root cause of social disease in one form or another. I pray that this dialogue does not die and that we work diligently to grow this network of people and expand the technology for the purpose of connecting the community of cocreatives where ever they are found.

I live in Pasadena, California, a community far enough away from Santa Barbara, that it is not practical for me to participate physically in SB, so I have been hoping to form a web based connection that can monitor our activity and encourage participation on a larger scale. Perhaps some of you have read some of my messages about this subject. Obviously there are other groups online and in other places around the world. If we can join this resonance and abundance of benevolent intention, we will build a politically potent group to affect change outside the currently damaged systems which wage war and do not empower citizens to exercise their power responsibly. This goes beyond our personal challenge to live a loving path of connection and strives to correct the source of those problems that may cause us to slip off center.

This email connection came from the early efforts of an FCE member and remains a powerful tool, yet to be fully realized, yet to be improved from its humble beginning. In my contemplation of our dilemma, it seems intuitive that we need to adopt a unifying theme and exercise the community to grow togetherness. We do not have lots of wisdom, models, or technologies to assist us in the pursuit, but I see that we are fully capable of discovering how to evolve consciously.

I make myself available for employment, consultation, writing, brainstorming, graphic design, and any other creative activity that will bring us closer together. At the same time I am anxious to hear from others who are willing to bring their talents and resources to bear in constructing The Conscious Evolution Network.

Barry, thank you from the bottom of my heart… I am with you…

Namasté > > > Mark  More >

 Stop The Damn Dam @ BioGems0 comments
category picture4 May 2002 @ 20:00
This link will take you to the BioGems Page to protest the Macal Dam Project.


Click on the "Stop The Dam" button on the upper right of the web page to sign the petition.

"Nestled in Belize's Chiquibul Forest Reserve and National Park, the tropical rainforest valley of the Macal River stands as one of the most significant wildlife habitats in Central America -- a fertile floodplain teeming with Morelet's crocodiles, tapirs, jaguars, and a rare subspecies of scarlet macaw. Without this wild place, many of these species could become extinct."

 ActForChange - A Call to action1 comment
category picture2 May 2002 @ 23:09
Here is a link from my friend Wendy for a petition to protect our water supply. Please take a few minutes and add your voice of concern.


Don't Dump Waste in Our Waters

Contributed by Clean Water Network

The Bush administration is very close to finalizing a change to Clean Water Act rules that would modify the Army Corps of Engineers' definition of ''fill'' material and allow industries to dump waste materials into our nation's waters, destroying many streams, rivers, lakes, and wetlands.

The rule change is motivated by the Bush administration's desire to promote mountaintop removal coal mining, where coal companies blow the tops off of mountains to reach seams of coal, then dump millions of tons of waste into nearby streams, burying them and killing all the animals and plants that live there. The new regulation would also allow hardrock mining operations and other industries to bury waters with their wastes.

In October 1999 a federal court found that this practice violated the Clean Water Act and the stream protection provisions of the federal surface mining law. Now, the Army Corps of Engineers and US EPA are trying to change the rules in order to legalize this waste dumping.

Two years ago, the Corps' and EPA made a similar proposal, but after receiving over 17,000 public comments protesting against allowing waste dumps in our waters, the Clinton administration dropped the proposal to change the Clean Water Act rule. Now, the Bush administration is planning to make this change in the rule without even giving the public any notice that this policy is back under consideration. By doing this, the Bush administration is ignoring the purpose of the Clean Water Act -- to protect the integrity of our nation's waters -- and ignoring the thousands of citizens that have already spoken out against this proposal.

Call to action

Urge the President to uphold the Clean Water Act's goal of protecting our nation's waters and stop the rule change that would permit waste dumps in our streams, rivers, lakes, and wetlands.  More >

 Divisions & Subdivisions9 comments
category picture25 Apr 2002 @ 13:21
As far as I can tell social evolution has involved quite dominantly the dividing of the Cosmos into specialized fields of learning without direct unified association. This may not have been intentional, but in has been a process of fragmenting a single thing into a bunch of parts for which we are just starting to look at holistically. At the same time we have divided the Earth into little tiny pieces as though we could own them, or sell them. This unhealthy and ignorant way of doing life has cost us dearly, for we have been misdirected, misinformed and hurt by further adoption and propagation of such disassociations, and disconnectioned selfish interest. We must remember that humanity makes living tougher for itself than necessary and does so through irresponsible actions. I want us to reverse this trend, to break away from unsuccessful methods of thought and action.

I choose this title specifically because of what I observe here at NCN as a cross-section of the bigger world, which contrary to what we thought NCN was about, has not stopped us from using old and ineffective thinking a behavior to cure itself. That is impossible! We cannot enter these cyberhalls bringing disease and negativity with us and expect a different result than the type we have already manufactured outside. I want to relate this specifically to our intolerant, unloving, suspicious, fearful and most of all, selfish approach to building a cohesive community anywhere. This is not an insult to you the reader. It is to draw attention to the phenomenon and failure to maintain loving center under various conditions.  More >

 Dear Sharie - Peace9 comments
category picture23 Apr 2002 @ 18:38
Dear Shaire:

I am sorry that you misunderstood what I wrote and I am sorry that I didn’t use softer words that you would appreciate. I feel badly that so much fury has been manufactured over my comment in your log, so I make this last attempt to make a friendship in the pursuit of truth. I assumed you knew my motives on NCN and elsewhere are designed to make a difference in the global quality of life. I have no personal motive for posting or commenting anything on NCN, because my ego is irrelevant to the concerns of global harmony and well being. I will not place my personal needs ahead of the needs of humanity as a group and contend that "the needs of the many are the needs on the one."  More >

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