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16 Apr 2002 @ 23:03, by Mark Smollin

Dear NRDC BioGems Defender,

The moment of truth has arrived for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The U.S. Senate is likely to vote as early as Thursday on an amendment to open America's greatest sanctuary for Arctic animals to oil development and sprawling industrialization. Even if you have sent a message to your senators about this issue before, new developments make it critical that you do so again right now by going to [link]

Our defense of the Arctic Refuge is hanging by a slender thread -- a mere handful of senators who are likely but not certain to vote with us. As the critical vote nears, the pro-oil lobby is resorting to increasingly cynical schemes to lure these "swing" senators to their side. Drilling proponents have offered to guarantee healthcare benefits for unemployed steelworkers in return for opening the refuge to oil development. They have offered to guarantee a supply of oil to Israel. More eleventh-hour ploys are sure to follow today and tomorrow. It is an insult to the American people to tie such issues to the fate of the Arctic Refuge. Providing for steelworkers and promoting peace in the Middle East should not depend on destroying our greatest remaining wilderness.

These attempts to cut backroom deals that will sell out the refuge are especially repugnant because the Senate has already voted AGAINST an amendment that would have improved fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks. That single measure alone would have saved far more oil than the Arctic Refuge could ever produce. But pro-oil senators would rather sacrifice America's premier wildlife refuge so that oil giants can sell even more oil that can then be wasted in the world's most inefficient gas-guzzling vehicles. This is special-interest politics at its absolute, public-be-damned worst. It can only be countered by millions of pro-environment messages from people like you and me.

Please do your part by contacting your two senators immediately. If you want to have the greatest possible impact, then **pick up the phone right now** and call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121. Speak to your senators' staff and ask them to tell your senators to oppose any amendment that would allow oil exploration or development in the Arctic Refuge. It will take you only about 3 minutes, but will make a big impression.

If you have less than 3 minutes or you're not within reach of a phone, then go to [link] and send an electronic fax or email (and please take a few seconds to personalize the sample message by adding your own thoughts about why preserving the Arctic Refuge is important to you).

However you choose to contact your senators, *please do it instantly.* This may be our last, best chance to stop the oil giants from plundering America's irreplaceable sanctuary for polar bears, white wolves, and 130,000 caribou.

And thank you, as always, for your continued support of NRDC.


John H. Adams President Natural Resources Defense Council


BioGems: Saving Endangered Wild Places A project of the Natural Resources Defense Council [link]

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17 Apr 2002 @ 01:16 by tdeane : Great Post, Mark!
Thanks for posting this, Mark! This was the first email I saw in my box this morning, and I immediately sent the letter from the site. There are some really awesome beings protected in the Artic. Interesting note about Polar Bears: When photographed by infrared photography, all that appears on the film are the eyes, surrounded by a ghost-like image. Much love ~ Tricia  

17 Apr 2002 @ 05:57 by invictus : I like polar bears...
...and they're so heat efficient! :) Good post Mark. I sent the e-mail.  

17 Apr 2002 @ 06:48 by jstarrs : Got it, Mark..
Later feedback : received this answer back:
"Dear Jeff,

Thanks so much for sending a message to protest proposed legislation
that would open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to destructive
oil drilling. There is nothing patriotic about destroying our
nation's premier wildlife sanctuary for the sake of a 180-day
supply of oil, especially when we could save many times that simply
by making our cars more fuel efficient.

The Arctic Refuge is a wilderness like no other. Its vast, untouched
majestic stillness and grandeur are found practically nowhere
else on earth. But it's going to take a huge collective effort
by concerned people like you to make sure this critical birthing
ground for Arctic wildlife is not exploited and destroyed on the
pretext of energy security. I deeply appreciate your taking the
time to make your voice heard in defense of the irreplaceable
Arctic Refuge and in favor of a more sustainable energy future.


Chuck Clusen
Director of Alaska Projects
Natural Resources Defense Council"  

18 Apr 2002 @ 04:36 by tdeane : And They Do Get There!
Just wanted to say that we received an acknowledgement from our senator the same day we sent our letters from the site.:-) Much love ~ Tricia  

18 Apr 2002 @ 06:35 by martha : the power of the internet
NRDC was brought to my attention several months ago when Patricia Sun mentioned it on her show. The site is a fine example of the power we possess to change the world. This is why the internet is so powerful. Once people can fully grasp this ability we have at our finger tips a chance to make a true democracy in this country and fight the corpocracy that presently exists.

Ps- For those of you who haven't heard Patrica Sun on Wisdom radio be warned that she is only going to be on until May 11. Wisdom Radio has choosen not to renew her contract. Obviously a big disconnect at the media company. Patricia , in my humble opinion , is the best person they have at Wisdom to explain a new way of thinking.  

18 Apr 2002 @ 21:59 by mmmark : WE DID IT!
Arctic Drilling Plan Fails in Senate
The Associated Press
Apr 18 2002 11:50PM

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate rejected by a wide margin President
Bush's plans for oil drilling in an Arctic wildlife refuge Thursday, turning
aside arguments that the oil was needed for the nation's security.

The vote was a blow to the administration, which repeatedly has cited
development of the Alaska refuge's oil as a centerpiece of its energy

Environmentalists waged an intense campaign to protect the refuge,
calling it a unique ecological treasure. Drilling supporters said their
proposal contained environmental safeguards.

While the House already has approved legislation to allow development
of the oil-saturated coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the
size of the anti-drilling vote in the Senate may doom any prospect for a
drilling measure in Congress this year.

Senate Republicans fell 14 votes short, 54-46, of the 60 needed to break
a Democratic filibuster and allow a vote on putting the refuge provision
into a broader energy bill.  

19 Apr 2002 @ 01:41 by jazzolog : Election Season
Good point, Chip! I'm hearing Bush is trying the ol' tax cut/refund idea again to distract the nation. Of course, Reagan didn't rest until he had given the country away to his business backers, who promptly took their fortunes abroad...and New World Order and global economy were born. Bush'd like nothing better than to bankrupt Social Security. He may want to save the Saddam invasion until second term.  

20 Apr 2002 @ 12:48 by tdeane : Ah, Such Wonderful News!
See what enough simple clicks can do? Perhaps we can convince the NRDC to continue it's efforts by considering our young people in the armed services one of our most valuable natural resources and impede and quelch any drooling over the vast resouces of Iraq. Ah, the possibilities...!!! Much love, Tricia  

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