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picture3 Oct 2008 @ 02:43, by Mark Smollin

Why do you get up in the morning? What is the purpose of going to work everyday, pursuing a mate, and having children? Is it to grab greedily for every morsel of Earthly spoils, without regard for anything, or anyone else?

We lack understanding for the concept of co-existence and the intelligence to align our behavior to a Universal Purpose harmonious with Nature.

If you claim alliance to any nation or any subset of specialists, you are still an Earthling first and foremost, and our collective participation adds up to the quality of life we now experience. Are you satisfied with the way things are? Do you think within the confines of humanities artificial and unsustainable systems? What do you revere?

With a common objective and understanding the interdependence of all things, we might have a payer. There is only one question to ask when making any decision, or taking action, in any human context be it private or political = Is this a healthy thing to do? Your heart always knows the answer.

It is our shared responsibility to codiscover and cocreate a healthy society.

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