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9 Mar 2002 @ 03:49, by Mark Smollin

Philosophy is continued here in broad response to so many comments in my previous log entry. I am inspired and impressed with the discussion that transpired there through your energies. I thank all of you for responding. A toast to jstarrs, who mentions that leading by responsible example is probably the significant way to make change, however this alone is not adequate for the scale of our global problem, nor does it address the need to educate children and the "lost" souls as to how spiritual fulfillment is had. We cannot allow a mere fraction of human controllers to dictate our fate harmfully, so we must stand must decide Bill’s question: "…Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer, The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them?…" This is one reason it would be great to have a polling system.

I believe it is our social duty to create and maintain a healthy group of people, and certainly part of that mission involves telling or teaching the known course of success. Make no mistake about the meaning of the word "success," not subjective, limited, short-term success, but objective, infinite, sustainable success.

Philosophy is one of those subjects that gets swept under the carpet in public social circles and indulgent to intellectual fantasy without application. These are not the only forms of philosophical thought. Obviously there are plenty of ways to form a philosophy, some better than others, but what good are they any if we (most people) cannot relate to what "philosophy" is, how important it is to have a concrete philosophy, or how to form one that works? That sets us in different directions for ignorance of general knowledge about things that work and those that don’t.

I have attached the word "Universal" to the word "Philosophy" to define its scope, indicate the authority of our living philosophical system, and to describe a set of ethics that harms no thing and protects all things. It is nature’s way – not mine. I am not here to wave my opinion, but to figure out what to do with all of our opinions. My definition of philosophy is: the science of knowing the meaning of life. We need to learn how the Cosmos works so we may live in harmony with it. I sound like a skipping CD.

Isn’t the prevailing philosophy to live and let live? Isn’t there a basic sense of social order that keeps us from destroying each other blatantly at every turn? The golden rule? Namasté? The problem comes when we exercise freedom of will for irresponsible and unLoving purposes, all of which fall outside our innate sense of decency, of what is essentially "right." For member comments made about forcing people to accept a standard philosophy like it will be decided by law; Law can never instill social order, we must do that as individuals by choice. OK – so what philosophies do we have to choose from? Way too many different ideas for the meaning of life and most of them incomplete, or disconnected from "reality." That is why I advocate forming, adopting and propagating a philosophy of Lovesense, as is clearly defined in my NCN profile and in the "subjects" section of this site. I did not think what I wrote was revolutionary, disrespectful of your freedom, nor a secret. I do believe that I have written it all in one place for a change, to take the holistic integrity of Love.

I say again that the path of true success is narrow in comparison to the Cosmic Spectrum of Freedom and humans are the only things capable of choosing the paths of death. I want us to stop holding philosophical concepts that do not work in the long haul and making decisions based on ignorance. This has been called "unrealistic," yet our job is to make it realistic, and we must do so in full knowledge of our improper brain washing which raises the skeptic mind to oppose the unfamiliar. The longer we resist this obligatory idea of Universal Health, the more painful our society will become and the more freedoms will be lost as we journey. Spielberg’s "AI" plays our current path to extinction, and the myriad of other sci-fi features have warned about potential oppressive societies. Isn’t it plain to see how we are losing freedom already in so many ways? It is getting worse. The dark before the dawn I hope.

Forming Universal Philosophy is job one because it affects everything else we all do, in every profession, in every hut and tower on the globe. We need alignment and agreement for the purpose of living. Is a soul come to life for the purpose of acquiring things and money at the expense of fellow creatures and the planet? We must finally face our first obligations to provide the necessities to life equitably – the chores of minimum purpose and ante for all other greatness.

Let us gather around a central Loving purpose so we may be free. Let us tell others this is what we believe and by all means – let us live it with great exuberance and joy.

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11 Mar 2002 @ 04:06 by jstarrs : I think...
...the most immediate priority is getting that sociopath, xenophobic, illiterate fuckwit out of office first - anything else is just blah-blah.  

11 Mar 2002 @ 04:43 by ashanti : Oooh yeah.
Beautifully put, jstarrs. :-) I'm with you all the way on this one!  

11 Mar 2002 @ 08:24 by jazzolog : Some Neat People Commenting Just Above!
A bit of vajra energy courtesy of the wild mountain monk jstarrsman. Refreshing to read this all. Thank you.  

11 Mar 2002 @ 10:16 by shawa : That´s right...
... Hey, the people who are committed to change things through politics (polis=the city); your hands are full right now! How about polling ? (Re : Jstarrs´ comment and link)  

11 Mar 2002 @ 13:47 by mmmark : The High Road
As much as I get satisfaction from labeling the President all kinds of names, for catering to selfish business interests at the expense of world citizens and the environment, his blatant insults to people other nations, his current fear-based policies, or criticizing him for not having any vision of the future, I choose to send him my constructive suggestions on ways to improve the world starting here at home. I do not want to play the polarized game of win or lose anymore. GWB is a product of our way of life, starved for creative expression, lacking love, imagination and responsibility, so it is my duty to lend a hand and provide him reasons to select other courses than the one he is on now. Of course, it would be more effective to have a petition we could all sign as a group of concerned cocreative people, but we can still send email to the White House individually.  

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