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picture30 Mar 2002 @ 01:07, by Mark Smollin

Well, I write to inform several who have inquired, and those who might be curious, about my latest experiences to be kept a short story.

I have just completed my annual obligation to file and pay my tax return and I came through remarkably unscathed in what amounted to a 5 day investment of time.

As for CEN, I am trying to get connected with anyone who can bring resources to bear on the problem and thanks to Tricia Deane, "The Queen of Light in Different Colors," I found this site: – which is doing what I advocate without any administrative responsibility. That is to say, petitions on this site are author posted by anyone and the signers are not members of any specific group representing a discriminating set of ethics. That is good and that is bad, but I hope to email with the President of the company, Kevin Matthews and see what he has to say.

Did ya ever notice that an apple cut across the middle of the vertical axis reveals a 5 pointed star shaped arrangement of seed chambers? (I just put that in because the number 5 seems important in this post.)

I must spend really serious energy on earning money now, my patience is at an end with myself for not doing more sooner, but I needed a break bad. So now it’s off to work I go.

This photograph has me (on the left) next to the person I Love most of all on this earth – my son Michael. That is because he loves most unconditionally and that makes it easy to Love him back.

Of course you might not guess that he is of my macho sperm generating sexual organs based on his appearance, but he falls not far from the tree in mind. I had the fortune of spending 5 consecutive days with him during "spring break" and we happened to make an apple pie together with Martha, who is the crust expert in Pasadena. We only used Granny Smith’s in this one, yet we have been known to throw in some other types in the mix on occasion, preferably a crisp MacIntosh. Well, he Loves video & computer games too much. I would also say he has a fascination with comedy and basically converses with witty answers of some kind as a method of living. That makes me want to be just as funny in reply. This offspring reminds me how easy it is to be happy, the only thing he seems to think about. He may act a bit self-centered at times, yet I know it is his passion for having fun that drives him from moment to moment. I am jealous and he is the apple of my eye.


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30 Mar 2002 @ 01:42 by jazzolog : Two Birds in Paradise
What a lovely post to find this morning! Mark is one of the best straightmen anyone could possibly Instant Message with, and if Michael has half the fun with him that Dana and I do he's having a great life. Now if this alleged wife of Mark's ever comes forth to corroborate on the situation, we will have the rarest and most valuable petition for us all: a happy family. That there are apple pies in the picture, with crust from scratch, is just about good enough for me---even if Mark has to take one in the face from time to time. I'll put my name to this springtime message...right on the dotted line.
Thank you, Mark, and love to you and yours,

30 Mar 2002 @ 18:07 by martha : Alleged Wife
To clarify the apple pie making- Mike peels, Mark slices and I do the crust and put it all together. I have convinced the guys that the pie tastes better when everyone contributes contrary to the old adage- too many cooks spoil the pot. (They also know that the pie wouldn't get made without their contributions.)
So yes I am alive and well in Pasadena. I am the quieter one in the family at times. But it really depends on the subject.
Martha, now back to a computer game.  

31 Mar 2002 @ 01:05 by jazzolog : I Thought Apple Was a Computer
It feels nice to me to see a husband and wife or partners commenting in the same space. I can't get my wife to join this outfit---although I don't try too hard. She puts on this huge breastplate every day and goes over to to fight with the fascist rabble as to whether "nuke 'em" is actually the most appropriate foreign policy. I figure that's noble computer work. And she brings forth a pie now and then too. Ain't life grand?  

31 Mar 2002 @ 17:47 by martha : Apple is a superior computer and pie!
To answer your question, yes life is grand and Apple is the superior computer. We have four in the house (two each), all different models and challenging for Mark to keep updated. He does a great job. I find my computers behave better when I talk nice to them. Postive energy.
Martha, on to Easter dinner.  

3 Apr 2002 @ 05:03 by invictus : Good picture...
You kind of look like the guy from "Hunter" in this picture, Mark. Weird. I hope the money earning thing goes well. I like the bit about your son, too. Little kids are the best.
P.S. I wish I had resources I could bring to bear. I wrote one of my author friends about your book as I said I would(just a mention) and I haven't heard from him in the several weeks since. Crazy authors... probably changed his e-mail address.  

3 Apr 2002 @ 06:00 by tdeane : Mark, This is Spectacular!!!
I just absolutely adore this! (You know my feelings about the petition thing, and we agree.) After hearing so much about Mikey and feeling your contagious love for him, I want to reach out and hug the picture--both of you!!! And where are you, Martha, my friend, so I can reach out and hug all three?

This is that special side of you that I love so much, Mark! It's in your serious logs if one reads between the lines, but this just hits me smack dab in the face and reminds me that behind everything you do and say lurks this incredibly loving being.

Love that computer game thing, Martha, especially since I've found myself doing the same thing. Every time I read it, so I'll say it now, I want to ask you which one, and can we play together on the internet? Much love to you all ~ Tricia  

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