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24 Feb 2002 @ 23:17, by Mark Smollin

"The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality." -- attribution unknown

I sponsored a contest to either prove this quote worthy of our new civilization, or to offer better consciousness in the form of a replacement. 9 people entered comments in the log, but only 5 people wanted to respond directly to my request. Of the five contestants, 2 people left 2 quotes. I disqualified myself from being eligible to enter. Here are the entries:

1] "Reality rearranges your picture of yourself to the Universe"-- Shakti-ma

2] "You rearrange the universe according to the power of your will." -- Inviticus
3] "By accommodating the universe, your picture of reality might just end up
rearranging it." -- Inviticus

4] "i practice 'i love you' as if it is the only thing i ever will say in this chance of a lovetime that makes sense." -- mmmurphy

5] "The universe arranges itself no matter what you think. Get busy!" – jazzolog

6] "The universe is a daily snapshot of your reality." -- Simpleman
7] "The universe is a snapshot of your reality today." – Simpleman

The original quote is not true if the first meaning of the words is used in the literal interpretation, and at its best, only suggests the value of painting a positive mental picture of reality. When it is placed before of our eyes repeatedly by a website, the site acts as a validator and advocate of this consciousness. In my mind, this is a responsibility to be taken seriously when the intention is to serve a community for healthy purposes. There is no sense taking a risk with questionable sayings that mislead us or our children.

I am impressed with these different submissions because I was looking for truth, as though we could divorce the spirit from the body and gaze upon Our Cosmos as outside observers. The benefit of this is to understand the Cosmic Laws of Truth that we must live within. One submission is not true, but 6 of them offer very similar truth, in unique ways.

And now I announce the winners of the contest to be all of those who came to play in search of our future, and those who will read it after the fact. I thank you all for these moments to be preserved in the evolution of the Universe. I will add your submissions to my quote library with other gems I have collected.

My favorite quote is from jazzolog = Richard Carlson because it inspires me to get with the program:

"The universe arranges itself no matter what you think. Get busy!"

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25 Feb 2002 @ 04:55 by ming : The Universe
Yeah, that's a good one. Congratulations to Richard. And, hm, I guess what I found this exercise most useful for was to understand a little bit better how you, Mark, structure your world view. Like, in noticing which statements you find to be true and empowering and which you don't.  

25 Feb 2002 @ 21:31 by peazritr : :: interesting ::
which submission is not true? why?  

26 Feb 2002 @ 00:37 by mmmark : Number 2
This one would be catastrophic if it were true. People would bathe in money and orgasms would last a week! Too messy!  

26 Feb 2002 @ 02:51 by ming : Will
Hey, that sounds like fun. But, actually, some definitions of "Will" describe it as Divine Will, the Will of the Greater Good, as opposed to the shallow whims of some mis-guided human mind.  

26 Feb 2002 @ 21:47 by peazritr : :: i just wonder how ::
i'd wash that week off?  

27 Feb 2002 @ 00:27 by mmmark : Can I Live
Can I come live with you Merilene?  

1 Mar 2002 @ 20:18 by maxtobin : Week long bliss!!
You don't need to wash after a week like that!! Isn't that like the quantum leap zendancer talks of? Taoist (Tantric)teachings bring this new level of being to us (a return to the old ways) The sacred and the profane meet in this way, just imagine how wonderful it would be to bathe in money and suffer week long orgasm, ah bliss is made of this!!
Personaly I'd jump out of the bath and tell no one, just let it be there for whenever the need arises and get back to the week long orgasm (purely for experi-mental reasons doctor), and find ways to ensure it is not messy so we could introduce Mark to the process.  

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