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12 Mar 2002 @ 01:39, by Mark Smollin

I am going to add the following statement to my profile and decided to post it here for those who are not likely to read my profile again:

I make an ongoing effort to read the "Subjects" section and all logs. I do prefer some to others, so it may not be equal treatment. I do not read alarming media news articles. I only leave comments if I feel I have something to add, or if the post moved me in a special way. If I do not post a comment on your log you are not being shunned.


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12 Mar 2002 @ 01:50 by ashanti : Wanna start a Workgroup?
See comment under log: Novus Papirus. If you won't, I will. But I think it should be you.  

12 Mar 2002 @ 07:36 by jazzolog : A Wish
It would be heaven if Yashmir and Mark would start this workgroup together. How about it, buddy?  

12 Mar 2002 @ 12:48 by mmmark : From Kim
Dear Mark,

These are "brainstorm" type ideas which are highly amendable.

A group to communicate:
1) With world leaders, to plead for peace/sanity
2) With opinion leaders who are standing up alone - to offer support and encourage them
3) With other groups actively involved in changing things (ie, appeals to the United Nations, etc)

We would need to :

1) Formulate and articulate our purpose
2) R&D names and contact details of politicians and groups - worldwide
3) Agree on the formatting of the letters (e-mails, faxes) to be sent out, and write them (even develop a template)
4) Co-ordinate sending them out
5) Keep stats and review effectiveness - report any successes

Regards, Kim  

12 Mar 2002 @ 13:49 by mmmark : Software
I am going to email NRDC and see if they will give me the petition codes and the database info they curently use.

For now we can use this entry to pow wow. Any thoughts Richard before you flee?  

12 Mar 2002 @ 16:00 by mmmark : Sharing BioGems Software
To The Fabulous Team of People at NRDC:

My name is Mark and I belong to a large network of conscious evolutionists centered at a site called the New Civilization Network ( We are not a unified group at this time, but mainly a place to connect with others, with personal logs and various work groups & tons of links to other groups. I am also a member of The Foundation For Conscious Evolution in Santa Barbara. Many of us have been spending too much time chatting and not enough time taking action. We all yearn for ways to contribute to the loving causes, but we are hampered by many factors. Your web sites are inspiring and offer a model to a project I have in mind, with hope that it can function on a large scale. Please bear with me.

My experience in this emerging consciousness has prompted me to do lots of learning, which also brings several observations to mind about the basic requirements to our future success. It is clear to me that we need new and better ways of fulfilling our responsibility as citizens, to supplement our corrupted methods of self government, to build a bigger voice for causes with higher priority than profits and political gain. Your BioGems petition and the NRDC in general empower us to participate with tools that are new, and with the implication to include vast numbers of people via the web. NRDC does a great job tending to issues somehow selected by your team, but I am interested in expanding that capability so other groups of people can initiate a "declaration" for circulation, just like what now resides on BioGems.

My request here is not placed in formal writing, more like a feeler for interest in my objectives:

- The web capability to place a petition before the public.
- The web capability to for people to legally endorse a petition.
- The extended capability to present (output) the endorsed petition to numerous political and news organizations, via fax, or email.

According to authors Paul H Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson, there are as many as fifty-million "Cultural Creatives" in the United States, that is a voting majority and incentive to begin linking smaller reform groups to a collective effort, which will enhance our credibility and political influence in sheer numbers. Apathy will have little excuse if we can build a better conduit of public intelligence. Part of my dream is to form The Conscious Evolution Network specifically to label our cause and the constituents who comprise it, key to getting visibility for our new civilization. This project will be greatly enhanced with your assistance. It may not be necessary to duplicate your web capability, if you have the resources to add political issues that are not directly related to the environment.

I ask most humbly if the NRDC is willing to give our non-profit group, the software codes and templates for the declarations database so we can duplicate your success on additional subjects of responsible social consciousness?

I am very anxious to hear from the team about my thoughts and look forward to a reply. I hope I have selected the appropriate email address for this submission, or that you will forward it to the correct person who knows about such things. Thanks very much for your consideration.

Namasté > > > Mark

KIM - Please give me your edit on this. I felt clumsey writing it outside NCN, but you can just copy it and make changes if you choose. I need another set of eyes. If you are not familiar with BioGems the link is:

They have it working here now, but we want to adapt it to our purposes and enhance this model they pioneered.

Next step is to ask Ming what he would recommend for placing it adjacent to, or in NCN, and whether he is willing to do any of the programming.  

