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28 Feb 2002 @ 01:38, by Mark Smollin

Dear Ming, Flemming and Affectionately, Mister Ranger:

It is inevitable that I must thank for all this amusement here at the New Civilization Network park, and I am sure that many members stand beside me when I say, a deep, warm, fuzzy – "Thank You" – from the bottom of our hearts!

As one of your recruits, I entered here gratefully, to expand my knowledge and intimacy with the science of Conscious Evolution, so that I may be an asset to those I meet, that I will be wise enough to be worthy of trust and be embraced when I am hurting. And so I have been – magnificently! Not just a few times, not just by you. It feels so slowly and excruciatingly good against the otherwise unconscious fray, that blinding place, created when we cannot recognize Our God in any other thing. The lack of confidence in our ability, the strutting of our egos; Negativity wearing away our hopes in the irrelevance of worthy paradox and the fears of what might be, usher in the darkness where we now collide.

In reaction to these tussles, I went hunting my archive of healthy conscious principles and discovered these right where I thought I filed them. I posted them to quell din of pain and to draw us back to center. I re-read them when viewing a members comment and considered them quite good as ethical goals for unified investment and reward. I am proud of them. As one of my dear friends remarked, we cannot share something if we don’t say what it is.

In everything I now know and my respect for achieving our dreams before I leave the body, I present these sentient convictions to you and this community you built, to be placed in clear view, where we will see them every time we log and click. The point size should be healthy I think, and warm to the newcomers and veterans alike.




If there is one (1) member who feels they are incompatible with this creed, then let them make a protest here below for the last time. No one must agree with these goals and they will not take away any freedom, but they will remind us that its spiritual fulfillment we seek.

I invite any web designers who feel passionately about the power of these three objectives, to create a new Flash presentation for the portal, the index.html, the ‘home’ page, the front door of our civilization and light it with this warm greeting. I begin as a team of one – who else will make this possible?

At Your Service > > > Mark

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28 Feb 2002 @ 02:20 by jstarrs : Three objectives...
I don't think anyone here will disagree with your three objectives - I don't feel we need to replace the existent home page with them & a new logo though, it's fine as it is. Thanks.  

28 Feb 2002 @ 03:59 by ashanti : Animal Farm
The trouble with the imposition of even such worthy goals as these on a portal is that it tends to "rigidify". I was immediately reminded of Orwell's "Animal Farm" - where all the animals put up a set of beliefs and rules, with the best of intentions, and then.....well.

If I read that on an e-entrance to a website, my hair would stand on end, and I would run a mile. Some of the finest values in history are conveyed in a manner that shouts "cult". How about, instead, creating a Workgroup, where you can invite people to join, where you can put these goals on the portal of your workgroup? Where you can lead and give expression to your way of doing things? That way, people have a choice if they want that, and if they do, it's cool. But don't impose it on me, I don't want that. I have my own values, that amount to similar things, but with certain semantic variances that leave it more open-ended.

I personally really like the ncn portal as it is, precisely because of the very lack of definition, the sense of freedom of choice that it conveys - the various areas, inviting exploration, and so on.  

28 Feb 2002 @ 04:08 by ashanti : PS - the Goals
And then there are the goals. Generically, they are wonderful, Mark. But who exactly gets to decide "what makes us happy"? Who defines that? What if what makes me happy does not make you happy? What if what makes someone happy, is hurting others? What then? This is a philosophical quagmire, and I don't say this to stomp on you in any way - rather - I invite you to flesh out and examine the implications and spin-off ethical dilemmas from these goals, when applying them to practical day-to-day examples.  

28 Feb 2002 @ 04:29 by jstarrs : Spot on... feelings exactly, Yashmir.  

28 Feb 2002 @ 09:25 by jazzolog : Lining Up
I'm with Yashmir too, buddy (and how nice to see her posts again, eh?). Check out an open AA meeting sometime, Mark, when they're talking about their Traditions. We're sort of a Civilization Anonymous in here. One of those traditions, I believe, celebrates the fact there are no bosses and no rules to subscribe to. They have only one thing and that is they hope people who come want to seek a life of sobriety. You can be drunk at the meeting, but they hope you're considering NOT being drunk. They seem to have a lot of success as a (non)organization going that route.
I'm for a governing document and structure to protect people's rights and sort of keep track of where we've been and sketch out where we'd like to go. But I'm always wary of mission statements---largely because I've been around academic administrators for too long who spend all their time making up mission statements...and then go on a vacation to Ecuador. I don't think you're going to do that, but that's where my doubt comes from. I'm not sure where this idea for an open letter came from, and maybe you'll turn me around with a clarification---and I will be surprised if it isn't coming. :-)  

2 Mar 2002 @ 07:32 by invictus : I tend to agree with Yashmir...
People who see that kind of thing will run away, perhaps because they have heard it all before. I don't know if a workgroup is the right way to go. I think that, ideally, the ones who believe in them convey those three points (and good ones they are) in the way we act. That way we don't need a creedo; we just wow people with our super-duperness :).  

2 Mar 2002 @ 09:02 by mmmark : Superduperness
It is exactly because we have not been able to be superduper consistently on NCN, that this would remind us all how not to slip into the dumb-dumper. It does not have to be my words, but kind words matter. Regardless of opinions, the right to personal freedom cannot detain us from bringing ourselves together on wholesome Universal terms of some kind. If we do not want to agree to this type of thing - cataclysm will become our last and only hope.  

2 Mar 2002 @ 17:37 by simpleman : DIRECTIONS
I've read these three objectives several times and although I can understand the view of the term goals, I like what I read. The first thing I see is the terms US, and UNITY. There is no conflict in the word happy if it is accomplished together. Instead of looking at these as goals, perhaps we can look at them as a form of direction, so that we are all, at least, heading towards the same NEW CIVILIZATION, TOGETHER.  

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