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picture14 Mar 2002 @ 20:30, by Mark Smollin

Just wanted to give y’all a look at my Whycandoo workspace and studio on the lower floor of our humble abode. As you can see, I have plenty of computers to keep me busy and musical instruments for distraction, however, my hair is not distracted from its genetic destiny. Rather interesting that today I decided to change all the computer gear and make one super G4 arrangement with enough plastic credit to add a new scanner to the configuration. I just wish I could afford a good digital camera, yet that might abuse you with all the pics I would post – so that goes on the shelf for now.

In general, I am trying to maximize a balance between my time here and the need to earn cash. Jobs have been hard to come by., but now that the "economy is recovering" I feel much better.

I would describe my mission to be one of a facilitator, or better still, to make stuff that facilitates our ability to contribute responsibly, where the old methods show potential pathways, they are not adequate to the scale of our joint mission in Conscious Evolution. I see that we might work on several fronts, which are related and connected; Consensus, Petitions and News web technologies. Blending our voices in various declarations will bring attention that is news worthy. Let it carry our cause into the light of social awareness by every loving means we can find.

I am still waiting for suggestions on the name for our work group and any other suggestions how to expand the amount of assistance we can muster. I believe we should be thinking on the largest scale possible as talent abounds the world round, Philanthropic, Grass-roots, Political, Institutional and Professional. Kim has started us off – what else next?


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14 Mar 2002 @ 21:58 by ashanti : Names
Nice pic!

I really like "Conscious Evolution Network", because it describes the ideal, while leaving it open-ended, conceptually, to be applied to a broad range of activities. CEN abbreviates well.

I think a priority is to R&D, identify, groups from the various sectors that you mention. We may or may not receive a database as a baseline starting point. I believe this is a priority task that needs to be accomplished first. Willing to assist with this one. (Waiting for an indication as to whether we will receive the database or not. If we do, no need to re-invent the wheel, but we can refine and expand it. If not, we can go ahead starting from scratch).  

15 Mar 2002 @ 00:25 by mmmark : Kay Simmons - Audubon
Kay - Would you please contact the National Audubon Society and tell them what we are doing in the way of making consensus declarations and see if we can partner our opinions with their causes?  

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