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2 Mar 2002 @ 09:30, by Mark Smollin


I have much to learn and thank those who cared to comment on my last post.

It is my humble opinion that the use and purpose of NCN are not described with adequate respect for every member or potential member, for young and old, for peaceful understanding of its potential. It is mostly for this lack of visible courtesy that we have argumentative conflict in these halls, which is wasteful, pointless and needless to any outcome of health. In addition, there are administrative writings in direct conflict with the description on the home page that further incites the riot. I am not pleased with the resulting negative experiences that have wounded so many members, or all the energy I spent soothing their souls on and off line.

"- linking the people who change the world –"

This is the message I hear, loud and clear here. It is wonderfully and completely benign.

There are an infinite number of ways to fix the many problems on this site and many good suggestions have been made, yet there is no possibility for reform of the Community Space in selfish interest. Private, exclusive and inclusive groups of any kind are fine, but they are not substitutes for protecting our mutual freedom, or leading with a loving heart. To deny this, hide it, maintain prejudice, or pretend that one does not need to have it, is precisely why we are gathered.

In this profound lesson I finally know how to conduct myself here. I apologize if any of my writing has been offensive as it was never my intent to do so and please disregard my philosophical words. It was inappropriate for me to post them in ignorance of the need to preserve community nebulosity.

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2 Mar 2002 @ 13:36 by jazzolog : There's a SoapBox With Your Name On It
Dearest Friend,
I'm hustling right now to get to FurPeace Ranch and some good blues tonight (I'll tell Jorma you said hello) but I want to pause to give aid and comfort to a fellow poet and minstrel. Sure, a few of us figure it doesn't matter so much what the sign says leading into the Inferno; but what is really disheartening is that this bunch of us constitutes the choir we all take turns preaching to. At least seemingly. I'm sure there are precise demographics about the visitors to the logs, but I'm not privy to them nor am I aware that I know anyone who is. Maybe hundreds visit, read and are charmed with our words, but just a few seem to make the comments---which is why I'm going to risk being late for an engagement because you seem a bit blue yourself.
Let's remember Mark that guys of the written word, such as ourselves, are highly dispensable beings. The positive pieces we write are not often applauded or even perceived as "success stories," because our projects are of the mind, relationship and ethics and they don't seem to qualify. Let's remember too that when the tribe gets really hungry we're the first to be served up as dinner, while the virgins are shoved into volcanoes. Thus it is for jesters. Dad advised Always leave 'em laughin,' and keep moving!
Andy and I have been discussing apathy over at the SoapBox Room, and I think you've contributed to that conversation too. There's something worse that can happen to a Civilization, new or old, than apathy---and that's depression. A depressed people just sit there in front of the tube day in and day out...and this thing is a tube too. The salespeople scream at them on TV and in the popups here to jump up and run down to the lot and buy the latest thing. We mustn't slip into that state of hopelessness ourselves, buddy. We can take a momentary break and howl at the moon, but let's be back at it in the morning, eh? (Oops I forgot, you never get up until noon.)
P.S. I found the venting of shouting my blues in the SoapBox Room to be quite liberating. I had no expectation of response at all, just like the instructions read on the box...and it really was a terrific experience.  

2 Mar 2002 @ 13:48 by mmmark : Thanks Jazz
The Soap Box is a great thing when there are people who care to listen, but worry not for me. As I love the colors of blues more than any other, I do not paint my mood with them.  

2 Mar 2002 @ 20:50 by simpleman : DEPRESSION OR FRUSTRATION
Mark, If your feelings are anything like mine then you must be frustrated. It's hard to spill your guts out with the belief your contributing to a better future, only to find out that very few appear to be listening. I to apologize to NCN, not for what I said in your previous log about change, but my tone. I truely believe it was needed to wake up a resting mindset I was seeing in NCN. Whether I agree or disagree with anything I read or hear I do it with an open mind because I don't see myself or anyone else as being perfect, and I believe we all have room to change. Lately I've been feeling very frustated at the appearent lack of response here, but I'll keep trying.

Don't stop talking, because some of us are listening, and I'm sure you know who.

