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20 Feb 2002 @ 00:26, by Mark Smollin

Cooperation: Titled in response to Flemming’s 1998 re-post. I personally find it hard to read long comments in small type sizes, so I would like to endorse his post of here for easy reading.

This post is quite lucid and very true from my perspective, we must be tolerant of our differences when they are peaceful – for all the solid reasons Flemming wrote 4 years ago. (I’m sure we will find someone to contradict the general intent of coexistence) The thing that seems to be missing is discussion of why we are here. I would describe that as agreeing with the basic idea that we all want a better healthier place to live. Although we do no have to match exactly on ALL the ways to do that, it remains that we must continue to find things that we do agree on in order to feel good about ourselves, because it is affirming to our notion of unity and personal sanity. I am inspired by public demonstrations of civil patriotism that have turned the tide for specific social issues in history as a model of what people can do so easily when they try. I am moved by efforts that brought about the end of the Viet Nam War, civil rights abuses, and raised our consciousness about HIV, gay & lesbian rights, birth control. Where these examples came about during crisis, there are many peaceful every-day types gatherings of people who want to be recognized as belonging to a group of others with similar values, morals, ethics, virtues, or goals like the participants in the Olympic Games, various church goers, political party events, etcetera. The list seems to go a long, long way. I have heard it said the human beings want to feel like they belong, they are accepted, connected – not alone, disconnected, orphaned, or poor. Flying solo has its distinct advantages, but I find it quite lonely and cold in that place for long periods of time. The amount of energy devoted to pointing out our differences, thank god for them, is nonetheless irrelevant to learning anything about our similarities and common dependence for survival. I think NCN should set an example of wholesome community practices in general terms only, but provide them in some form. Our expectations should not all be the same, but I feel like I am willing to die just to prove that it is obligatory for all people every where to agree exactly on some very specific and loving things if there will be a foundation to the future of the species.

There are many valuable pieces of wisdom posted all over NCN. Lots of people have made positive comments in logs and turned ninety degrees within minutes to contradict themselves. We are not paying enough attention much of the time. We are reading meanings which are not there, we carry a dominant negative attitudes too much of the time. We need to find our talk and need to reflect that when we walk. When we get embroiled in conflict, we are taken out of the place of peace and our ability to experience the enjoyment of community. Bob wrote "Turn, Turn, Turn" to place us in consciousness to the time and place and cycles of Cosmic activity and to paint of picture of our part in it. Rejoice in freedom, but remember that only freedom exercised in love is sustainable.

Open up and check your egos at the door. Lighten up and join hands in song. Embody our higher qualities and do not choose to cling to the lower ones. Drop using judgement as standard operating procedure. Stop the dominant use of the words; "me" & "I," replace them with the words, "we" & "us." Remember that we have a common interest in the process of Conscious Evolution, but it is not a personal crusade, it is of global concern for now. Let us confine most of our energies on that dear members, and let us do it cooperatively, cheerfully, responsibly and politely. -- PLEASE!

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20 Feb 2002 @ 11:10 by invictus : Now...
If only we humans would just start doing this, we could really get something done. It's good to know there are others that understand the importance of this.  

20 Feb 2002 @ 15:32 by simpleman : WAKE UP CALLS
I totally agree! I also see that if we experience what appear to be setbacks(disagreements) within our own group(s), just how much thought and work is needed to accomplish a "NEW CIVILIZATION", for these setbacks(disagreements) represent our current human condition, and we must learn from the experiences.  

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