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13 Mar 2002 @ 14:46, by Mark Smollin

I have been writing all my log entries and comments in one Word file since 12/06/2001 and now have 64 pages of personal thoughts relative to Conscious Evolution.

My goal for the log, is to only place text in it that will add value to life, and so I can prove myself consistent to me. I do this to create a whole trail, not bits and pieces. When I look back, it looks like I am succeeding for the most part. I told myself that I am going to be a writer - and all of you are helping me grow daily in that task. Beyond all other things I have been forced to become more balanced and less easily shaken from my perch with the exercise. My eyes are more steadily focused on the prize than ever before.

I have big plans you know…

and they aren’t plans for me,

but I will be part of them.

I also have collected a spreadsheet of >1800 quotes of quality, special, timeless thoughts about responsible consciousness. They seem invaluable to the big picture and proof that we did not just drop out of the crib yesterday. They offer inspiration to age old problem patterns, and priceless wisdom of integrity which always holds value for describing success. I find great comfort in the legacy of Conscious Evolutionists speaking the cause for thousands of years before it was hip. We don’t have search to find new answers, for we will always have the same temptations to master.

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