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25 Feb 2002 @ 05:54, by Mark Smollin

Ok members, I’m going to resonate on a slightly different frequency in this post to see if it makes a connection with others here. I have been engaging this wonderful den of Zen mostly on a philosophical level because to me that is our first mission: To find a mutual basis for living successfully that serves everyone equally well, and something I believe that represents a huge gap in our ability to bridge the next stage, being a community of action! Yes, that is what I want! In all ways that can happen, in groups of any scale.

It is the thing I hear most going on all over the world and very much right here @ NCN. We are a frustrated set of people who care, but can’t figure out how to make a bigger commitment to action as mentioned in the log of the Silver Gryffin’s. Not personal action of personal motive, but group action of community motive. So here is my short biographic script.

Since graduating Art Center College of design in 1985, I have worked without a proper break on running my own graphic design and illustration business and juggling expenses, only to be in a regular state of some financial debt. It cost me two meaningful relationships and I now pay child support, I lost a self proclaimed friend and lots of my money helping him as a fellow artist to launch his career for 10 years. My entire family of 6 was completely dysfunctional among itself to face any relationship problem, or health issue. I was reunited with my high school girl friend after 28 years of separation without a word exchanged and we wrote a book about it, which we failed to publish so far. My father conveniently happened by with a contract proposal to illustrate 48 books, perfect timing, we had some fun, but the job ended six months after my sister died, only completing 32. We made some good money but the job was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. The clients put us through hell creatively speaking because didn’t know what they were doing, and I learned that my father never pays his bills on time anymore, mine included. August 2000 ended a 15 year crunch and I was fried pretty good – trust me - it damaged of my health in every way, but not critically so.

It was time to place my interests first for a change, so I leisurely started writing a book I outlined in 1998 titled: The Root Of All Goodness: Lovesense for Human Reform. I started filling pages in earnest one year ago because some consciousness was emerging as to why I was having all these tests of character. I was ripping right along when I discovered this book included references to everything & ‘the kitchen sink,’ and was beginning to feel overwhelming with it’s scope after working on it for 6 months. At the same time I was looking for all the examples of new civilization and joined FCE in Santa Barbara. It has the potential to be at least three good size books, but I felt indecisive about how to limit it and stopped to think it over.

The stock market was falling, I was losing money, so I had to begin my new income earning business as a children’s book author. My partner and I worked on this for 3 months, writing and illustrating to finally send the proposal out to 6 publishers on October 18, 2001. No word yet except for three rejections. Flemming invites me to NCN and I get hooked on the potential that NCN has to offer, since in was the only interactive CE community I could find online. The site is covered with lots of great ideas, so I thought I finally get to build relationships with people who won’t argue and fight over trivial matters because they are joined in central purpose. Besides doing all the other usual life sustaining things, I have been writing for NCN and for my book, by testing concepts with y’all, trying to get some things happening with the idea that my input would help enhance our progress.

I consider myself a diligent worker, but I have yet to find partners who share my passions enough to make a long-term commitment do something new. You all know the rest of the story because you’ve been here with me. What ever is stopping us from leaving our self-centered minds, it needs to change fast.

I want to make a direct and personal appeal for help with several of my projects.

I am currently helping one member publish her first book about victory over cancer, so that one is covered for the moment and we do have others supporting the effort with encouraging words.

Calling all advertisers and small business owners! I will offer my creative services at a discounted rate for the development of business advertising, posters, book covers, corporate identity and web graphics.

Calling all Publishers of Juvenile material! I need to secure a publishing contract for an ongoing series of Conscious Evolution Books for Children, you can see everything accomplished so far on [link] Most importantly, I would like to start a relationship with a company that appreciates our movement for a healthy society of people.

Calling all Editors and Publishers of the new consciousness movement. I really need some professional advice on how to turn "The Root Of All Goodness" into a hot commercial success about better living practices. Perhaps there are literary agents here on NCN who could advise?

Calling retailers! My partner and I starting a line of fabric collages and other types of CE artwork of various scales to decorate and which resonate with the meanings of our movement.