12 Mar 2002 @ 16:24 by jazzolog : Up and About
Mark is a candoo kind of guy! Look at him go.  

12 Mar 2002 @ 16:42 by invictus : What can I do to help?

12 Mar 2002 @ 21:44 by ashanti : YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark, this is *wonderful*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(pardon my overuse of exclamation marks, but I am totally amped and energized and ready to get going on this).

I feel no need to edit at all what you wrote to them, as it communicated earnestly, sincerely, and I know that they will respond favourably. Their template and format is an ideal model on which to base ours, thanks for identifying it.

Oh - the only "edit" is probably just a typo: your second objective:
"- The web capability to for people to legally endorse a petition. "

Just needs to take out the first "to":

ie should read:
"- The web capability for people to legally endorse a petition."

That's all.

Invictus: yes, yes, yes! Mark has powered ahead with Step 1, we do need to ask Ming those questions, but step three is project planning, and good R&D is a *vital* part of it. If you have the time, we need to start gathering a database (Mark mentioned already available, so if it is, then we would need to assess and very probably expand on it) of names and contact details of various groups and individuals worldwide. From government, to parastatals, to environment groups, peace groups......and Andy, when this is in place, we are going to need people to help....stick around, we need you!

I'm going to let Mark take the lead, as I think his expertise is way better than mine, but I am ready to energize, mobilise, and organize where necessary, as well be another set of eyes, and work on anything that needs doing (within my capability).....


12 Mar 2002 @ 22:07 by mmmark : What Can U do?
Andy – there are many things to do, I think I most often want to know how to form alliances and what our part will be. To continue from your last log post, I neglected to say that many of the heroes make their own path, so that is what I would encourage you to do. For this project we need input for the specific things Kim outlined so well. We need some good name options. Given your writing skills and field of study, your talent may come in the form of positive advertising copy writing. Single sentence quotes that stop people from what they are doing – and/or – get them to adopt a new approach away from apathy and cynicism. If we are going to sing out, then we needs words to sing with and a strong repeating chorus that time will not erase from the mind quickly. Integrity is lasting.

I was thinking about having you co-author my book, or maybe to edit it into a reasonable presentation, but that is not to do with this new group.

We don’t need to get all hemmed into admin crap if we just apply ourselves to studying the problem. You are bright enough to discover what we face as it relates to all those heated discussions of late. Ming wants to see things that are compelling and that’s what I wish us to create. Help us make something that works as a common denominator for as many mental cases on the planet as possible – you know just stuff like that.

We need legal minds, political minds, web programmers and artists alike.  

13 Mar 2002 @ 14:44 by jazzolog : Effective!
I just got a call from the National Audubon Society in a lastditch effort to influence the Senate against granting the Bush Oil Drillers access to the Alaska Wilderness Refuge. The caller asked if I am opposed to the legislation, which has passed the House and is poised for vote in the Senate, and when I said Yes, she offered to connect me then and there to my senator's office to tell his people personally. And she did (that is, to the senator who lives in Cheney's vest pocket). Now that's what I call an impressive campaign! Someone's using brains at Audubon, and let's hope more good guys start this approach.  

13 Mar 2002 @ 15:44 by invictus : Excellent
Mark, I'm honored by the fact that you would even think of having me co-author/edit your book. I would love to help in any way I can. Please do keep us all up to date on what you're doing. What do you know about this book so far? As for the rest of what you said, I will certainly think about the "common denominator" and how to really reach people with the important points(not that I don't already). You're taking a great initiative, Mark. I’m glad I picked this year to join NCN.  

13 Mar 2002 @ 21:45 by ashanti : The Beauty of Simplicity
Wow, Richard, that is incredibly simple and effective! Just to reinforce what Mark said earlier - definitely support the need to keep it all simple and clear, as so many worthy projects get bogged in details, admin, and over-bureaucratization. The simpler, the better, cleaner, and more efficient. Structure, yes, but balanced with space to allow individual talents to go for it on their defined projects.  

14 Mar 2002 @ 01:59 by mmmark : NRDC
The email went out to them late last night - no word yet  

14 Mar 2002 @ 10:03 by magical_melody : Go Mark! Go Team!!!
Mark, I am seeing how you have moved from the big call out to others in a previous post, to a big movement from within to engage others in this project. It is uncanny how in synch our process is in here lately. Over the past two days I have been researching a specific issue and trying to find an empowering way of moving into more direct action on it. The utilization of a petition came to mind. I thought of how groups can access and utilize them as they involve ongoing issues, yet due to time restraints, it seems we all need relative ease and expediency with these processes. Please keep me informed. I welcome dialogue via emails if there is any way I can support you. I have been gearing up myself to move more purposefully, and will be adding some new posts soon that reflect collaborative engagement. You are moving man! The Universe is ready to support our next evolutionary step now, so let's form that group synergy gang and take it to the bridge!!
Love, Alana  

14 Mar 2002 @ 21:58 by kay : I also am a member
of the National Audubon Society and was connected directly with my Senator's office on the Alaska Oil drilling. I was told that they are having an overwhelming response and that the Senate is listening. We can mobilize for sure. It works.  

