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22 Feb 2002 @ 12:46, by Mark Smollin


Humans as Bastards of the Universe OR Beings As Cocreators of Universes
Philosophy Contemplated OR Philosophy Lived
Power is the Name of the Game OR Consciousness is the Game
Reality Follows Thought OR Reality is Constant
Past, Present and Future OR Absolute Eternal Now
Universe as Complex External OR Universe as Single Organism
Independence OR Interdependence
Dependence OR Connection
Polarity and Duality OR Unity
Positive/Negative as Opposites OR Positive/Negative as Complementary
Polarized Separateness OR Balance & Harmony
I am a Separate Being OR I am Part of the Whole Cosmos
God as Separate OR God as Part of Identity
Spiritual Fulfillment in Religion OR Spiritual Fulfillment In Being Healthy
Human Having Spiritual Experience OR Spiritual Being Having Human Experience
God Is A Human Like Entity OR Mother God Is An Energy Force
Soul as Abstract Concept OR Soul as Recorder of Experience
Identification With Body OR Identification With Whole Being
Lower Self & Higher Self OR One Self as Part of the Cosmos
Love Others First OR Love Self As Part of God First
Win-Lose Reality OR Win-Win Reality
Externally Controlled Destiny OR Internally Manifested Destiny
Failure as a Defeat OR Learning Through Experience
A Thing Of Worth OR A Thing Of Value
Positive and Negative Experience OR Experience Yielding Knowledge
The Brain Receives Thought OR The Brain Creates Thought
Image Is Important OR Integrity Is important
Unlimited Freedom OR Freedom Within Loving Boundary
One Life to Live OR Life in Infinity and Continuity
Fear Ruling Destiny OR Love Guiding Destiny
Respect For Special Things OR Respect For All things
Life Is a Difficult Burden OR Life Is Adventure in Evolution
Separation from Self OR Self and Cosmos Are One
Simplicity as a Puzzle OR Simplicity as a Reality
Survival Is a Programmed Priority OR Global Success Is Survival
Social Consciousness OR Holistic Consciousness
Conforming to Social Convention OR Leading For Social Success
Defending irresponsibility OR Being Responsible
Projection of Responsibility OR Adoption of Responsibility
Focus on Laws OR Focus on Internal Responsibility
Lying to Justify OR Speaking Truthfully
Freedom as a Social Right OR Freedom as Opportunity For Life
Humans Need to Be Governed OR Humans Are Self-governing Entities
Love of Judgement OR Acceptance & Tolerance Are Love
Loving Another as Separate OR Loving Another as Yourself
Hating Another as Separate OR Compassion For Illness
Manipulate & Control OR Nurture With Love
Talk A Good Game OR Walking Your Talk
Preoccupation With Differences OR Focus on Functional Similarities
Ordaining Truth OR Becoming Truth
Personal Goals OR Benevolent Goals
Competition For Survival OR Survival of Whole Species
Focus on Social Symptoms OR Focus on Social Solutions
Intellect & Emotions OR Intuitive Feeling
Having the Emotion OR Living the Emotion
Looking to Others for Answers OR Looking Within For Answers
Looking for the External Path OR Alignment Of Internal Path
Following Ideals of Others OR Following Your Inner truth
Fighting a War OR Loving for Peace
Aliens OR Relatives
Unlimited Expression OR Expression With Purpose
Preoccupation With Doing OR Being In The Moment
Difference Between The Sexes OR Sex Is The Only Difference
Pursuit of Wealth OR Pursuit of Value
Looking For Happiness OR Being Happy
Ego and Cultural Image OR Strength In Diversity
Reacting to Events OR Maintaining Center Focus
Right and Wrong Belief Systems OR All Beliefs Are Real
Going Through the Motions OR Living Creativity & Joyfully
Worship OR Live
Blame OR Reconcile

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22 Feb 2002 @ 14:06 by jazzolog : Split Personality
Haven't you noticed most folks here probably don't believe in duality?  

22 Feb 2002 @ 14:32 by shawa : WOW!
I´m going to copy that, and do a week-end study group with the girls! Thanks, Mark.  

23 Feb 2002 @ 00:45 by shawa : I have a new project!
And that is... what is making Mark Smollin tick ? Mark Smollin being an important person in here, because he has a big heart and a damn fine mind.  

23 Feb 2002 @ 03:50 by mmmark : Praise of golden Charm
Shakti - You can make me feel over important by saying things like that - fuck that feels good! On the other hand, I can swear and lose my center from time to time. We are all very complex and powerful creatures and deserve not a label. As you are a gem with many facets of yourself, all I can say is how hard I am trying to hold a new line which I can honestly call civilized. xox  

23 Feb 2002 @ 06:33 by sindy : Hehehe
((smiling at this end)) love and peace my precious one (hugs)  

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