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16 May 2002 @ 04:02, by Mark Smollin

I write this post as a general thanks to everyone who participated in giving me some feedback about the way I communicate. The wonderful thing about the comments is that they are responsible and placed with sincerity of forethought, the type of energy I would like to see happen all the time. Sorry it has taken me some time to follow up, but I have been working on a job that took a week of my time and didn’t allow me to respond sooner.

It has always been my goal to inspire us to work together and to be in the process of evolving responsibly. I found that when I write about what I want selfishly, that turns many people off for the obvious reason that it creates the impression that I am not concerned about you. I am worried about all of us and so I have confined my dialogues to issues of common principle and challenge to be successful as a species beginning here on NCN. Seeing that this is one of the themes brought to my attention, I will work harder to avoid generating that impression with readers. I do want to add, that regardless of how much care I put into my posts, I frequently get comments that having nothing to do with the post, or ideas that would advance the quality of our relationship. There always seems to be someone who wants to moan and groan – you can please some of the people… and so forth. I have never been preaching, or lecturing in my intent, but hoped that most would see the essence of my investment before telling me how I have failed, and add to the discussions of post. Like everyone else I need encouragement.

Some have suggested that I write about my experiences, yet this is not of much interest to me relative to global reform. I have never been much at telling stories. If I can develop that ability and add it to my calls for common decency and Love, then perhaps my direct approach will be softened.

I started off as a new member with the impression that we could evolve the site and develop an active community of participants, initially writing with that false notion of what NCN is intended to be. Over the past seven months I have tried different approaches to my posts in an effort to improve my skills and now adapt to your feedback.

Spiritual Kisses and Happy Evolving To All Of You > > > Mark

PS > My time here is going to be more limited than ever before because I need to develop my businesses, so please don’t assume something is wrong when I don’t show with any regularity.

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