15 Mar 2002 @ 17:47 by mmmark : Mark!
Dear Mark,

I was wondering with the petition project, are you looking at addressing one specific issue relative to peace or what the central objective or focus would be, and what outcome you are envisioning at present?

I certainly empathize with your feelings about talking and walking it, and feel ready to burst myself as I have been being prepared a long time, myself to "BE and Do", the work. Just started reading the Cultural Creatives book last nite, as Steve (Habib) Rose from Seattle, helped to set up an e-group here locally that I am helping to moderate. Let me know how I can support you as I can pass along information to all my contacts and the communications within that group as it grows.

How are you? How is it going with the Gateway? We share purpose as writers in the making and as speakers now breaking, through to a wider audience. The NCN and Gateway are facilitating that for me.

That was my intention for joining Gateway, to reach a larger network. Yet my only concern right now, is that the net and virtual reality, not be burning my time and energy, as it must help me in real time to be a force of change practically speaking, In THE WORLD. Plus must make a living and accomplish the intentions set. Virtual/Physical-- each must catalyze and facilitate movement for the other. That was also my intention in getting involved with CCN as a local moderator.

For some odd reason, I am not being hired in a job right now, and am looking at how constructive I can be in my time and efforts, while still being creative to get the bills paid. (odd jobs and occasional calls for consulting) So, it is not like I have lots of time, yet I have lots of energy that wants to be more focused. I am looking to move in a groove that impacts now, and with collaborative team support! I know that we
both are at that bridge. So I had to give comment to your post in that regard. Have a great day and much success laying the groundwork for this project that is now emerging and birthing with your resonant companions.

Much Love,


15 Mar 2002 @ 17:47 by mmmark : Liberation
Dear Alana -

I want to keep this short. I seem to spend all my time writing letters and logs, or reading them, not that I am very efficient at any of it. I try to use the simplest approach. I do think that we should use my log for this subject, as I would like to post it as a comment and contribution to the effort, followed by this Reply. This is how we reveal our practical minds, instead of the intellectual ones and we get the benefit of identifying with very similar notions and emotions. May I?

Your message was very many-things loving that would be long to describe and not easy to place in words. You do have a gift with words.

This group we are starting has one basic mission first: Develop free enabling web software which people can use for any constructive purpose. In other words, if we can establish a connection with the CEN and any other group, we can influence that group with hard data facts about what people truly want. This is the external application for asking for social change of some kind, the subjects of which can be anything we mutually agree is priority – and I know we will not have a shortage of them. The bonus to this type of software is that for the first time we will come to each other on more issues than we would learn in a lifetime of cocktail parties! Instead of our debating who is right or wrong, if something might work or not, if it has support or not, we can build a group (NCN) mirror. My imagination runs wild with the potential education this would provide internally.

How about a general mood meter showing the answer to: How would do you honestly feel today?
A] Fantastic!
B] Great – But I need more balance in my daily activities.
B] Optimistic about the future, but confused on how to get there.
C] Frustrated with my job

These are not great answers, but you get the idea that we can poll any subject, My best one so far, is to petition Congress to pass legislation to ban use of fossil fuels within the next ten years for every American corporation and governmental unit. You send this all over the place including the United Nations, we could make this appeal to all countries.

Anyway this is very powerful stuff and it will be worth every minute of our time and money to make this happen. If we do - we will be famous for being doers and lovers.

Based on your other concerns about networking, we need ways to be productive on the web, chatting about all this stuff doesn’t make us more effective, just smarter. FCE needs better tools so enable their fantastic core groups online, but now they concentrate on the educational aspects of CE. When I asked Marshal and Teresa to help me build more, they could not respond to take on one more responsibility, nor did it fit with Barbara’s main focus, so I am here and hoping to reconnect with them when I have something concrete to offer. The biggest problem we seem to have is getting diversity of skill participation, a major goal which cannot be attained on the web when sites are not direct and respectful of busy professionals time. This too needs serious thought. What ever we create for social leadership, it must work for people for all ages and lifestyles.

Namasté - Mark  

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