Calling all Software Programmers, Web Designers, Sound Designers, Flash Designers, Graphic Designers, Attorneys with experience in community law, constitutional law, corporate law and Philanthropists with money to offer. I wish to develop NCN, or a new sister site, to provide the development of various democratic web softwares, which can be used immediately to profile all our desires in consensus, to offer petitions for worthy social causes, to vote for supporting ideas - not ruling – and most importantly to publicize our success as a voice standing to balance to the prevailing destructive wind. There’s plenty more to add.

So this is what I have been trying to do - and this is the help I think I need now. Down & Dirty, hope there aren’t too many typos. I’m putting all my bacon on the line here. I would be extremely grateful to hear some serious responses and specifically those which have positive energy to support accomplishing these goals. Do I have any takers? Please help me. Please help a starving artist today.

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25 Feb 2002 @ 11:37 by shawa : You...
turned my heart over!... A spiritual hug, Mark. Now I get where you are at.  

25 Feb 2002 @ 13:44 by invictus : Salute
Your candidacy is refreshing, as always. I wish I were one of the above and I could offer you my services. I do know a few authors with publishing contacts. If you'd like, I could write them about your project. Don't even know if they'd respond to me, but I could try. Other than that, I wish you all the support you can get.  

25 Feb 2002 @ 15:34 by mmmark : Thanks for support
Both of you have been very supportive and I appreciate it very much. We will move forward. Andy, you might ask if your firend's publishers are interested in this type of material to begin with, no pressure - just a feeler.  

25 Feb 2002 @ 16:19 by simpleman : THE BEST I CAN
Mark, I've always tried to follow your logs and have read some of your articals, with great interest. Your devotion and energy is admired by myself, and I hope by everyone at NCN. Unfortunatly, like Andy, I do not know very many people personally that could assist you, if any at all. The best I can offer is to try to keep up with you, read your logs and articals, and offer my opinions as honestly as I can. You are a very determined individual and I don't believe the word failure is in your dictionary. Therefore, you will succeed.

Your friend,

25 Feb 2002 @ 17:40 by mmmark : Gregg
You good stuff Gregg - It means a lot to hear your words - specially right now. Keep it up.  

25 Feb 2002 @ 23:55 by ming : Authenticity
This is great. Or, rather, it is not great. You need some contacts and some collaborators and some work, like right now. But I mean it is the most real thing I've seen you write. Congratulations on that. And, really, I would hope for NCN to much more be a vehicle for that kind of thing. This is where we're at, this is what we're offering, this is what we need. I need to implement my {link:|Chalice Network} as part of NCN, which is long overdue. Don't try to sign up, anybody, as it isn't active. But, Mark, I will keep all of this in mind and help get you what you need.  

26 Feb 2002 @ 00:43 by mmmark : Now Ming
Are you trying to tell me that the other things I have written aren't just as "real?" Maybe you shouldn't answer that right away, I want to bask in your applause a few minutes and pray one of us hits the lottery.  

26 Feb 2002 @ 02:48 by ming : Real
Heheh, yeah, you better just bask. I didn't mean it as a putdown on everything else you've written. Just that I liked the authenticity of this. But it is like telling somebody "You look great today!" and they say "What was wrong with how I looked yesterday!?!"  

26 Feb 2002 @ 03:37 by shawa : I´m thrilled... read the above. Mark, with this one article, where the you as a person shines through, you have taken a huge step in the direction of success. I agree with Gregg here.  

26 Feb 2002 @ 07:24 by peazritr : :: literary resources ::
mmmark, try  

1 Mar 2002 @ 20:36 by maxtobin : Remember the 'Who'
Can you see the real me? From tommy the rock opera.
Thanks Mark and to all for these early/first steps in being connected together, this is how we create our new civilization. By being real! I suspect there are a few of us who are struggling with the 'realities' of sharing and over coming the dominant (collective limiting hologram resonating throughout the planet)poverty mentality. The dark before the dawn is full of portent whilst we divine intent and aline with the flow of our deeper spirit. (There is a new member with an incredible input to share, go to Alana Ray and have a read/ absorb the earth/cosmic wisdom therein expressed)  

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