Your friend,

3 Mar 2002 @ 00:17 by shawa : Re : The Soap Box Room
The Soap Box Room is being listened to. But I understand that you need a bigger audience. I can´t understand why you do not create your own workgroup, and/or your own project. Ming has been very clear about what are the limits on his "planet" as seen from him, and he has every right to have them and share them. Why don´t you create your own planet, even linked to NCN, and some members could share both spaces? I´m sure you have so much to give to people.  

3 Mar 2002 @ 01:44 by jazzolog : RE: Shakti & Mark
I hope you are right, Shakti, about the SoapBox Room being listened to (and not just because I did a rant in there). How do you know that though? There are just a handful of members. Are there people joining to take a look and then leaving?

Mark, Marianne Williamson's message of inspiration yesterday took me a couple readings to fathom; but it may be pertinent, particularly to a couple of curmudgeons like us:

" So you stand in the midst of any limitation. You stand in the midst of any lack, and you say, wait, this is not my reality, I have overcome. He who lives within me has overcome this. Jesus didn’t say be of good cheer, I’ve fixed everything, there’s money in the bank. That’s not what he said. He said be of good cheer, I have overcome. I have reached the level of consciousness which is beyond this, and when you have too, the condition of lack will automatically fall. But it will not fall because you’re trying to fill it; it will fall because you reach a level in which it is already filled. You don’t say I lack, Dear God, fill me. You say, in God, I am already full. "
--Marianne Williamson
from her lecture of 1/13/02 - "God Is Your Employer"

3 Mar 2002 @ 02:15 by ming : Audiences
I get the frustrations about needing bigger audiences, or about not getting enough response on what we're proposing, etc. Part of the problem, I think, is exactly that we often resort to preaching to the other people who're here. And the other people here tend to either already agree, or they're already going in a different direction. At any rate, they're not very good at just being followers or audience, or, another way of looking at it is that there's not enough people here for that purpose. But that wasn't really the purpose from my end anyway. This was kind of meant as a place for the leaders, and your audience and your followers are mostly out there in the world. This is really meant as an environment for supporting what you do out in the world and for the world. It wasn't meant as a place to suck up all your attention, and this group isn't meant to be THE people who'll join your project. It is meant to be people with projects who network and collaborate, so that *together* we cover more of the spectrum.

I once had a booth at a new age expo where almost nobody came. I guess because the organizers had forgotten to tell the public about it. So, the vendors were just trying to sell to the other vendors, and giving each other psychic readings and massages and whatever they were doing. And that was kind of cozy, but a bit inbred, and none of them really got their message or their product out to the world, which was the actual point. It is not all that different here. These aren't particularly the people you should sell your ideas to.

So, I think the answer to many things is to put one's attention outwards. What does the world need? What are you doing for the world, or what would you like to do? Start doing it. Then you'll feel the support behind you from this place.  

3 Mar 2002 @ 02:37 by jazzolog : Words to Live By
Thank you Ming for a most edifying, clarifying post. I suppose your message seems obvious, but here we have a need for the obvious to bear repeating. Now Ming's comment just above would be great for putting out on the Splash Page!  

3 Mar 2002 @ 04:31 by shawa : I wonder...
... how many roads must a man walk down... before he is finally free to see? I agree with the Jazzman, Coming from a place of scarcity scares people (because they come out of that space too, I guess). So the feeling is Oh God, there is a problem, there is not enough of this and of that... But there is. Even here in NCN! The wonderful potential of Ming´s programming is not used at full capacity. Why blame him for what WE should do ?
I think there is a kind of interface lacking in here, this NCN Member Area - between the people who reach out to people (that´s wonderful), and people who are selling their ware (they have a right to, it´s a free world), and people who are LEARNING (to communicate?); people who are testing the grounds; people who need new challenges; people who´d rather be comfortable; people who have a talent to be leaders (or an experience of it); people who would rather sit back and enjoy; everything is just like the real world "out there", off Ming´s planet!. This Member Area is a WONDERFUL TRAINING GROUND. And personally, I feel grateful towards Ming - and that does not mean that I totally agree with him on everything, Goddess forbid.  

3 Mar 2002 @ 04:34 by shawa : Come to think of it...
... How can Cosmic Reality be SCARCE?...  

3 Mar 2002 @ 04:46 by jazzolog : I Agree with Everybody Today
Something must be wrong with me. The idea that we are all leaders networking about our projects out there in realword is tempting and constructive. However, Shakti has a wonderful point about the training ground aspect of the NCN experience. And this is where we all go running around in different directions. We each throw out our version of THE forum in which it all can take place. Is my newslog any better than that guy's solar vibrator for bringing us all together? I think that's what Mark has been getting at.
I don't think we need a SuperLeader of the leaders. Au contraire! But we do need a "congress."  

3 Mar 2002 @ 09:37 by bushman : Hmmm
Ambasadors and Generals, need I say more?  

3 Mar 2002 @ 10:30 by jazzolog : More Administrators?
Yeah, I think you do Bushman. Ambassadors and generals are part of the Executive branch in the States. A congress could be the Legislature, which initially works up a Constitution of some sort, and then represents folks (workgroups, projects, etc) in coming before the executive---presumably here Ming.  

3 Mar 2002 @ 11:10 by invictus : Mark
Nothing you've ever said has offended me. Your writings have an unfailing ability to make me think about the important things, and for that I thank you. It's quite important to look honestly, as you do, at why our little group has its problems. Even if your answers aren't all "right", or popular, they still raise the question. Keep doing what you've been doing; follow the threads of honest inquiry and see where they lead you. I understand how easy it is to get frustrated. Maybe curing that is where the conflict resolution room or whatever will be invaluable. Cheers to us all.  

3 Mar 2002 @ 15:10 by bushman : Dictionary?
Well maybe the deffinition of ambasadors and generals has a different meanning in the bible. :} Hand picked by God, a group taken to a place of safty, to lead yes, to control no, to bring peace to the masses maybe? Websters superficial meannings don't even come close to what we are doing here. lol  

3 Mar 2002 @ 15:39 by ming : Another metaphor
I agree with what Shati describes, that there are different types of roles people might play. And I didn't mean to say that it is somehow not ok to just hang out here and enjoy the atmosphere. But if we all do only that, we won't be getting very far in terms of helping out the world. So it is an AND/AND, rather than an EITHER/OR.

Another metaphor is that this is kind of like a Grand Central Station. Trains are coming and going to and from exotic places, or to and from the well-known places just across town. Some people are going out on adventures, or are coming back to talk about them. Teams of people might be shipping off to work on important things in other places. Transport trains are carrying their supplies. Some people are just coming by every morning, picking up a newspaper and jumping on the train. Some people work in the station, stacking up the racks with newspapers, or building new tracks, or moving around the cars that make up the trains, or serving coffee to the waiting passengers. Some people just like to hang around in the station all day and see who comes by, or just because they like the busy atmosphere of people going places. All of it is fine. But it wouldn't work if all of us only stayed within the station. Some people really have to go places in order for this to be meaningful. The tracks need to lead somewhere, and trains need to run on them. There needs to be engineers running those trains, and there needs to be passengers on them, and they need to be on the right train. And some people better come back, and be able to talk about what they experienced, bringing postcards and diaries and foreign newspapers.  

3 Mar 2002 @ 20:34 by simpleman : CONFUSED AGAIN
This artical has created alot of response, but the more I read, the more confused I become. Leaders, government, different directions, and other words and phrases. It sounds like what we already have. I thought we were looking for ideas and ways of solving and perhaps changing where we see the world heading. Can this be accomplished if we are all going in different directions? With all due respect, we are not leaders, and we cannot lead people to a new civilization, a new civilization must exist and they must choose to be part of it. If the very basic foundations of our new civilization cannot be viewed as the same, or of being similiar, than civilization would only become different, and eventually the same as it is now. I would like to believe that no matter how many roads I walk, they would lead to a place with the same basic foundations, where all could live in peace. Lets ask ourselves what we want, and what we don't want in this world, and discuss how we accomplish both. Attack the idea, the
word(s), attack the meaning(s), explain as simply as possible the reason for your attack, and by all means DO NOT attack the people. lets use positive action to net positive results.  

3 Mar 2002 @ 23:28 by mmmark : Chaos
Simplemen of the world unite! Personally, I do not understand most of the comments here in relation to my post. What does that say about us as a group? Maybe the time will come when we will add something of value instead of raising the tax. I have run out of new things to say, but retain the desire to make simple truths, simple peace, simple joys and love. The next post probably punctuates my adventure here and places our missions "center-front."  

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